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 *Addy-Corner 1

 Welcome Home,Renegade !
 Again the 'Tavern of Seagods' welcomes
 you at its first Bar.. Sitting here,
 you'll surely find some Guys,to talk
 to.Tonights' program features ( like
 promised in Issue #2 ) a great Strip,
 done by the Stripmaster himself:
 Governor Barilla of Tortuga.. also
 called "the Tortured". You remember
 us capturing his Fast-Galleon in
 the near waters of 'La Vega' ?? Also
 the promised "Governors' wife raping-
 competition" will be held right after
 the Striptease..  ut now Something
 total different: This time,as an
 additional Show,we're showing Duke
 Lacarte and Torturemaster Croon
 trying to break the marathon-torture-
 record of 42 hours held by Cpt.Lamorta
 on Duke Lacarte !! Some wary bets
 go on Croon breaking the record with
 a 59-hours nonstop-torture.. if Duke
 Lacarte survives..  P.S.:Using F1 you
 can look at some general informations.
 Another thing,on this addys:
 I recieved over 120 Sheets with Addys,
 and You see,I can't put all Addys here
 because I have too less space left..
 I Try to be as fair,as I can and will
 introduce you well- AND badknown dudes
 to give everyone a chance,so please
 don't be too angry , because everyone
 deserves to show up here,o.k. ?
 Well,next to you,you see..         -->

(Addresses removed)

 ..To get NETWORK      , please only
 contact our swappers !
 PJ-Dynamix,me (Brix) and Flim-Flam may
 be Contacted for Letters, Reactions ,
 Protests and the other things about
 NETWORK     . WE ( the Editors ) won't
 spread this mag (maybe some exeptions
 for special dudes..)  because our
 spappers do , so contact us for
 NETWORK-internal things , O.K. ?
 Well then Pirate , more wild Maniacs
 are sitting at the bar - like...

(Addresses removed)

 Hey,VICKY ! I saw your english being
 Soooo Bad,that I'll now give you a
 little beginners-lesson for better
 Your sentence should be:
 "Vicky is independent,but only AT THE
  moment." (Got it? "AT THE moment !")
 Furthermore you have to say:
 "Vicky maybe joined FANTASIA" and not
 "..joined to Fantasia". By the way:
 FANTASIA IS DEAD.. sorry,pal ! Send me
 a sheet with the correct sentences
 written 100 times.. or our Torture-
 master will send you a mail-torture-
 machine (Something like a mailbomb ,
 it only takes longer till you get
 weak..) THIS IS NO JOKE,PAL !!!

(Addresses removed)

 ..I'm afraid,at this bar you won't
 find any free chair,but why don't you
 try your luck at the other Bar of this
 Tavern ? Just look:It's over there:
 Yes,right behind the Fireeater you can
 see Croon kicking a Troublemaker out
 of the Tavern.. Did you see it ?
 O.k. now look left,just where the
 bunch of people is sitting.. Yes !
 You got it.. hey ! ..and don't drink
 too much !  See you !
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