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 now is an interview with crumbsucker
 of ex.fantasy. interviewed by bod.
 m: mamba       c: crumbsucker
 m: tell us something about yourself?

 c: my name is stan.i am 155 pounds,
    around 5ft 11 tall and 21 years old
    i was born in russia and we moved
    to the usa in 1979. i got my c64
    in 1986 and got into the elite
    scene in 1988. i am presently going
    to college and i am majoring in
    international marketing.

 m: how did you get started in the
 c: i started off calling local boards
    at 300 baud. i got onto one elite
    local board and found out about
    phreaking. with some help from
    mangar ( i started calling
    other elite out of state boards.

 m: tell me a bit about 'channel zero'
    your old bbs?

 c: i put the board up in the fall of
    1989 and it was called "darkside
    bbs" and i was the headquarters for
    falcon. then after falcon changed
    there names to culture i was there
    hq. i became friends with technique
    and he asked me to be fantasy hq.
 c: i agreed and renamed the board to
    "channel zero." after i had some
    disagreements with culture i moved
    over to action and was fantasy and
    action hq.

 m: what do you think about the scene
    today compared to the scene of a
    year or so ago?

 c: well, it is really different. there
    are to many lamers getting access
    on the good boards. there are to
    few good american's left and the
    ones that are around really have to
    big ego's.

 m: if you could change s0mething in
    the scene what would it be and why?

 c: i would provably try to get more
    good americans calling boards and
    actually doing things like fixing
    and coding. most of the good ones
    went amiga or quit.

 m: do you own an amiga yourself?

 c: no i don't and i probably never
    will get one. it would be a waste
    of money as everything i would use
    the amiga for i already can do on
    the 64. i never have times to play
 m: where did you get your handle?

 c: well, when i first got my modem
    one of my friends stayed over to
    show me how to use it. he called
    and applied on a local bbs and
    asked me what handle to use. i was
    half asleep and just said
    crumbsucker (after the hard core

 m: tell me some of your favourites?

 c: movies: evil dead 2, jacobs ladder
            and monty pythongs holy

 c: music: hard core/puck and rap.
    food: chinese.
    drink: jolt (a high caffeine drink)
    sport: baseball.

 m: have you any regrets about your
    years on the c64?

 c: yes i do. running a board i had to
    put up with a lot of lamers who
    would wardial my bbs line a lot.
    and dealing with certain people
    like technique.

 m: what do you do in your spare time?

 c: i am in a band so i spend a lot of
 c: time rehearsing. i go out and watch
    movies and hang out with my

 m: what are your plans for the future?

 c: to graduate from college. maybe
    i'll put my bbs back up, if there's
    a demand. but, i will be calling
    out as long as the c64 is alive.

 m: tell me some things you dislike?

 c: i mainly dislike people who claim
    to bethings they are not. i hate
    hangovers, girls who play hard to
    get and especially lamers.
 m: tell us your definition of a lamer?

 c: someone who is 15 and under. who
    talks a lot of shit about things
    they no nothing about and has no
    life away from the c64. and people
    who keep talking about how great
    esi were 3/4 years after they died.

 m: is there anything you would like to
    say before we finish?

 c: i think more people should start to
    think and act for themselves. there
    are to many people here in the
    states who continue to talk real
    big on the boards and when you get
 c: to speak to them voice it's obvious
    in real life they are nothing like
    they claimed.

 m: is there anyone you want to greet?

 c: greetings to everybody who ever
    called my board.

 m: ok thanks for your time stan.

 c: thank you.
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