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        d=b   THE TRIBUTE   d=b
        'o'   THE TRIBUTE   'o'
        /_\                 /_\
              by Tranziee

-Looking back upon it, with the amount
 of 25O visitors, it was a
 major economical backdraft.

-With a 19O REGISTRED visitors and the
 ammount of FUN we had, the memories
 that keeps on itching your mind, One of
 the better ones ever "modern time!"

-I point my fingers at heroes such as
 for their brave attempt of putting this
 all together.

To quote the reporter who covered this
event in the local paper: (named GP)
"-With 2OO visitors, there isn't much
of vandalism neither troubles, how come
that there isn't?". To ease up her
wonders. Act antisocial, misbehave and
your name will be disrespected, your
deeds will be known to the world.

 We are all a part of this, still a few
doesn't know how to behave tough.
This is proved by the one who stole
various hardware and a Vcr. I can only
feel ashamed of such a lowlife, wonder
how he behaves when visiting his friends
and parties? ..
             >< Bleark! (Reaper?)

Parts we like to remember, making us
smile:  Pukedrunk BYTERAPERS, kept
asking Bacchus "Are you still the same?"
Not so very sober Geir Tjelta, harassing
The cuddly crew in the cafeteria by
offering them sexual satisfaction.
Guess that Alfatech got fed up atlast
and really bitchslapped Geir.

Promised live performace by the Staff
turned out to be a private jam session,
with talents such as: Newscopy and
Deff on the guitar, Solar with a nice
voice and on the drums, myself!
Others who joined up were Alfatech and
Geggin..Inventing quite a few chords
and new lyrics to known songs!

                               ** WOW!

Psycho/Censor proved to be a skilled
driver, steering Sharks car for a
second or two resulted in a nice crash!

And visiting parties is always a risk
to your health, this is known to the
German (Anonym one) who wanted to get
some piece of mind and what could help
you out more than a cigarette filter
in the ears? Only problem is to get them
oout from the ear...Guess if he was
ashamed about this? Yes, he was!
Having the grumpiest porter, he wasn't
the solution to this problem, just
someone who made it worse with his

The only official look behind the
scenes of TRIBUTE 1994.
by Newscopy/G*P.
I, for one had been working up a stress
the last 3 weeks before the party, and
I was running at an intense level pract-
ically hanging on the phone with a
million people to get everything in
order. My smoking reached an hazardous
limit (ehrm, not that it did before..),
and I was biting my nails down to the
bone, and as I did, 8-bit angles grinned
their NTSC-fixed grins towards me. I
felt like an unused Supra, that hadn't
travelled the lines with cards.

W           O
Wednesday - Once upon a time...
I got downtown to pick up WALKER who
came the rescue, at a very early stage,
and in our eyes, our party had already
started, though there was still one
long day to go. Normally, we'd have
lots of stuff to care of, partywise, but
we ended up focusing on Thursday, when
we had the busiest of days to face.

The Nostaligiabonanza was still not
completely in order, and there were
some various 'minor' arrangements that
still hadn't been done.

          **........   Tribute
          \/\/--/\>< _  Staff

T          I
Thursday - Insanity
We woke up, fairly early, knowing we had
to get to the airport to pick up the
three stooges, arriving by plane.
Arriving at the airport, we were having
great expectations of the fun that would
through the customs we exchanged a few
smiles and set for my place again.

I was still worrying about lots, and we
all sat down around a table with a hot,
fresh pot of coffee to go through what
could be done. Still, we were running
out of time.

Not only did we have to pick up the
guys arriving from Switzerland in around
5O minutes, but we still had to finish
the official papers to be spread at the
party; Votesheets, registrationsheets,
timetables and onwards.

So we did the best out of it, with JACK
DANIELS, WALKER and DEFF in charge of my
PC trying to work out all the sheets,
while SOLAR and I head for the trains
downtown. Arriving down there, we see
noone at first, only to later on realize
that there's an entire bunch of people
waiting to be guided to the rooms I
booked them in for at a local youth-

hostel. Fortunately FREESTYLE is kind
enough to let us go, saying he can find
the place by himself, which gives me
some extra time to take care of other
things. So after massive explaining of
how to get there, we head off again,
towards new goals. Before arriving back
at my place, SOLAR even has the time to
buy a poster of Bob Marley, and buy
alcohol for two girls that are obviously
under age.

SOLAR, being Belgian and all developed
a warm and fine relationship with the
laws concerning buying alcohol in
Sweden. "You have to be 2O to buy
it?", "You only have it in Special
stores?" and "Eastern Europe goddamn!"
were usual outbursts.

So there we were anyway, back at my
place and being there we stuffed our
empty bellies with about a million sand-
wiches before doing the big thing; head
for the partyplace.

THE PARTY PLACE _ Seeing is believing
BJORN, or CYBJ0RN as I prefer calling
him, the official electrician of the
TRIBUTE-staff showed up, and we stuffed
our old OPEL with 64's, Monitors, TVs,
electronic equipment and 64-equipment.
Yes, indeed it was jammed. Too jammed
for the entire bunch of people at my
place so again we split up, and CYBJ0RN,
SOLAR and me got the privilige of going

to the partyplace by car, while the
others go by bus, making sure to pick
up TWIST/G*P at the trains at the same

Besides being all worked up, I was quite
enjoying myself at this point. Still no-
one had seen the party-place apart from
me and CYBJ0RN and I was curious about
the reactions from the rest of the staff
really. Being at the partyplace took us,
say 3 hours, including the installation
of the big screen in the big hall. The
screen was easily settled, and boasting
4.5 meters in width, being the biggest
ever party-big screen we shivered in
utter delight as we started testing
demos on it.

The soundpart came to a rather critical
phase though. In some interesting way,
DEFF and others managed to aim the micro
phone towards of the big amps and it
resulted in utter silence. In fact the
whole hall stood in silence, and through
my head it flashed - NO SOUND AT THE
PARTY!! However, it proved that the
bass was gone, while the treble was
still there, and with the digital hand
of CYBJORN, the official electrician, it
took him less than 3O minutes and we
were on the road again - and what a

Phew, and thank God I whispered as we
all headed for the trains again, where
we were to pick up JUCKE/G*P.

THURSDAY NIGHT    C      S     I
THURSDAY NIGHT _  Clever Staff Indeed
Having done all of the efforts that
could be done, I was slowly coming back
to earth, and some pills did the job as
well. We all met up at this weird slow
dead ass pub downtown Gothenburg, but
it didn't take long until some of us,
or the ones sleeping at my place decided
to head for new goals. (JUCKE, WALKER,
at JAMESON'S PUB we sat down and made
damn sure to work up a fine hangover
for the next morning - the important

Me and JUCKE have since long had our

favoritedrink figured out, and now it
was our turn to invite the Germans and
Belgians to our customs. ABSOLUT KURRANT
and RUSSIAN did the job, and the others
were smiling, pleased with our delicate
taste, and a minute later WALKER and
JUCKE bought everybody drinks. Yes,
indeed, the situation was very, very
jolly. I might say too jolly, looking
back. I mean, when getting back home,
late at night, we were not wise enough
to go to bed, knowing we would have to
get up at 6 o' clock the next day to
head for the party. No, no. It's like
that I guess. Here you were, sitting
with good friends that you barely ever
meet. Last thing one wants to do then,
is to sleep.

Sitting there, the notorious guitar
came along, and while I played some
nasty chords, the others improvised
fine lyrics about life and the scene
in general. This is a fine tradition
that we set standars for back at the
ECTS in London earlier this year. We
were still a bit rusty though. There
were parts from the "DEBBIE SONG",

Finally some of us were dozing off.
SOLAR and JUCKE were the first to do so,
and that really annoyed me. Not only did
they fall asleep in my bed, SOLAR be-
traying me since our escapades in London
, they did so in MY bed. Both of them!
Goddamn manners indeed!

Some of us were still up however, and
we now focused our attention towards
the not so sober WALKER who was stuck
in incredibly laughable one man con-
versations. We laughed - he talked. At
3.3O he got the splendid idea of calling
his girlfriend, probably because he saw
a chance in having somebody to talk to.
Though the conversation took place in
Swedish, I translated the whole call

(Only WALKERS part of the call)
- Hi, It's me. What are you doing?
- I love you.
- What have you been up to tonight?
- Hey, did I tell you that I love you?

- Oh yeah, where were we?
- Yes, indeed I love you.
- Per is so annoying, he's translating
  this phonecall to English.
- And, did I tell you that I love you?

And the conversation goes on. However
we all drift of, sleeping tightly.

We start off pretty darn good. Over-
sleeping an hour, I rush down to wake
up the others, a job I earn a darn
medal for. JACK DANIELS was the only one
to catch the drift, while the others
snore along in an annoying chorus.

Two hours later we arrive at the party.
We rapidly slip into our different pos-
itions of work, and forget occasionally
about our nasty headaches. We forget
that, knowing that the tribute to the
machine of miracles has started. And
it's our show.

              THE OFFICIAL

Looking back at TRIBUTE, I do so with
mixed emotions. We had seen to it to
organized what I consider to be one of
the best partyplaces ever. It is a bit

sad seeing more people support the
Danish parties, while a 64-only party
attracts only some. We sent out over
35OO invitations, spread an official
invitationfile, and saw to it 3 computer
magazines wrote about the event, one
of them being the biggest seller in
the entire Scandinavia. Not to mention
the coverage in local newspapers.

However, looking at it now, judging from
what people thought of the party, they
were satisfied with it. It was an old
timer back-to-the-roots-party, with
great atmosphere.

JEOPARDY was another fine event, but it
caused a major heartattack, when some-

body had sneaked into the staff-room and
stolen the answers/questions. 2 hours
before the JEOPARDY we had to rewrite
everything. And by golly it was under
a lot of stress. Everybody was happy
about it though, and ALFATECH/CENSOR
and MORPHEUS/FLASH INC got their share
of champagne when winning their well-
earned titles.

It was also a bit sad about the parti-
cipants in the democompetitions. Many
said that there were too little people
at the party, and wanted to save their
demos for Denmark. However, BYTERAPERS
knocked our socks off, again.

Partywise, this party must go to his-

tory as one of the biggest drinking
events. Most of the people at the party
had a bottle or two, firmly in ones
hand, and the entire staff. When
cleaning up after YOUR mess Sunday
afternoon, we filled 16 huge plastic
bags with bottles and cans. Include
all the bad-ass pot going around, and
there was your tiny success.

TRIBUTE was a massive doughnut of
smiles. And as all of you other decided
to go on home, Sunday afternoon, we
continued. Me, SOLAR, DEFF and JACK
DANIELS had our own TRIBUTE right in
the heart of Gothenburg. We thought
about the weekend that had passed,
then forgot about it and drank on.

  MOM - For the burgers, fries, coffee
        and sandwiches to the hungry
 NIKKI (Solar's vivid passion), CATHIS
     (My dear cousin) and GRANDPA.

Now I'm looking forward to attending
the traditional Christmas party. At
last I can misbehave and be a jolly
pain in the butt.

Don't miss out on the Christmas party.
Denmark by night is a fine tradition
and I will live up to it.

                    Yours sincerly,

               Newscopy/GENESIS PROJECT
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