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  different things

  here is a little survey about what
  you can expect to find here...

  1) venlo and elite-meeting, frank/ils
     and freestyle/talent reporting

  2) 2 brand new board reviews, the
     first time of an euro-hq...

  3) a couple of video-reviews by
     chief-reviewer excell and also
     by deltar/tsm

  ...and here is the usual venlo-report
  this time it's frank/illusion
  reporting for mamba<...

  we (gotcha, peter/talent, deff and me
  frank/illusion) drove off at 10.00
  a.m. when peter wanted to refuel the
  car he recognized that he forgot the
  key. baha! what a joke. the trip to
  venlo was quite funny and as we
  entered the party-room we only saw
  a lot of lamers and (l)amigas. some
  of the few cool people this month
  were:hobbit, reset/tcom, genesis,
  mario van zeisst, trc, action, hitmen
  , freestyle/talent and maybe a few
  others. all in all it was...     (+) all the other lame meetings.
  the snackbar was as usual the most
  visited place beside the meeting.
  only mamba came out at venlo and no
  other cool stuff (demos,cracks...).
  worth being mentioned, except bad
  news no.3 which has been edited by
  transcom. they put a genesis intro
  in front of the mag and fooled omg
  and genesis. it was quite funny to
  read. we stood at venlo until the
  end, coz someone wanted to beat up
  infinity (???), but big boss (the fat
  guy at the entrance) sent that guy
  home. that was it for this month...

               -frank of illusion-  (+)

  ...and here is a little report
     written by freestyle of talent...

  'when i visited cologne in february
  1991, i had two things in mind :

  1. visiting venlo and meet some
  2. take part in the meeting of the
     old group elite

  before i start to refer on those 2
  events i want to thank vincent/wow
  and peter/i+t for driving me around
  with their cars. (ed. the bill will
  come later !!)

  first i arranged a little meeting
  with all old elite-members in venlo,
  but when i arrived together with my
  friend skywolf, i recognized that
  noone of them, except mario van zeist
  was present.
  after the venlo-meeting, skywolf and
  i drove back to cologne to zaz's
  place: conan, general zoff and
  logically zaz had assembled there...
  they were very busy with playing on
  amiga, so it was a bit difficult
  to find any conversation at first.
  but finally i managed to free them
  from their amiga. so we all went

  downtown to have a meal,in a pizzeria
  a really funny conversation about the
  actual and the old scene started.
  after having eaten a pizza and
  drinking some beer, we left to join
  a little, domestic disco/bar.
  there we met the good old beermann
  (speecracker) together with his girl-
  friend. after some more beer, we were
  in the mood of joining another, much
  bigger disco near bonn. the disco,
  the music and the girls were really
  great, but about 2 hours later it was
  getting boring, because the music was
  always the same and i got slowly but

  surely tired. at about 5 am we left
  the disco. conan and general zoff
  drove back to bochum, skywolf and i
  drove together with zaz back to
  cologne where i took the train back
  to switzerland without having slept
  a single hour.

  in my opinion it was really a cool
  night with the coolies from elite
  although the disco in bonn turned out
  to be boring after some time.

  to all dozens of mags, which wrote
  that elite or strike force want to do

  a comeback, which was a pure rumour
  that started after my interview with
  conan in one of the last mambas, i
  have to say that the word comeback
  is definately wrong. but it's still
  possible that you will see some
  releases from them in the near future


 here's another of those radical
 board reviews, this time we had a
 closer look at the mad mad world...

 board : mad mad world
 group : paramount
 sysop : damage inc.

 first a little introduction given by
 the sysop himself:

 i put the board up about 3.5 years
 ago, i was nfi hq at first, but it
 only lasted about 2 weeks, then i met

 karate kid and tricket of dominators
 and decided to go with dom.
 macro nit & dogfriend were the two
 main callers at that time...
 i was dom for about 2 years, then the
 lame english dudes got in dom. the
 thought that they were so good (where
 are they now ?? jade+icecube, hehe)
 well, anyway, i kicked dom off and
 about 2-3 weeks later i got paramount
 and that lasted until now,

 i get anywhere from 20-50 calls a day
 (on a good day), all the cool euros
 have n/a and a lot of the usa-dudes

 have n/a too.

 on the board i have 1-81, 1-71, 3-41,
 1-8250 (2.5 megs)'

 besides the usual subboards, also
 an amiga- and a code-sub is available

 for the newest uploads are usually
 made by the paramount members,
 especially sting who carries all the
 0 dayers to the board.
 the user-list shows a lot of people,
 many of them didn't call for years(?)
 (ed. i had a good love when i saw
  stingray/crazy there)

 nevertheless, some elite people are
 calling the board, but i also don't
 want conceil that about 30-50% of the
 posts are made by paramount(pandora)
 members only!

 the board could certainly use some
 fresh blood!

 users             60%
 sysop's character 70%
 subboards/posts   50%
 speed             89%

  ok, here another board review this

  time it a euro board...

  board  : digital illusion
  group  : extasy
  sysop  : tmb (der perverse onkel)

  first a few words from the onkel...

                             press '+'

  digital illusion was set up in
  autumn/winter -90 as an extasy north
  headquarters as an second euro board
  with never never land (ed.that should
  be up again when you read this, right

  we run it with modded c-base v2.0
  with moddings done by xtc freelancer
  slade. all the nice grafix are also
  here done by him. i'm in charge and
  rockstar/xtc is my co-sysop here.

                  guess what press '+'

  i'm hoping to get the new c-base
  version 3.0 very soon and of 'cos we
  have allready some plans to modify it
  too.this board also contains some new
  functions compared to the ordinary
  cbase 2.0 like fast user scan and the
  possibility to see how long you have
  been on system.this board also has 3
  different log-on screens & otherwise
  also is very much based on grafix and
  good outlook.

  the board get's around 5-20 calls
  each day.sometimes it's very busy on
  subs and the sometimes it's dead slow

  just like in all boards.i dont have
  so much disk space here (3 1541 and
  1 1581) but as soon as i get my
  financial problems solved i'll invest
  some more money on drives.the most
  wares get here quit fast and it's
  not such a big problem.

  on the other hand the big problem is
  the users.for all euro boards it's
  very hard to get elite users.people
  think that euro boards can't be cool
  so that's why they don't bother to
  call them.and euros don't have so
  much pbx's to call

  and americans just dispice euro
  boards.but hey! euro boards are cool!
  if just people would understand it
  and would support these euro boards.
  what i'm hoping is americans to call
  euro boards when they have better
  code situvations than euros.

  so in short what i'm trying to say is

          support euro boards!

  we also would like to share this
  board with some other group.if you
  want an euro hq call this one and
  let's see or leave me mail on us-bbs
  with 2 elite groups a board has more
  possibilities to be the best.

  judgement :

  sysop's character.81%      (+) for
  subboards/posts...56%      the video-
  speed.............50%      reviews !
         look who's talking too

 starring john travolta - kirstie alley

 ok, no reason to try and fool you..
 "look who's talking too" is a poor and
 bad re-run of the $300 million success
 "look who is talking". without any new
 idea's the director (amy heckerling)
 just added a baby sister, hoping that
 most people around the globe would go
 spend another $300 millions..
 the maybe worst about "look 2" is that
 bruce willis (mikey's voice) often
 failing to correspond to the older
 mikey's mouth movements, while little
 julie (mikey's new kid-sister) has
 the particular misfortune of speaking
 through none other than roseanne barr.
 the story, or maybe the lack of it,
 centers around mikey's acceptance of
 his little sister, and james (john t.)
 and molly (kirstie a.) explosive
 marriage, not helped alot by the arri-
 val of molly's brother stuart, an un-
 employed accountant with a penchant
 for pulling a gun on james, under the
 mistaken impression that he may be a
 burglar. there are, though, some nice
 comic sketches worth looking out for,
 in particular mikey's terror of mr.
 toilet-man (the voice of mel brooks)
 and john travoltas mad dance at mikeys
 playgroup over some kid's gym stuff.
 this dance is sorta like the dance we
 all remember from the hit movie called
 "grease".. all in all, a poor re-run
 with only one purpose, making an extra
 bunch on an old story!

                        rating: **

             - green card -

       starring gerard depardieu
           andie macdowell.

 this movie is a romantic comedy in
 line with "ghost", "pretty woman", and
 not all that bad indeed..
 george (gerard d.) is a french, and
 need an u.s. immigration-green card if
 he is to stay in america.
 bronte (andie m.) is that quixotic
 thing, a horticulturist determined to
 green hair fingers in new york city,&
 has set her heart on an appartment,
 requiring her to fulfil just 1 further
 condition, that she produce a husband!
 a mutual friend makes the introduction
 the knot is tied, and all would be wel
 l, if it was not for the sudden atte-
 ntions of the immigration people who
 are trying hard to stop inauthentic
 conjugal relations, this forces bronte
 and george to live together, and act
 as if they have been married for years
 but to catch up with years of holiday
 memorys, photos, letters.. well, it's
 not all that easy, and the fact that
 bronte and george can disagree about
 almost everything makes it really hard
 for love to bloom, and for the proper
 immigration people to fall for the
                        rating: ****

       - the godfather part iii -
    starring al pacino - andy garcia

 the 3'rd film in the "godfather" serie
 is no small 1.1/2 hour flick, here you
 will have to sit tight for 2.28 min
 wich can seem to be a long time,if the
 plot is wrong, but don't worry, anyone
 who watched the previous 2 movies
 about the corleone family, and enjoyed
 it must get the ending aswell..
 the plot is fast and simple, the power
 full mafia family wanna get out of the
 "high-risk" business, and become 1 of
 the many "wall-street" companies, and
 to do that, they need a deal with the
 vatican (the church), but others who
 also have interest in the "family" is
 not lightly to let that happen.. here
 we see a hot-headed andy garcia, as
 the fast talking-killing "action"-man
 of the family.. the movie is so close
 to the former 2 films, that you expect
 the director (ford coppola) to set
 marlon brando back on stage. even if
 you are not sitting on the edge of the
 seat, you will still raise after the
 2.28 minutes and think that you had a
 plesant time, eventhough i surely hope
 that this was the last movie in the
 row of family-ties. i mean, 1 family
 can only do so much, and i think that
 this family have done quite enuff, we
 don't want it to end up being called
 "the neverending story" instead of
 "godfather 4" ... andy garcia saves
 the day, and the movie, coppolas
 daughter (sofia coppola) should learn
 to act before starring together with
 such big stars as al pacino and andy
                         rating: ***
 in the making as we speak;

 teenage mutant ninja turtles ii
 elmstreet part 6; freddys dead
 terminator ii (arnold schwarzenegger)
 the city of joy (patrick swayze)
 weekend at bernies part ii
 star trek vi (oh no, not more!!)
 free jack (emilio estevez,mick jagger)
 memoirs of an invisible man
     (a welcome return to chevy chase!)

 that's it for this months reviews and
 rumours, but be sure to catch the next
 issue of mamba, where i review the
 million selling "silence of the lambs"
 untill then.... (c) excell for mamba.
        march 1991 movie reviews

 the silence of the lambs: orion pics.

 the fbi is on the trail of one weird
 serial killer. he skins the female
 victims. to gain some insight to the
 wonderful world of the whacky jack
 crawford(scott glenn) assigns clarice
 starling(jodie foster) to interview
 genius killer dr. hannibal lecter(done
 beautifully by anthony hopkins). what
 transpires here is an exchange between
 two ends of an intellectual spectrum.
 hopkins as the polished all-knowing
 and foster as the new trying-to-learn-
 it-all. while not playing a dumb  (+)
 ass, she does come across as very new
 to the subject and is enthralled as
 well as sickened by the info she gets.
 during the interviews hopkins is very
 brightly lit, suggesting his genius,
 and foster is somewhat filmed in the
 shadows. nice touch...
 somewhat late foster realises that she
 has become the bait for the killer. in
  the end, though, she does what she
 has to do.
 directed by jonathan demme; from the
 novel written by thomas harris.

 excellent film, a must see!
 overall rating -- 90%
 the doors:         directed by o.stone

 as a big fan of the doors in their hay
 day, i was disappointed in stones way
 of depicting jim morrison(val kilmer).
 agreed, morrisons lyrics were above &
 beyond the usual of the day, stone has
 made them come from several different
 types of drugs and not from his mind.
 as a matter of fact, this film seems
 to follow more of morrisons experiment
 with whatever is handy than what he,
 the man, really was like. the tunes
 are well done, and kilmer does a fair
 impression of morrison. too bad the
 rest don't. kevin dillon as john dens-
 more, kyle maclachlan as ray manzarek
 meg ryan as pam courson(morrisons'
 common law wife). after seeing meg in
 when harry met sally and then this i
 had to wonder if she'd been sampling
 some of the stuff in the doors script
 before signing...

 a lot will be wasted on anyone under
 the age of 35. your folks would/will
 get more out of it.

 overall rating --  65%

 see ya next month with reviews of the
 newest out : warlock  and  classaction

                 burn the return...
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