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           the reader's forum

  to remove all misunderstandings...

  this column is made for those, who
  want to address the mamba< staff,
  you can complain, correct, greet or
  anything else, and if your concern
  is worth to be reacted on we will
  definately give an answer, a state-
  ment or whatever !
  you can also ask questions, if things
  are not clear for you, about back-
  ground informations etcetcetc !!!

  first thanks to all readers who kept
  us busy here, but there should be

  nso/nasty didn't like, that gotcha
  always draws these omg-comics...
  dear friend,
  gotcha's conterquestion:'do you love

  dear zax/accuracy + creepy,
  we would really be happy if you could
  send us a report about the south
  american scene. it would be nice if
  you could send us your report on a
  paper-sheet. thanx in advance...  (+)
  dear ximox + gabriel /the force,
  write a (much) shorter comment and
  we will publish it in mamba. yours
  was too long...

  dear infinity/manowar,
  the same to you...

  skull of gax 777 wants us to drop the
  charts-column and install a video or
  music-column instead...

  dear skull,
  why don't you replace the 777 in your
  group-name with 666? anyway, have a
  closer look at the last issue...
  dear major-x,
  we have to admit that we've made a
  fault. we surely meant cosmos designs
  to be on place 14...

  dear david (deltaware),
  please send us a report about the
  csfr-scene, coz we don't know
  anything about it...
  we will definately print your report
  as we hardly get any kind of
  information about the scene in
  eastern-europe !

  a quick note to phantom of rulers in
  hungary: thanks for putting many
  nice stamps on the envelope !!!

  and here we fulfil a wish from a guy
  named andreas who lives in altluss-
  heim in germany, who wanted at least
  once to get in an i+t production !
  now he even got twice in, first time
  here and in the announces ! greetings
  to you andreas !!

    an address you all should have in
    mind :


  and another one...

  (i always wanted to do that!!)

  'dear' omg,
  now you wrote so many letters to
  x-crazy members and even to the
  mamba address ! ...we love it...


  ...and a final one...

  now we are addressing people living
  outside europe, usa and canada !!!

  we only got a very few letters from
  the 'remaining world', and still like
  to get much more !! but don't send
  only your address, do also write
  something about yourself, the country
  you are live in etcetc...
  for example we got letters from
  israel etc, no word about the crisis,
  but that's what we are interested in,
  what you think about it...the staff..
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