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  quite a few interesting guys give us
  informations on themselves, but
  especially have a look at tronic of
  victims who we did ask a few special
  questions since he just moved to
  japan for half a year...
  right now in the beginning...

  name...johan groth


  age...19 years


  height...180 cm (ed. 6 ft.)

  weight...65 kg (ed.     us pounds)

  computer career...i will only mention
                    the latest major first group was xenon,
  the asia, rizing, dynamix, paramount
  and now victims...

  hobbies...watching movies, reading,
            playing tennis and golf
            (among other things)

  job/school...studying japanese full-
               time at a college here
               in japan

  best friends in the scene...

  deff/enigma, sodapop/flash inc.,
  bezerk/rizing, mbs/nei and more more

  describe yourself...i'm just a normal
                      dude who my
  friends should be proud of...hehe

  a last word to your fans...?!

  "it's not the size of the wave, it's
   the motion of the ocean"

  some additional questions...

  1. joham, describe the most striking
     differences between life in europe
     and life in japan !

  j : living in japan is rather
      different than living in a
      western country, naturally!
      important features that make your
      life harder here (as a foreigner)
      is the language and all that goes
      with it... being in japan not
      knowing any japanese words or
      signs is impossible,

      people usually don't speak
      you get the impression that the
      people in japan are quite
      prosperous, since everything is
      so expensive compared to europe
      and still the average japanese
      has a fine house, a car and many
      many gadgets at home etc.

  2. how do you like being there ?

  j : i just love this country! it fits
      me perfectly! everything is so
      neat and efficient.

    crime ? what's that, there is
    almost no crime here, and the
    climate is lovely, like the south
    of europe!! the inhabitants are
    always very kind and helpful
    although there may be language
    difficulties! the cities are full
    of action whatever type of
    amusement you seek.
    the big cities are kind of like
    american cities. some of the
    japanese culture and behaviour are
    still hard to understand, but
    basically i love most things about
    japan, no doubt!

  3. what about your activities in the
     scene ?

  j : yes i'm active on the c64, i call
      with cards, but i'm working on
      my f**king bluebox. i don't call
      regularly because i have lots of
      other stuff to do, but i try to
      call once in a while (and it's
      hard to phreak since i haven't
      got my bluebox working yet)

  if you guys haven't been to japan you
  should visit, since it's one of those
  places in the world one has to have
  been to !!!

  4 more guys on the way, that are

   gene of dominators

    zoolook of discovery

     god of success      and...

      jrc of odissey (from spain)

  1. name...eugene

  2. handle/group...gene/dominators

  3. age...18 years

  4. town/country...oslo/dominators

  5. height...177 cm (ed. ca. 5'11)

  6. weight...65 kg (ed. ca 143 us pds)

  7. computer career...the guardians,
     ace, stars, bros, the shadows,
     then a 7 months break, back nov.89
     in ils, then dom, now dom+deja vu!

  8., soccer, wrecking
               peopl with big teeth!

  9. job/school...economy school (sr.)

 10. best friends in the
                           and the cure

 11. describe yourself...a nice guy
                         until somebody
                         bugs me...

 12. a last word ?!...first time god's
                      will didn't turn
     out as he hoped: he sent the
     deluge... this time he sent gene..

  1. name...lars

  2. handle/group...zoolook/discovery

  3. age...19 years (soon 20, in nov.)

  4. town/country...copenhagen/denmark

  5. height...182 cm (ed. ca. 6'1)

  6. weight...67 kg (ed. ca 148 us pds)

  7. computer career...1987: dominators
                       1989: channel 42
     1989-90: ikari (2 weeks), rti, dcs
     1990: class, 1991: discovery


  9. job/school...job in an office

 10. best friends in the scene...

     rooze/discovery, magic/discovery,

 11. describe what kind of person you

 12. a last word to your #1

  1. name...markus

  2. handle/group...god/success (still)

  3. age...17,5 years

  4. town/country...

  5. height...172 cm (ed. 5'9)

  6. weight...70 kg (ed. 154 us pds)

  7. computer career...first some lame
                       groups, then
     druids, then formed dynamix, till
     april 91,then victims,now success!

  8. hobbies...mountain biking,
               computing, cinema, video

  9. job/school...technical highschool

 10. best friends in the scene...

     arrogance, b-wyze, narc, drake,
     janek and maybe a few i forgot

  1. name...jordi

  2. handle/group...jrc/odissey

  3. age...19 years

  4. town/
                    (under the sun)

  5. height...170 cm (ed. ca 5'8)

  6. weight...never i know that. (i'm
              not fat)

  7. computer career...for 2 years i
                       was in big ones,
     (founded by me) 1990/91 i was in
     the blasters inc. and now i'm in

  8., phone & phone and
               having fun with my
               compy friends

  9. job/school...technican in apple
                  compis & electroc
                  studies. (just

  11. best friends in the scene...

      i hope all my contacts...but
      especially all the odissey
      members, the rulers (trc),
      sylvio/triumwyrat, swan song/
      demonix and those who have been
      talking to me one day...

  12. a last word...don't drink & drive
                    sniff & fly !!!
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