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  different things

  have a look at this...

  an eces-show report by bod/talent

  a board review

  hot (?) video reviews

  and this time you will also find a
  few announces here...

 e.c.e.s. show '91 report.
  this years eces show had a bad start
 when just 2 weeks before its scheduled
 start the organisers announced that
 the show would be closed to all public
 visitors and only trade visitors were
 allowed entrance. with this in mind
 many companies pulled out at the last
 minute and also a lot of scene guys
 decided against the trip to london.

  i was present on the first 3 of the
 four show days. i'll start this report
 with a run down of the main companies
 and exhibits and then i'll go into
 some more general informations.
  there were 46 stands present at the
 show which ranged from large companies
 like ocean to small companies like
 beeshu. there was something for all
 types of computer user. the main
 software companies that were present
 were as follows:-

 accolade: they were showing off there
 latest pc titles such as elvira ii and
 les manley ii: lost in l.a.

 activision: they were showing hunter,
 beast busters, r-type ii and deuterus
 for amiga/st and many console games.

 anco: they had a watchable version of
 there new game tip-off (labeled kick
 off ii for basketball fans.)

 domark: they were showing pitfighter,
 super space invaders, rugby: world cup
 and mig 29 super fulcrum.

 electronic arts: all they had on view
 on this stand was shadow of the beast
 for the megadrive although they were
 supposed to have many new titles.

 elite: they had a closed stand which
 they didn't allow anyone to enter. all
 they had on there stand was final
 battle for amiga/st and 64.

 gremlin: they were showing various
 titles for the amiga such us turbo
 espirit ii, suspicious cargo, video
 kidd,the shoe people, harlequin,
 pegasus and plan 9 from outer space.

 microprose: they were showing knights
 of the skies for the amiga, gunship
 2000 for the pc and microprose golf
 for the st. thay also had a rolling
 video on there stand which previewed
 there soon coming car racing game.

 ocean: as alqays ocean had a large
 stand. but this year they closed it
 off and the only thing they had on
 show was a rolling video which showed
 previews of wwf superstars, robocop 3,
 smash tv and epic.

 sales curve: they showed rodland on 64
 and amiga (since the show both 64 and
 amiga versions of this game have been
 released. it seems some unsavoury
 characters acquired this game on both
 formats). they also showed big run,
 double dragon iii and final blow.

 system 3: they were showing last ninja
 iii for the amiga and turbo charge on
 the 64.

 ubisoft: they had a closed off stand
 and they wouldn't give us any info
 about there new products.

 virgin: they had probably the largest
 stand at the show. they showed a lot
 of megadrive games such as terminator.
 jimmy whites, realms and rollin ronny
 on the amiga.

 zepplin: they had 3 new releases ready
 for the show but they told us they
 weren't releasing any of them until at
 least november. the three titles were
 match of the day, kawasaki - team
 green and round the bend.

  that wraps up the major companies
 that were present.
  we didn't meet many scene dudes at
 the show. the ones we did meet were as
 follows. bod, xxx, dave and freestyle
 of talent. doc, excell, fletch of
 legend. cba and action jackson of trc.
 zorlac of genesis. skywolf of legend.
 we also met up with just ice and nik
 from the good old ikari days. tnere
 were also a lot of amiga groups there
 such as fairlight, quartex, skid row
 and crystal.

  there wasn't many interesting events
 at the show. not even a real meeting
 at the bar which there normally usual.

  one thing that does come to mind was
 an incident with system 3. there were
 a number of guys standing around the
 system 3 stand watching last ninja iii
 meanwhile some mysterious guy sneaked
 a preview copy of turbocharge for the
 64. and then the guy from system 3
 confronted xxx/talent and asked him
 for the disk. then for the rest of the
 day we had 2 nice policeman following
 me, xxx and just ice around the show.

  i hope this report was interesting to
 some. shame really that the show wasnt
 as good as last years. lets all wonder
 how next years e.c.e.s. will look.

  ok, here's the quote of the month,
  anthrax/legend reporting on his

  'just an information, my weight is
  less than 70 pounds and more than
  60 pounds and i'm like 185 cm tall...

  so if you have a little brain, you
  can figure out how my statue is and
  how 'sportive' i am!'

  ed. action and empire calls out a
      campaign to save anthrax,
      'food for guenni' donation
      account # 7134 6315           (+)

  board review

  board  : mysts of avalon
  group  : excalibur
  sysop  : the ozz

  the ozz, of the recently returned
  excalibur introduces his board...

  but first some informations on the
  sysop himself....

  name...tim     handle...ozz/excalibur

  age...20   town/country...indiana/usa

  height...5'9       weight...155 pds

  computer career...1.nato 2.dom 3.exc

  hobbies...anything that doesn't
            involve a computer...

  job/school...too boring to explain
  best mate in the scene..dead zeppelin
  self description...homicidal maniac
  with a keyboard !
  a last word...?!...drink a beer!

  'drop zone went up around december
  of 1990. originally it first became
  hq for an australian demo group
  ikon visual. needless to say it did
  not do very well at all.
  after a couple of months the board
  became nato hq also. this caused a
  slight improvement but still nothing
  that was incredible. after i quit
  nato i dropped all groups from the
  board and picked dominators, then a
  drastic improvement in callers began
  to show. soon after that there came
  the bad luck, i moved, therefore the
  number changed, and if this wasn't

  enough to slow things down, even more
  bad luck hit, the user disc screwed
  up and the user log was lost.
  so everyone had to login new, which
  really sucked! but now the board is
  back up to about 80 users which
  includes 70% europeans and 30%
  americans. since i recently quit
  dominators the board is no longer a
  dom hq. the board has now changed
  name and is mysts of avalon along
  with being the new excalibur hq!

  the basic info:

  the board receives about 15 calls per
  day. it has 5 subs, including
  'world of wonders'
  '0-0 uploads'
  'quest for blood' (war sub)
  'news & rumours'
  and a special sub for only the
  elitest dudes in the scene...

  the board has 3 1581's for file-
  transfer and everyone who gets on
  receives n/a. the board is now on
  ucbbs v1.3...  (...)


  users               75%
  speed               70%
  sysop's character   77%
  subboards/posts     58%


  please note that the final judgement
  is the editor's own biased opinion.
  other users might have got a total
  different impression on all mentioned
                ...on for video-reviews
      september 1991 movie reviews

 delerius    mgm-pathe  john candy
                        emma samms
                       mariel hemingway

 john candy portrays a soap opera
 writer that is head over heels in love
 with emma samms. she doesn't know he
 exists. the producers of the show want
 her out, candy wants her in and this
 starts the plot. as every soap has a
 scenario, this all takes place in a
 hospital. the doctor has an on and off
 thing going with samms. candy, in the
 mean time is going crackers.      (+)
 enter mariel, looking for the part of
 samms; before she's even gone! candy
 and she literaly run in to one another
 creating some nice sight gags that i'm
 sure some girls could appreciate...
 samms is dumped by the doc, she wants
 to run off and take candy with. ever
 see stars light in someones eyes? yep,
 candy goes for it, picks up all the
 luggage of hers, throws it all in the
 trunk(boot)and looks up in time to see
 emma and the doc in a passionate kiss.
 at which time the trunk decides to pop
 when he awakens candy is on what he
 believes to be the soap opera set, and
 wanting to know where he was      (+)
 having confirmed that reality was now
 the soap opera set, candy sets off to
 get out of town(or back to reality, as
 to whichever came first..)
 enjoy this display of unrequited love,
 it somehow fits with candy. hemingway
 does fair in this, but they could have
 given her a bit more meat than what
 they did...samms looks sexy as ever...

 rating .......... ** 1/2

 no, xxx, i wasn't his stand in either!

    next                           (+)
 hot shots:an important movie!   fox

 needless to say, i was not impressed
 with this movie!!    if you've seen
 the ads in the theatres, then you've
 seen the majority of the sight gags
 that take place before the crdits are
 even through! charlie sheen plays the
 hotshot pilot that freaks when there's
 mention of him being like his old man,
 jon cryer plays 'washout' because of
 his walleye vision problem. (i thought
 they lost those fisheye lenses in the
 '70s, guess not...) lloyd bridges does
 the perfect bumbling general, but ends
 up being more like commandant lassard
 from the police academy series... (+)
 i am serious, there are so many cross
 culminations of bits from 'naked gun',
 'police academy' and '9 1/2 weeks'(err
 without the nudity...) that this plot
 is so thin and predictable that the
 lines that could have been funny have
 already been yukked up in their other
 if you've seen 'top gun' then you've
 seen hot shots, only subtract all the
 seriousness and add in the comedy(?)

 rating .......... * 1/4

 that's it for this month. the films
 have thinned out now, and one of the
 american theatre groups, amc, is going
 to offer some of the same flicks at a
 reduced rate. others will follow, i'm
 sure, so look for in house specials in
 local newspapers etc...

 next month i'll be reviewing the last
 of the elm street films, which started
 in 1984 and ends in '91...
 freddy's dead:the final nightmare(3-d)
 also, harley davidson & the marlboro
 man(mickey rourke & don johnson)...

 at least i'm publishable....deltar [r]

  a few announces, for the mailtraders
  among us...

  you want your address in here ?

  either call the mamba hq
  (the shaolin temple) in the states,
  or write to the wellknown address...


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