Mamba 21 ch05 Different Things

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  different things

  as usual you will find some hot
  video-reviews by deltar/tsm and...
  another board review, but this dime
  we had a look at a top hack & phreak
  board, check it out...

  but at first, here's a veeeeeery
  important information from
  crumbsucker of empire concerning
  "gameboy's" etc...

  'gameboy is only good when you are
   on the toilet and have nothing
   better to a book instead.'

  ed. he's got the clue !!

        august 1991 movie reviews

   lots of movies broke out since our
 last issue! as per usual, some are a
 bit on the slow side, but there are
 enough to get you outta the house and
 in to the theatres...

 terminator ii:judgement day

 unless you've been in a cave, this is
 the movie to see this summer! with a
 picture that went over budget to over
 $88 million, it's easy to see where it
 all went! the special effects are very
 well done. great sound as well.   (+)
 schwarzenegger reappears once again
 "au natural" with an improved optic
 scan. finding a biker with the same
 dimensions as himself he proceeds to
 let this dude know that he wants his
 clothes in no uncertain terms, and has
 no problems applying a li'l heat to
 get what he wants...
 in another part of town another visit
 is made by a nudist from the future.
 his choice of clothing comes from a
 policeman, but is not taken in a very
 friendly manner...
 linda hamilton reprises her role as
 the mother of john o'connor. since the
 last movie john has been born and she
 has been placed in a sanitarium.  (+)
 edward furlong takes the role of john
 o'connor. john is now a rebellious kid
 whose mother is locked up in a nutward
 and has left him to be raised by young
 foster parents...
 the movie trailers have shown all the
 action sequences, so i won't attempt
 to go in to any of them. you've got to
 see them for yourself...
 the ending is somewhat anti-climatic,
 but leaves you with a good feeling! if
 there's a terminator iii, it will be a
 surprise to me.

 see it! it's well worth the time and
 money!      rating ****
 point break

 how about that, keanu reeves can speak
 without saying 'way dude' every other
 sentence! patrick swayze doesn't even
 do a tango in this flick. onwards...

 johnny utah(reeves) is an fbi agent
 fresh from the academy and assigned to
 work with an older partner(gary busey)
 on a series of bank robberies. this is
 a thrill for both of them. after a few
 wisecracks about each others ages and
 what they can/can't do they settle in
 to a comfortable understanding of each
 other. busey has a theory...      (+)
 since the robberies have been done for
 the past 3 years; and only between the
 months of july to october, busey has
 deduced the robbers are surfers...
 with a bit of eco-investigation and a
 bit of serious binocular watching, the
 two come up with a section of a local
 beach that has, tah-da, surfers on it!
 bodhi(swayze) is the leader of a pack
 of thrill seeking surfers. no wave too
 big, no pipeline we can't go through.
 utah infiltrates the group via an old
 girlfriend(?) of bodhi. yeah, yeah, a
 boy meets girl thing, but boy lies in
 order to get info and then has guilty
 feelings after learning how to surf &
 then boffing the girl...          (+)
 fantastic water photography! one might
 even think they'd get wet in some of
 the scenes. the storyline is very thin
 but plausible, to a point...

 see for yourself, swayze without shirt
 and beard just might be what the girl
 friend would like to see!

 rating  **3/4

 mobsters              universal pics.

 what a lineup we have to put across a
 movie of the historical(?) beginning
 of the syndicate in america!      (+)
 christian slater as 'lucky' luciano,
 patrick dempsey as myer lansky, from
 tv, richard grieco as 'bugsy' siegel;
 hit man for lansky and from down under
 costas mandylor as frankie costello...

 what we have here is a bit of american
 history, set to acetate. the storyline
 is all too familiar, but thanks to the
 progress of the movie industry, we are
 treated to more than just the sound of
 machine guns blaring and foul words.

 the ascension of luciano is sped up to
 breakneck speed, but aside from that
 it follows textbook reporting...  (+)
 sherilyn fenn plays lucianos' 'moll'
 and does well considering that had a
 movie of this sort be made in the '50s
 with the same people, she'd have never
 been able to do what she does here...

 check out the new cagneys, bogarts and
 rafts in "mobsters". it's refreshing!

 rating   ***1/2

 some quick must-see titles for you. i
 don't want you to start complaining
 about my writing... nahhhh, you're too
 kind for that, right???           (+)
 v.i. warshawski - patterened after the
                   warshawski series of
                   books. look for the
                   sequels to this!!!

 boyz n' the hood - gang violence at
                    its finest. if we
                    could relate to
                    the setting, it'd
                    be better...

 doc hollywood  - will michael fox ever
                  be able to get away
                  from this type of goo
                  in this life?    (+)
 will be back again next month with a
 few more reviews of what's coming out
 of hollywood...

 remember, i don't make, just watch 'em

             deltar of tsm

                           press plus.


  board: fallout
  group(s): attacker
  sysop: axel rose

  introduction by the sysop...

  'days been up: 5 months...the story
  behind fallout is that a friend of
  mine ran it and i was cosysop on it..
  i made it the #1 h/p board for a long
  time.. well some lamers got ahold of

  his parents' number; the lamers were
  tangerine and they told his mom the
  bullshit about being 'ss' and shit
  like that... well when he got home he
  told his parents they
  dropped his line..well there were no
  local h/p boards near to me so i
  decided to start back up fallout with
  me as sysop...
  ..been striving for #1 h/p board for
  a long time...last rating was 2 to 3
  months ago and it was #3.
  that is the story behind fallout
  became a new one..

  the rules are simple...

  1. post twice every call..manatory
     at least once. i don't delete
     because someone doesn't post once
     in a while, but if i see a problem
     then i warn them.

  2. no wares, just h/p text files or
     hackers... once in a while i do
     ask for a game to play (mainly
     adventure games) that i don't have

     rules for applying: 3- referances
                         2- boards
                         2- codes

  another rule to the simple rules is:

  3. keep the shit related to the sub- anarchy in anarchy,
     not code sub or any of that shit..

  4. and finally, don't be lame.'

  the board has 8 subs, 2 of them are
  private, the other ones are:

  1) h/p bullshit     3) x.24 networks
  2) 800/950 only     4) credit cards
  5) at&t's/vmb's     6) internet hacks

  on the whole the board has 100 users,
  and surprisingly only about 15 of
  them are europeans.
  quite astonishing considering that
  normal wares boards are usually
  composed of half americans/half euros

  you won't find any kind of judgement
  here, since those kind of
  boards consist mainly of codes etc,
  which usually don't last too long
  anyways.the only things that could be
  judged are the quality of codes, the
  sysop's character and the users/posts
  we will leave that out though...
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