Mamba 21 ch08 Did You Know

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  did you know...

  ...that spitfire/action has had
     another car crash, this time it
     happened when he was together
     with technique/x-fantasy who
     was visiting him on his trip to

  ...that custard & cesspool of hotline
     are brothers, and custard is also
     alf of blackmail, and cesspool is
     gaaap of blackmail.

  did you know...

  ...that cosmos designs will release
     a new demo these weeks.

  ...that roy/victims is back in the
     modem scene, therefor syndicate
     is gone again, since they just
     swapped the modem.

  ...hein design did not quit, amazing
     graphics will be shown in the
     ever-delayed demo 'dutch breeze'

  did you know...

  ...that hero of enigma got released
     from the army recently.

  ...that those guys are still in the
     army and are seen in the scene
     only once in a while: rockstar

  ...that bod & excell came to an
     agreement, as they were quarreling
     since excell left the coop.
     (jan. '91)

  did you know...

  ...that gotcha is on a 1 month's
     journey through the states and he
     is also visiting guys like
     the executioner, tristan/empire
     and crumbsucker(?)...

  ...that psycho & co (censor) made it
     all the way through europe to
     come down from sweden to venlo,
     unfortunately they were a few
     hours too late to enjoy the

  did you know...

  ...that c&c of hotline were the
     first one to fix 'handy term',
     the fastest transfer-protocol
     known on the c64.

  ...that the german post shortened the
     time to connect the caller with
     any '0130' free call number.

  ...that deff/enigma and oliver
     stiller had a bet. deff said he
     would be able to call rob hubbard
     in the states, but rob was already
     gone. (from his company lucasfilm)

  ok, here are some 'last minute'
  rumours that just came in, we didn't
  have the time to check the accuracy
  of those informations...

  * dr cool/victims was just seen on
    swedish television advertising for

  * europe's mega-traveller #1,
    jrc/odissey, plans to bring his
    first-releases personally to the

  * prof. plum (author of c*base) is
    said to be a pudding.

  * double density is going to buy
    the ocean company, thus helping to
    avoid ocean's bankrupt, but also
    to improve the quality of all the
    further ocean releases.

  * goldfish's/legend long absence on
    the boards can be explained with
    the increasing pollution of the
    river 'schelde' where he was
    supposed to live in. we apprehend
    the worst.

  * it is said that fletch/ikari posts
    in the subs with the only purpose
    to show his macros.

  * pathfinder and horizon have been
    seen playing cops and robbers
    on the yard of the school they
    both attend.

  * just before excell announced to
    quit the 'clown killers', bod of
    talent was trying to build a new
    gang called 'the killer clowns'.

  * a shock, much too great for
    illusionist's phone line, that just
    has been disconnected.
    he got the shock of his life.

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