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           the month in brief

  honestly, my personal headliner
  reached me in venlo, when arrogance
  of x-ray, the editor of 'bildzeitung'
  told me how he got the antichrist
  interview, which you could read in
  the third issue.
  i was told by him, that antichrist
  sent the interview without being
  asked for, that means, the questions
  and answers were both made by anti-
  christ himself !
                    nice job, oliver!

  further headliners this month are

  - transcom & x-ray coop split up

  - thor/rnd was really busted by the

  - gotcha left talent

  - german plk's will be closed in

  * read the news section for more
    detailed informations.

   (+) for the first-release charts !

     to be first or not to be first

 welcome to this months first release
 charts. hopefully this month the
 charts will look more objective due
 to the fact that there has been more
 releases this month.

 the rules are simple, over the month
 we watch 3 top boards and note the 1st
 releases. in the case of two groups
 releasing the same game, the group
 that has there version on a majority
 of the 3 boards first gets the point.

 american importer charts
   group                 points  month
 1.north east importers..  06     01
 2.random................  04     01
 3.the shaolin monastery.  01     --
   a touch of class......  01     02
   empire................  01     --
 nei have taken the lead this month.
 with random close behind. there is
 also a couple of new entries. there
 isn't to much movement here because
 of the shortage of games released!

 european charts
   group                 points  month
 1.action................  04     02
   genesis project.......  04     --
 3.paramount.............  02     01
 4.alpha flight..........  01     --
   dominators............  01     01
   fairlight.............  01     --

 there weren't as many euro groups
 on the charts as last month. but all
 the groups have switched places.

 american cracking charts
 there were only 2 usa games this month
 and they were both released by atc.
 check explanations below for titles.

 lupo alberto                action/nei
 * by idea soft.

 hugo                 dominators/random
 * by silverrock.

 oilmania           alpha flight/random
 * by bluestone budget.

 elephant antics            genesis/nei
 * by codemasters.

 quick draw mcdraw          genesis/nei
 * by hi-tech software.

 chips challenge            genesis/atc
 * by us gold.

 warlock the avenger         action/nei
 * by millenium.

 hazar                       action/nei
 * by magic disk.

 mad springs                 action/nei
 * by double density.
 turn it 2:future edition   genesis/tsm
 * by kingsoft.

 nightshift                         atc
 * by lucasfilm.

 protronix             paramount/random
 * by virgin??

 enforce               paramount/random
 * by codemasters.

 metal gear                         atc
 * by ultra games/konami.

 viz                   fairlight/empire
 * by virgin games. is still time to get our paper-
  magazine consisting of pictures,
  cool articles etc, just by sending
  your own picture (we already got
  23 arni schwarzenegger pics) !

  that's the only way to get hold of
  an issue...released in a very few

            the big picture

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