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  did you know...

  ...that spitfire's car broke down on
     the way back from holland, he and
     a friend of him had to push the
     car for half an hour to the next

  ...that the game 'pang', which hasn't
     been released yet, is among the
     top 5 charts in the latest issue
     of the german softwaremagazine
     'asm'. this chart is for c64 only
     and is based on readers mail (1/3)
     and selling-rates. (2/3)

  did you know...

  ...that jr predator visited stingray
     in the beginning of this year;
     in his room he saw more than 20
     caps with the word 'kampftrinker'
     and a little person with a big
     stomach printed on the caps.

  ...that hero of illusion was always
     wearing a kerchief at the horizon
     party, people said he looked a bit
     like a hero waering this scarf.

  did you know...

  ...that antichrist/gp sent his first-
     release 'turn it 2' to all his
     contacts before it was given to
     their us-group nei;the consequence
     was that tsm had the first-release
     the gp-members were quite angry.

  ...that pyle/illusion wanted to quit,
     but frank and deff/ils persuaded
     him to stay.

  ...that master kracker (x-inc) cracks
     for atc although he is not in atc.

  did you know...

  ...that j.j. the breaker, formerly
     cracker of untouchable cracking
     force (ucf) was in the gulf-
     region during the war.

  ...that unknow of transcom is a
     teacher at a military-school in

  ...that hobbit said he had to buy a
     new trash-can after he heard that
     gotcha is going to produce a

  did you know...

  ...that the goblin/genesis is said
     to be a fish, because every time
     a genesis-member calls him up he
     is in the bathroom.

  ...that the german computer-magazine
     "64'er" reviewed a couple of
     scene-magazines as part of a
     scene-report, you also can find
     mamba< among the uplisted mags.

  ...that prodigy/nec/nei works for

  did you know...

  ...that pudwerx/random put up an
     extra-sub on his bbs the forum,
     only for story-writers.
     thus he wants to prevent the other
     subboards being filled with that
     stuff. most hardworking story-
     writer is the bit bandit (tbb)

  ...that the executioner (x-xds) was
     busted for selling drugs, after
     getting out on bail he went back
     and started selling again.

  did you know...

  ...that the cure (x-random), 15 years
     old, drove his parents' car while
     they were visiting the bahamas;
     unfortunately his brother caught
     him and called their parents to
     sneak about it...

  ...that jade's new chosen handle
     'nme' stands for 'enemy'.

  ...that gotcha dropped himself out
     of the mamba< graphic-artists-

  did you know...

  ...that creatures by thalamus was
     released in the states about two
     months after its appearance on the
     european market, apparently only
     the canadian group empire was able
     to ntsc-fix the game.

  ...that the game 'neverending story2'
     was translated into german for
     sale in german shops, but there
     was still the english text-file
     on the disc. it was scratched,
     but by using a tool it was
     possible to get the file back.

  did you know...

  ...that grim reaper/nec/nei cracked
     the game 'dark knights of krynn';
     usually it is horizon cracking
     all the games.

  ...that mario van zeist and peter
     parker were cracking for elite.

  ...that the new evil demo called
     relentless contains a part coded
     by a woman. according to her it's
     a world record because no other
     girl coded a demo before. (ed. ??)
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