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 now we present to our readers the long
 awaited interview with xxx of talent!
 enjoy the interview. m:mamba.. x=xxx!
 m:hi paul, tell all the readers a bit
   about yourself?

 x:well, i am 21 years old! don't work
   with computers! i work as a timber
   machinist and i am fast at getting

 m:how long have you been in the scene?
   and how did your career start?

 x:i've been in the scene about 5/6 yrs
   first of all me and a local lamer
 x:airborne started a small group
   called the nfl(not ths usa group?)
   we started trading with honey/1001
   and sledgehammer/hotline and a local
   group to me called bcs! after a
   while trading sledgehammer asked us
   to join hotline. i was doing all the
   cracking and airborne did not do
   anything. bod joined hotline a while
   after us. i bought myself a 1670
   from sledgehamme. to cut a long
   story short after a while of things
   going ok we had a big argument with
   sledgehammer over who we traded in
   the usa! it was after cracking the
   game aaargh! sledge wanted us to
   trade with asterix but me and darren
 x:wanted to stay with inc. the next
   day we got the game xybots! then we
   decided to quit hotline and form
   talent. sledgehammer found out about
   us quiting after seeing our first
   release 'xybots' we then started to
   crack/release a lot more wares. then
   hotline disintegrated from a good
   group to nothing. this was around
   september 1989. then around xmas 89
   ikari wanted to come back to the
   scene and thats where the legendary
   co-op was started! we were trading
   with inc. then when they decided to
   stop importing we moved between a
   few usa groups until we found tsm!
   that's where we are today!
 m:tell us where you got your handle

 x:well it started a long time ago. one
   day when i was playing space invader
   and i got the hi-score. i decided to
   just place 3 xxx's in there! and it
   has stuck ever since.

 m:what do you think about the scene
   today compared to the scene a year
   or so back?

 x:well, i think it is slowing down
   quite a bit. but since the carts are
   coming out. there is hope for the 64
   there used to be loads of games
 x:released and now there is hardly
   anything. all the programmers have
   gone onto 16bit machine and consoles
   most of the people left coding games
   now are ex-crackers.

 m:have you any regrets about your
   years on the 64?

 x:not really, it is enjoyable and
   challenging to get the cracks out
   first. especially now that the
   cartridges have arrived.

 m:what do you do in your spare time?

 x:i spend most of my time working.
 x:i play a lot of snooker and sleep.
   i also watch quite a few movies.

 m:what are your favourites?
 music:j.m.jarre,hip hop.
 food :it's gotta be pizza.
 drink:pepsi (bleerrrrggghhhh!)
 sport:soccer and snooker.
 game :lemmings and lotus turbo espirit
       on amiga. welltris on 64.
 movie:home alone, kindergarten cop,
       total recall.

 m:now tell me some of the things that
   you dislike?

 x:i dislike getting up early in the
 x:morning, i hate the poll tax.

 m:anyone you would like to greet at
   this point?

 x:all the guys in ikari and talent
   (especially bod), tsm, excell.

 m:any last words?

 x:i must thank mamba for the interview
   and goodbye.

 m:thanx for the interview.

 ok, the other interview partner is
 deff of illusion, this interview was
 send to me by faxing...we were all
 in a great hurry (again)...

 m : mamba
 > : deff

 m : hi deff, tell us something about
     yourself !

 > : yihoo! my name is mario, i'm half
     italian and half german, i'm 18
     years old and i live in a lame
     town called hennef in west(!)-
     germany. i still go to business-
     school and beside this i'm doing
     my civil-service.hfuck the army!)
     i don't believe in god and i hate

 m : what's about your computer
     career ?

 > : well, i got my first c64 back in
     1985. the first real group i was
     in was powerrun (grmpff!). later
     on i got asked to join a new
     group called 'huge' and so i did.
     but after some days i got pissed
     odf this group and formed my own
     one called alabama. on the 16th
     of june 1989 i was asked to join
     crazy where i remained one year
     and 7 months. on the 2nd of jan.
     i finally joined illusion.

 m : what's your job in illusion ?

 > : i'm the eain swapper in illusion,
     axd i do some work for mamba and
     shock. i also have a modem
     (hopefully it'll be repaired very
     soon!). besides i do some

 m : did you ever have troubles with
     the cops ?

 > : geez, i got busted for three(!)
     times by now, but nothing
     serious happened. once i also got
     busted for stamp-cheating.

 m : do you have a girl-friend ?

 > : certainly i do hade a girlfriend,
     her lovely name is beate. up to
     now we're together for 15 months.
     i really love her and i want to
     marry her some day.

 m : describe a lamer !

 > : a lamer is a guy who spells
     girl with a 'b' and who wastes
     ahl his time in front of his
     computer ! ie. doing a fucking
     lame disc-mag!

 m : did you ever regret computing ?

 > : yes! each time i got busted by
     the cops!

 m : what's your opiniin about the
     scene in general ?

 > : if you don't give a shit about
     the lamers and the childish wars
     then it's ok! i would rather like
     to see some guys selling their
     computers! one thing that makes
     no sense to me are all the sub-
     groups like wicked, spalters,

     gkg, bad taste etc... why the
     hell do they release these
     balow-budget games ? nobody wants

 m : ok, what are your favourites ?

 > : hobby: computing, (yes, it's my
     hobby! don't let aomputer rule
     your life!) skiing and basketball

     music: mainly rap eg. lika 2 live
     crew, pe, jungle brothers, nwh
     etc. but i also like to listen to
     new model army, the who, blues

     brothers, bap and a local group
     of my friends called: sowett
     sogot! dee-lite with 'groove is
     in my heart' kicks some ass too!

     fiod: pizza, spaghetti, fricadel
     special (yo jack daniels!)

 m : do you waht to greet someone?

 > : y0 to beate, all in illusion,
     family schaefer (@hanks for
     everything!), peter+razy+fletch/
     i+t, gotcha, weasel+zoolook+
     goldrush/crest, magic manh derby

     ram+anm/dom, twist, orc, sucker,
     mumbo jumbo, carsten s., qkater,
     scorpie, maduplec, and mario van
     zeist. respect to: karl xii/
     groovy bits!

 m : ok, thanx for this interview !
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