Propaganda 15 ch06

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Psst, it's me again, the little green
worm crawling around up in Kims brain.
Yes you know, Kim..Crossfire of Motiv 8.
Kim is asleep right now, so i guess i
dare to share my opinion about him now.

First out, i have noticed that one of
his favourite interests has always been
to act like a dictator. Just have a
look at him, if he doesn't agree with
you or like your opinion then all sudden
you are pinned down by his words such
as beeing named lamer. When acting like
this, he loves to use as many "cool"
words as possible, this just so he can
talk his enemies down when Kim has
done something wrong in their eyes.

 Kims reflections about this problem is
something i know plenty about, the way
his psyche works. I have been around
quite some time now, still Kim doesn't
understand what is about to happend.

Daily i'm beeing fed, this all togther
with Kims eyes, with American movies
and together with Kims ears we hear
those expressions and slang wich Kim
finds VERY cool and thereby he tries to
use it himself. All in the way to sound
like a streetwise kid in L.A.  You bet
i'm fed up with archieveing all those
words that Kim finds cool, that's why
he bought this "1OO1 American Slang
Expressions, College Edition".

Imagine having to live with this daily,
just to help Kim look smart whenever
he is attacked or mouthed on a board.

Knowing that Kim works the way that
"Noone shall ever talk me down, make
me look silly on a board". Infact, he
is doing a great job all by himself
concerning this..(Look silly that is!).

Together with Kims brain, we have
thought about going on strike, just
like the way we did during the time in
Holocaust. Some reports from Kims eyes
tells us that some still think we are
on strike, since Kims eyes picked up
nasty comments and truths on various
boards aswell as private mail.

We are NOT deactivated, proofs to be
found in the shape of various MOTIV 8
releases, haven't you seen them?

Once, we wrote a letter to magazines,
took us quite some time, mainly since
Kim wanted to use the marked words he's
got in his slang dictionary. Another
fact is that it did take some time to
twist and distort the truths and facts
about him and his deeds.

As far as known, Kim has never been the
one scared of naming other by nicknames
or attacking them who doesn't agree
with him. This was shown in this letter
reflecting upon the way he names f.e.:
SUCCESS, Vengeance, ACTIVE and Riddler.

 Naming Success LAMERS, isn't it cool?
Or the fact that Vengeance also go by
this term, way beyond the limit of
beeing named a poet, a journalistic
hotshot. The word PATHETIC (Fnasma?)
is another favourite word, Aaaah!!!

Highlights taken from this letter and
now i quote.."Lying right through his
teeths", taken from page 126 in the
Slang dictionary, College edition.

-"Ignorant jerk Vengeance"
-"Riddler - Lamer himself"
-"Riddler - Mr attention seeker"

Aswell as "Riddler - Lying bastard".
     ( Isn't this impressing?)

Talking Riddler, Kim can inform you
that the commosion about the game
FUNBALL PRV was planned by Riddler.
The fact that Riddler buffered all the
mails concerning the game DOES prove
that it was planned!

 The fact that SCS+TRC doesn't gain any
attention (But still top the charts)
is the only reason they would attack
Kim, atleast it's what Kim said to me.

Same goes for ACTIVE, this to Kim
unknown and not even famous group.
Rest of the world disagree. ACTIVE is
a quality crackergroup. (NOTE that it's
not me telling this, i wouldn't dare to
say this, Kim would kill me!)

Nevertheless, concerning ACTIVE. Kim
says if they can't get famous, they
just have to attack Kim to gain some
attention. (Telling truths!)
Knowing that Kim doesn't do much of a
research before attacking someone is
known to me by now, but now then..Why
should he? Kim's a worldleading cracker!

..OH!, wait, Kim just yawned!

This far with the letter, Kim did start
to get upset. Just read on!
Kim claims.."Vengeances propaganda pile
named VANDALISM has been ripping off
the PULSE ever since he started."...
See, "propagda pile", impressing???

Not leaving Vengeance out of this:
-"Vengeances faggot buddie Steve"..Sure
i love to hear from Steve and his
comments about this. Fact is that Steve
is about to get married (With a female)
isn't important at all i guess!
Nor the fact that Kim writes that he
is the one that is more adult in this
discussion. Trying to convince others
by ones sexuality is as low as you can
go. Kim lowered  himself to that level
with that line! Naming others is a part
of your childhood, trying to act like
a grown up fell flat this time i say!

All sudden Kim turned out to be Five Yrs
old again...
             \/\/--/\><..Grown Up?

And...Shit, Kim woke up, i better keep
my mouth shut from now on...

 ..Guess i have to live with this, but
i had to release some of my anger!

  Despite this, i LOVE Kim...

     ..Tranziee/ Propaganda StAFF!
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