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           The Subject

The subject for this time was
'Racial segregation (apartheid)'

Here are the opinions of Mace
and Trinity of Secure

'Alle people shoule be equal, but
some people make it difficult
for us not to discriminate them.
Most minorities in the Western
countries live in a bad environ-
ment. Most people in such a bad
environment have bad habbits, if
you compare it to 'normal' men.
Not only the coloured people,
but also the white. The problem
here is that there are more
coloured people living under bad
conditions than white. That's
why the people living on a
higher standard, think that the
coloured people are worthless
guys. But as you might have
noticed, it aren't the people
themselves, but their environ-
ment that makes them look bad.'

Aaargh! What an opinion...

'Discrimination is the nature
of man...  rich people discri-
minate poor people, poor people
discriminate rich people.
Kids without glasses discrimi-
nate kids with glasses. Kids
with glasses discriminate kids,
who have red hair etc...
Looking at South-Africa:
White people discriminate the
black and the other way around.
People from the 'ANC' are killing
the Zulu-dudez so: what a mess !
Anyway... niggers are black but
what's the difference? (colour)'

If you want to react on these
opninions, don't hesitate !!!

Signed: Trinity & Mace
        of Secure

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