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  did you know...

  ...that at&t was present at the
     cebit '91 in hannover and gadget
     of action managed to copy and at&t

  ...that pyle/illusion wanted to quit
     but deff and frank/ils persuaded
     him to stay.

  ...that master kracker (x-inc) cracks
     for atc although he is not in the

  did you know...

  ...that j.j. the breaker, former
     cracker of untouchable cracking
     force (ucf) was in the gulf-
     region during the war.

  ...that unknow of transcom is a
     teacher at a military-school in

  ...that hobbit said he had to buy a
     new trash-can after he heard that
     gotcha is going to produce a

  did you know...

  ...that the goblin/genesis is said
     to be a fish, because every time
     a genesis-member calls him up he
     is in the bathroom.

  ...that the german computer-magazine
     "64'er" reviewed a couple of
     scene-magazines as part of a
     scene-report, you also can find
     mamba< among the uplisted mags.


  did you know...

  ...that pudwerx/random put up an
     extra-sub on his bbs the forum,
     only for story-writers.
     thus he wants to prevent the other
     subboards being filled with that
     stuff. most hardworking story-
     writer is the bit bandit (tbb)

  ...that the executioner (x-xds) was
     busted for selling drugs, after
     getting out on bail he went back
     and started selling again.
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