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  what event makes 729 people leaving
  their homes during the easter-
  holidays ???

  ...driving several thousands of
  kilometres, travelling several days
  by train to finally reach a cold
  place in sweden called stockholm,
  sweden's capital...

  people from the south of spain to
  the north of norway assembled to
  celebrate the probably biggest
  meeting ever in the computer-scene.

        the horizon easter party

  from the 29th of march to the 1st of
  april the party takes place, right
  now it's sunday afternoon, the
  31st of march, many people are
  working on their demos as the dead-
  line comes closer and closer...

  but first some names and numbers for
  those we are interested...

  729 people joined the party...

  among them there are 575 swedes,
  75 norwegians,
    34 fins,
      13 danes,
        10 germans,
          8 belgians,
            7 austrians,
              3 italians,
                3 spains
  and one guy from switzerland...

  the youngest are 13 years old, the
  oldest is 28 years old.
  (jerry of triad is still expected to
  come, he is about 45 years old)

  180 different c64 and amiga-groups
  are present, 94 people are groupless.

  the most well-known c64 groups are...

  absolute vodka team, alpha flight,
  amnesia, antimon, beyond force,
  blasters inc., bonzai, byteriders,
  censor, cosmos designs, cross,
  death sector, dunex, f4cg, flash inc.

  groovy bits, guardian angels, hitmen,
  hoaxers, horizon, ikari+talent,
  illusion, light, logic, megastyle,
  noice, offence, oregon, origo, padua,
  panoramic designs, paragon, pretzel
  logic, prosonix, role, ruthless,
  science 451, the shadows, shape,
  the ancient temple, triad, tristar,
  wow, zone name a few...    .

  so far the statistics...

  after a 24 hours travel by train we
  arrived at the party-place together
  with hannes sommer and chris of
  cosmos designs.
  we were one of the first to arrive,
  but the next day most of the other
  people also entered.
  the entrance fee was 60 skr. (ca.$10)

  as the place was a school, the
  horizon members put the different
  groups into classrooms, except for
  three electricity-crashes the light
  never went out, for that it sometimes
  was a little bit difficult to sleep..

  due to the fact that the party place
  was changed in the last minute and
  drove to the wrong place first, many
  people got annoyed as anyone in
  horizon even didn't bother to place
  the new address at the old place...
  only after several people complained
  about that they put up a sign at the
  old place...

  although any kind alcohol was
  forbidden some guys were often
  drunken and caused some trouble.
  for expample, dr cool of censor got
  kicked out of the party place as he

  tried to beat someone up.

  the food-supply at the party was
  lacking as most of the shops were
  closed during the easter-holidays...

  on the contrary to the last year
  there were more amiga guys at the
  party, most often used program was
  x-copy of course (on the amiga)

  most of the c64 guys usually were
  busy with programming to finish
  their contribution to the big demo-
  competition, however many groups

  early realized that they wouldn't
  be able to fix their demo in time...
  (like padua, tat, origo, paragon,
  death sector etc.)

  the weather really went mad, the
  first days it was sunny, but then
  it began to snow a little bu it,
  right now the sun shines again.

  due to the complexity of the school
  no real party-atmosphere arouse,
  even after three days we still meet
  people we never saw before, although
  they arrived the same day.

  on the whole, the meeting was quite
  good although the big size of the
  school prevented the origin of a
  real party-mood...(what's that

  for horizon the party apparently was
  a big success as they already
  announced to organize another one the
  next year...
  now we've got to see what pleasure
  the demo competition will bring us,
  tomorrow it's the last day, in the
  morning the party-freaks will go
  home again...

  at the end i want to give some hints
  for those who ever want to organize
  a party lasting several days...

  firstly you've got to demand some
  extra money, which you might give
  back after the party ends..
  as kind of assurance for destruction

  the greatest thing was that i found
  a clean toilet after three days, you
  have got to provide that the toilets
  are clean, there are still some
  human pigs among us...

  special thanks to horizon and padua
  for helping us with the statistics...

                      ...the staff...
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