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             news & rumours

  * stormbringer of random announced
    to quit c64 in april, pudwerx will
    stop fixing, but keeps his bbs
    'the forum' online.
    skandle, who is still in paramount,
    joined random. illusionist, who
    made a little break is back in
    thor/rnd got busted again. rumours
    report about him being arrested
    for a short time.

  * according to dominators-members
    there will be massive changes in
    the group. rocha left dom, ninja
    put up a dom euro hq, the first
    board running a pal-version of
    dom dropped the dom/atc hq
    it is still uncertain, if dom is
    going to arrange a party in summer.

  * the german post will close all
    "plk's" (postlagerkarten) in summer
    '91, reasons for that are the loss
    of many cards, many mail gets lost
    this way. (official statement)

  * the transcom & x-ray cooperation
    is over. according to chrysagon,
    who triggered off the separation,
    transcom was too unactive.
    the arrogance of x-ray got visited
    by the cops, they only took a few
    discs, his magazine 'bildzeitung'
    is still being released.

  * paramount, this months' #1 in the
    list of first releases together
    with action, have some quarrel with
    action, both groups claim to be
    germany's no 1.
    further paramount kicked cybernight

    and dropped the boards 'wares
    domine' and 'banned in the usa'.
    ture 7 left x-factor and joined
    paramount, his bbs 'bootcamp' is
    the new paramount hq. (besides
    'mad mad world')
    tronic and yankee rejoined p.,
    speed demon was caught and quit.

  * crazy is dead, the last active
    member magic man decided to quit
    the group.

  * gotcha left talent as he is busy
    working for several companies.
    (starbyte, rainbow arts etc.)

  * genesis project's magazine
    'corruption' is still delayed,
    right now ses of gp is working on
    a new main menu.
    zorlac (x-cfa) joined genesis.
    some unknown person released a fake
    war-declaration, in which anti-
    christ declares war to censor
    design, however, the note was not
    made by genesis.
    also a fake 'bad news' issue has
    been released.

  * wares domine is now triad hq,
    hero left triad to join light, icon
    left light.

  * scene press, action's magazine'
    won't be released at all as
    spitfire suffers from a lack of
    time. airwolf left manowar and
    rejoined action.

  * tdo of nec/nei left the group and
    joined legend. his bbs 'second
    to none' is now legend hq only.
    glasnost,who recently joined legend
    renamed to 'thunderstruck'.

  * insight is a new american magazine
    made by demo-groups for demo-groups
    it also contains selected pictures,
    demos, tools etc.

  * badbatch was a new group, formed
    by hobbit, reset of transcom and
    krush, sexton and skywolf of
    crusade. however, this group is
    already dead again, hobbit re-
    joined transcom, the x-crusade
    members have formed a legal coder-
    kid and scorpie, who also were in
    badbatch for a short time, re-
    joined f4cg. scorpie and abigail
    finally released the 10th issue of
    their papermagazine 'pirates'.

  * scorpion of ald joined origo.

  * last ninja iii has been finished,
    the game, which will be released by
    system 3 on disc, tape and cart-
    ridge, should be released very
    soon. according to markus wieder-
    stein, who wrote the protection,
    it will be almost impossible to
    crack the game.
    meanwhile the game already earned
    a lot of recognition in european
    computer-magazines. (c+vg 94%)

  * shamus, the author of 'handy-term'
    is working on a new protocol which
    is 17 times faster than 'punter'.
    it's called bi-h-modem.

  * chromance released a discmagazine
    based on the idea of 'gamers guide'
    by triad. it is called 'are we the
    best', different versions of a game
    are going to be compared.
    the mag also contains cracker-news
    and announces.

  * daw of censor rejoined triad, so
    did chorus (x-flash inc.)

  * sky (x-paramount) quit the scene.

 after the sudden death of paramount
 sting, joe cool and maniac joined
 talent. the other members s.steel,
 domino, tyger, rick and brego all have
 uncertain futures. we will keep you
 informed on there actions.

 stormbringer and pudwerx quit c64 on
 april 1st. so random is now dead.
 pudwerx will still keep his bbs 'the
 forum' up. illusionist joined talent
 and has put up a board which is called
 'once upon a time.' his board will be
 shock headquarters.

 euzkera left censor and joined science

 dr. cool and adolf left censor and
 joined the new group victims. it is
 also rumoured that roy/dynamix,
 arrogance/x-ray and rockstar/xtc have
 something to do with this new group.

 tycoon/light has joined censor.

 white lion and methabol joined censor.

 jihad left hitmen.

 trix and rcs left bonzai.
 cfa (the producers of the magazine
 immortal flash) are dead. the active
 members are now producing there mag
 under the label 'atlantis.'

 problem child left atc after some
 internal problems and joined empire.
 tristan has also joined empire.

 dogfriend is back on the scene and
 will be working again in dominators.

 rap who has been in shock/success and
 brainbombs has now joined x-ray.

 brainbombs are dead.

 at'n't have come across an ingenious
 way to stop euros from calling with
 att. they now simply will kill any att
 which has been used in more than one
 country straight away. since this a
 lot of guys have been without cards
 for a lot of the time.

 -read the next issue for more news...

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