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Recollection 01 Intro1.gif
Admiror, O paries, te non cecidisse ruinis qui tot scriptorum taedia sustineas... The forgotten God of the Great Deep - flashed forth as lightning from the depths and formed a throne in celestial realms - a seat of stone - whereon a prophet sat and told forgotten truths that challenged the minds of a new generation...

Recollection Issue #1 - A mission of words. Released as an independent production unto the silent and unsuspecting audience. Finally, a production that can capture the untold stories, that can write the unwritten rules that can find those ancient memories written in the leaves of every tree. It is worth getting these stories out - highlighting the past glory, praising it and illuminating it for the old and new generations. Let's delve behind the surface and see how it really worked...
Recollection 01 intro2.gif

Tales of giants and unsung heroes are found herein, do you dare venture beyond this point?

Veni vidi vice!
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