Mamba 23 ch02 News and Rumours

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  news & rumours

  * ikari is dead, the ikari + talent
    cooperation splitted up.
    fletch, doc and razy quit ikari
    and joined legend along with excell
    razy/legend put the a legend euro-
    hq online, the whitehouse :
    XXXXXXXXXXXX, on ucbbs

  * talent, being solo now, was re-
    joined by freestyle.
    the shaolin temple is tsm, talent
    and mamba< hq only.

  * prodogy, sysop of the censor hq
    'terminal obsession', was 'visited'
    by the secret service, they accuse
    him of hacking codes, receiving
    illegal calls and distributing
    pirated software.
    his computer equipment was
    confiscated, along with the system
    disc of his board where all the
    users' informations are stored.

  * wrath child, sysop of enigma's
    headquarter 'gee-spot' joined
    enigma; his board is running on
    ucbbs now. XXXXXXXXXXXX

  * excalibur, once one of america's
    fastest importer groups, returned.
    x-factor restarted the group,
    members are x-factor, skreemer,
    tdo and the ozz.
    tdo is still in legend, his board
    second to none is legend &
    excalibur hq, the ozz left
    dominators to join excalibur, his
    board 'dropzone' changed name to
    'mysts of avalon' and is excalibur
    headquarter too.
    excalibur will release a disc-
    magazine by the beginning of nov.
    legend announced to be trading with
    nei and excalibur now.

  * genesis project and victims are
    in cooperation. their headquarter
    is mystic cavern. (together with
    black reign)
    'god', dr cool and adolf left
    victims, janek left bonzai and
    joined victims.
    tronic of victims moved to japan
    for half a year, but is still
    calling us-boards once in a while.

    the goblin/genesis quit the scene,
    kampftrinker left genesis,
    firefox/gp (americano) got busted
    for abusing codes.

  * deja vu, an american importer
    group, was formed by the cure
    (x-random, crazy, exodus , dom)
    skandle, thor (both x-random) and
    dead zeppelin.
    ninja and gene also joined deja vu
    though they are still in dominators

    their euro-headquarters they are
    running for dominators are also
    supporting deja vu.
    (gene's board 'unearthly flower'

  * gotcha joined cosmos designs.

  * dominators was joined by silent,
    sonny quit the group.
    'dominators design', dom's legal
    division, consists of

    fox       artist
    mick      coder
    einstein    "
    mitch       "
    baby joe  artist
    pnh       code/artist
    spc         "
    dr zivago   "

  * white lion, methabol and pimpernell
    are out of censor design and joined

    illusionist quit the scene,
    grim reaper/nei is now reporting
    on the us-scene in censor's
    disc-magazine 'shock'
    the new censor/nei headquarter is
    'reign in blood'

  * pathfinder, x-sysop of tunnel of
    wares, sold all the hardware for
    his board. the new number is
    XXXXXXXXXXXX. dominators dropped
    the board.

  * kid left f4cg due to some internal
    problems, manx and milius were
    kicked out.
    cb&b is f4cg's newest member, a
    graphic artist from italy.

  * german telecom prevents blueboxing
    over the united states.
    one day after an 'insider' gave
    detailed informations about
    blueboxing on german pay-tv,
    the post changed the system.

  * nato kicked the german members out
    of their group.

  * tecon of bonzai quit his magazine
    'lethal news', he went amiga.
    also trap/bonzai joined the amiga-

  * fallout, one of the leading
    hack & phreak boards in the states,
    went down.

  * sequencer joined empire.

  * transcom's new cracker is called

  * mixer of origo quit the c64.

  * chorus of triad quit.

  * pom pom rejoined trc.

  * discovery is a new danish group
    formed by zoolook, magic, rooze etc

  * success is back.
    members are the arrogance, god &
    b-wyze (x-victims), raze & major x
    (x-xray), tyree (x-pandora),
    sphere (x-success) and nightshade
    and falcon (x-verdict)

  * next month more...
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