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Recollection Edition #1

An independent production born in 2004 and finally released in 2006.

There is a need for information. Some people appear to be lost about the past, confused, or even being totally ignorant about it. As in, how things worked back then, how it all came to be, the 'unwritten rules' etc. Deadbeat and I (Jazzcat) thought that some kind of retro magazine could be in order. Highlighting the past glory, not to forget about praising it. So, in a sense, it would be quite self-centred, yet illuminating.

RECOLLECTION - essentially it will be the recollections of people.

The C64 scene has existed and continued to thrive longer than anyone could have imagined. During the years of its existence, many things have happened, with change there is further change and the result of which shapes the scene into its present state.

It is worth getting those stories out - also, it would be an interesting read to get behind the scenes of incidents, fights, groups etc. During the years when most of the controversy, politics, debates, groups were bubbling behind a surface. It would be an interesting angle to take the reader behind the mask, behind the surface of the supergroups and how it really worked. I think many people have these weird perceptions of how things went on and how the groups were organised. Where did they really get their game-originals? Who had to skip school to crack a first release? What were their plans - and how well planned were they? How did they meet and get together in the first place? What triggered all the fighting? What split groups up? Who made money and who didn't? What was the lamest thing the coolest persons ever did? There is room for so many unmasking, entertaining stories that can now be told that the old era is over. And this is where Recollection steps in.

Scene magazines seem to be too similar to each other. Editorial, News, Charts, Addresses, etc. This is good - as without question it serves a purpose. But no one seems willing to venture outside that familiar design. Some magazines have achieved the status of not being mainstream. Revealed, Gamers Guide and Coders World are some titles that come to mind. Recollection hopes to become one of these productions, differing from the current stock, providing some opinionated direction to the masses.

We hope to reminisce and entertain - to provide the lingering memories of the inhabitants of an underground culture. Enjoy this first issue and be prepared for some special old-style entertainment! Over to Deadbeat...


Gentlemen, welcome to the past.

Such a long time has passed since the Glory Days of the C64. I bet no-one in the late 1980's ever thought we'd still be at this in the year 2006 (they predicted the C64 would be history just as soon as the Amiga was launched!). But we are. Hence the very reason for this diskmag's existence. The demo-graphics have shifted over the years; there are so many newcomers who are blissfully unaware of the past. Mail-trading, bulletin boards and such have become mere curiosities (or should I say "legends"?) over the years, and the once small IRC community has grown in numbers. Things like conference calls and the constant need for codez (hi AT&T and MCI!) have simply vanished. Then again, global communications over the internet doesn't break anyone's back today with it's price. Traditional dialup is vanishing rapidly, only to be replaced with fixed-rate 24/7 always-on solutions like ADSL or cable modem. Win some, lose some. All this attracts the masses, and why shouldn't it? Given the sheer amount of the crowd, there's bound to be a few retro nuts in the mix.

The matter of the fact is, nowadays it's easier than ever to pick up a C64 emulator for the almighty PC (one can be found from basically every household, each one more powerful than the other) and tap into near-endless retro resources of various websites. This is bound to attract people who are willing to go a little deeper in it. Go deeper, but how? Information about the past isn't so easily available, for much of it is buried deep in people's minds, diskmag archives and such. Well, information doesn't become any more readily accessible than it is here. It's up to the reader now. All the reader needs to do is to keep those eyes peeled, digest the information and embrace it. Note that we have no illusions about properly educating the Dumb Masses in great numbers. Trying to explain the finer points of the scene to a CS-gamer? Having a conversation with a brick wall yields to better results. Obviously this project isn't only catering to total newbies, but to oldskool scene dudes as well. Given all that beer and weed consumption over the years, I wouldn't be surprised many of us have certain "gaps" in our memories to be refilled. ;)

Welcome to the memory lane. Whether all this is completely new to you, or you heard of it first well over a decade ago, enjoy yourself!

Deadbeat/The Sharks.

Programming: Krill/Plush
Graphics: Hein Design/Onslaught/Focus
Design: Hein Design/Onslaught/Focus & Krill/Plush
Exclusive music: Hein Design/Onslaught/Focus
01. "Romans conquer the disco floor"
02. "Fitch's Seduction"

Programming: Stryyker/Tide & Krill/Plush
Graphics: Hein Holt/Onslaught/Focus
Font: Breeze
Design: Jazzcat & Hein Design/Onslaught/Focus
Loader: Stryyker/Tide

Exclusive music
01. Hein Design/Onslaught/Focus - "Recollection"
02. Laxity/Vibrants/MON - "Ocean Reloaded"
03. Jeff/Crest/Camelot/Viruz - "Zarathus"
04. Drax/Crest/Vibrants/MON - "In Spite Of"
05. Drax/Crest/Vibrants/MON - "Mo(o)nshine"
06. Jeroen Breebaart - "Recollection"
07. Orcan/React - "Echoes of Storm Remix"
08. MCA/Focus - "Martin's Mix"

The staff
Main editor - Jazzcat/Onslaught
Co-editor - Deadbeat/The Sharks
Guest editor - Newscopy
Guest editor - Derbyshire Ram/Remember
Guest editor - Gene/Illusion
Guest editor - Punisher/Genetix
Guest editor - The Shark/INC
Guest editor - Rambones/The Supply Team
Guest editor - Fungus/Nostalgia/Onslaught
Guest editor - TDJ/Focus
Guest editor - Antichrist/Genesis*Project
Guest editor - King Fisher/Triad

We are digital magicians in a world of ignorants... just doing our thing.

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