Mamba 12 ch09 Did You Know

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  did you know...

  ...that strider of fairlight has a
     private firm called 'fairlight
     hardware' (only amiga)

  ...that omg is antichrist and was the
     timelord of genesis project

  ...that richard/flt is the little
     brother of aaron/flt who is again
     the little brother of strider/flt

  ...that of censor design is
     a swedish skinhead

  did you know...

  ...that jerry of triad is round 40
     of age

  ...that fairlight has a new intro!
     tatatadaaaa!!! it will be shown
     on their next firstrelease

  ...that dynamix have built up a bbs
     in sweden, call XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  ...that sebastian broghammer/ex-711
     codes a second adventure (after
     yawn) with about 40 pictures and
     lot of action
  did you know...

  ...that the porno-movie with archmage
     of nec/nei acting in has already
     been recorded and bob is proud
     like hell

  ...that goblin of light plays the
     drums in a band

  ...that roy of dynamix was snoopy in
     former times

  ...that charles & jozz are the only
     recent members of the maniacs of
     noise as all members left because
     they got rid of charles behavior.
  did you know...

  ...that reyn ouwehand uses the 20cc-
     routine for his cool tunes
     he made the music for the game
     last ninja 3 in their routine.
     he joined black mail

  ...that steve/x-zenith recently got

  ...that sting/paramount was tommy of
     madonna cracking service

  ...that richie did not quit illusion,
     but he will continue

  did you know...

  ...that illusion got 2 new members
     from norway called cheech & chong

  ...that i+t got a new mailtrader on
     account of excell stopping his
     check the announces for address

  ...that charles deenen gives out
     musics, for which he already got
     the money (this is a fact)

  ...that weasel of crazy finally got
     his own car (ahzapft iis)

  did you know...

  ...that spitfire had a second bike-
     accident and has to stay in a
     hospital for a while

  ...that accu had to leave action,
     because he spreaded the rumour
     that spitfire was imprisoned in
     a mental hospital for attacking
     his father with a knife

  ...that torsten(x-arrogance) founded
     a rap-group, which are going to
     produce their first album soon

  did you know...

  ...that the german softwarecompany
     rainbow arts moves from
     duesseldorf to kaarst
     (where their distributor rushware
      is settled)

  ...that antitrack/legend composes
     musics on the c64

  ...that cycleburner/msi got a modem
     and calls the boards in the

  ...that turn it was coded by scrap/gp

  did you know...

  ...that the following 'famous' games
     are expected soon :
     teenage mutant hero turtles/image
     totall recall/ocean
     gremlins 2/elite
     robocop 2/ocean
     the spy who loved me/domark

  ...that the executioner(x-xds) is
     still into hacking on the amiga
     and ibm-scene

  ...that greystoke/transcom is lkj's
     little brother

  did you know...

  ...that the old legend weetibix
     (ex-scg), who was active in the
     amiga group oracle, joined now
     skid row , together with the
     other oracle-guys

  ...that crazy's long announced demo
     is delayed for about 8 months now.
     but it is expected for the
     beginning of november

  ...that ex-sphinx, fac and orion
     members formed a group called

  did you know...

  ...that mik/x-dcs gave his permission
     to rebuild dcs to parson/dcs-amiga

  ...that sebastian broghammer (x-711,
     wod) coded the game 'crime time',
     which will soon be released by

  ...that dominators are planning to
     arrange the dom v2 party next year

  ...that the tv-show 'highscore' will
     be broadcasted every month
     (from now on)
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