Mamba 21 ch02 News and Rumours

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  news & rumours

  a rather dry month for this section..

  * the eces show, that usually takes
    place in london every year is
    cancelled, the organizers remained
    quite when it came to announce the

  * the hell hacker quit tsm.

  * odissey is a new group founded by
    jrc/the blasters.

  * zarhan fastfire is back in the
    scene, like before, he is a member
    of censor.
    'once upon a time...', censor &
    shock headquarter is down for good.
    methabol and whitelion have been
    kicked out of censor.

  * mr brownstone joined nei, his
    board became victims/nei hq,
    due to the fact that he couldn't
    run his board with c*base anymore,
    and because of technical problems
    with running ucbbs he took his
    board down.

  * tunnel of wares, dominators and
    ics hq, got a new number, since the
    old number has been disconnected
    due to a unpaid phonebill.
    the new number is XXXXXXXXXXXX
    also the second dom hq, dropzone,
    got a new number. (XXXXXXXXXXXX)
    sonny/dom quit computing.
    some x-atg guys from holland joined

  * the new sharks hq is hit'n'run

  * new genesis hq : dream park

  * the arrogance and raze both quit
    pandora, but will release their
    disc-magazine 'bildzeitung' though.
    maniac/pandora disappeared (?).

  * manowar is dead.

  * after dropping genesis project,
    mystic cavern became victims hq

  * the nato hq is dragon world.

  * check next months' issue for more..
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