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            different things
  yeah !! this is already the 12th
  issue of our disc-magazine, and we
  think this anniversary must be

  that is the reason why we decided to
  arrange a little competition (liitle
  budget, little competition!)

  how to participate ?

  simply answer the following two
  questions and write it to us on a
  postcard or letter !!!

  1. look at the comic !!!
     which group of the scene is shown
     in the comic (the ones with masks)

  2. in which german town the comic
     takes place ?
     just think of soccer !

  write the answers down and send it to

  ps.the deadline for the competition
      is the 1st of december !!!

  we know that german citizens have
  advantages, sorry !!!

  the prizes

    1) 1 lp, cd or mc (your choice)
       (according to your equipment!)

    2) 1 t-shirt with a cool gotcha-
       graphic on it

    3) 1 competition pro joystick

    consolation prize : a mega-swapper
    called 'deff' (about 40 contacts)

  in this issue we begin to review
  some american bbs's !!

  the test comprises about 10-12 boards
  you will find about 2-3 reviews in
  each of the next 3 issues !

  this time we got only one review,
  because we could not catch other
  sysops in the short time to get the
  necessary background informations ! get a closer view of
       'the shaolin temple'...

  board : the shaolin temple
  group : tsm (headquarter)
  sysop : aycee/tsm

  the bbs was put up about 2 years ago
  by the female sysop aycee, who first
  ran the board for mirage with the
  name 'castle of radiance' !

  3 months after the board was put up,
  aycee joined tsm and renamed the bbs
  to 'the shaolin temple' !

  today, the board got about 125 users,
  who have to handle with ivory-term,

  some of them are calling regular,
  some only once a while.

  the bbs gets about 15-20 calls every
  day, but many of the posts are done
  by the ikari & talent members.

  among the 125 users are about 20%
  euros, 15% of the users got n/a !

  the bbs contains 4 subs, for group
  news, uploads, and bullshit etc.
  three drives, which contains together
  9540 blx, are usually filled with
  0-2 days old wares, but it sometimes

  happens, that certain wares are later
  uploaded for some reason.


  users               -  63%

  speed of wares      -  69%

  sysop's character   -  88%

  subboards/posts     -  45%

  -- total --         -  66%

  please note that this judgement is
  our own opinion, other users may
  have a totally different point of
  view of the bbs and the sysop, but
  we think it is fair !

  look out for more bbs-reviews in the
  next issue(s) !!!

          + for a letter to the editor!

  in the last issue we urote about
  inc's comeback with their first-
  release 'where in the time is carmen
  we also wrote that mirage cracked
  the game one day earlier, but it
  didn't get on the elite-boards due
  to mirage-wares are banned there.

  ok, some of the informations are
  wrong, but the truth did come out

  but first read a letter we got from
  the states concerning this matter.
  read our comment after the letter.

  'hello mamba.

  i really don't expect you to have the
  balls to print this, but at least i
  can set you straight...
  in your mamba 11, you state in the
  news and rumours section that 'inc'
  has made a come-back with 'w.i.t.t.i.
  c.s.' that's bullshit. they did not
  even release it.

  mirage released it first.

  a lamer, trying to impress inc, put
  it out later with an inc intro on it.

  the bogus inc release was got to
  maybe 3 boards and everyone says it
  was the mirage crack with their intro
  removed. inc (a fine group) had
  nothing to with this and have
  admitted it in posts.

  the mirage release was on perhaps a
  hundred boards in 1 day.

  how can mirage be banned from elite
  boards, when they run about 16 elite
  boards themselves. in addition to
  their own boards, their releases are
  are on all of the other real elite
  boards in the states.

  their wares are banned on about 3
  boards who all support nec (who
  everyone in the states knows is
  insanely jealous of mirage). matter
  of fact when mirage beats nec,
  horizon usually throws someone out
  of nec as a result! (and a lot of
  guys are getting thrown out lately!!)

  there are only 3 active cracking
  groups left in the states now (mirage
  nec and tsm). they are all fighting
  hard to get the new wares out. the
  problem is not an inability to crack
  them, it is simply a matter of how

  are you going to crack something if
  the original never shows up in the
  states ? all 3 are fast at the crack,
  so whoever is lucky enough to get the
  original is going to get the crack
  out first. in any given week anyone
  of these 3 groups is going to be no1.
  to the few boards that claim not to
  want mirage wares, i guess they do
  without the crack when mirage is
  first ? (yeah...right! check the
  logs on the elite boards and see who
  is grabbing the mirage releases ).

  last item...if you (mamba) would get
  your nose out of nec's ass long
  enough, you might see what's really
  going on in the states and who is
  gaining everyone's respect and who is
  not. before you make any more
  bullshit statements you might even
  want to check a couple of boards that
  are not nec-boards.


  for the record... i am not a member
  of mirage. just one who appreciates
  their hard work and good results.
     mad hatter (imports that work!!)'

  gosh, what a letter !!!

  ok, now it is time to clear the

  first of all mad hatter is right
  concerning inc's first-release !

  a canadian guy called rich took the
  mirage version, recracked it, and put
  an inc intro in front of the game,
  because he wants to be in inc !
  he did this with another ware called
  hellhole c/t by fairlight.

  then he spread his version on some
  elite-boards like disk shoppe,
  warez castle, wild wares, 2nd to none
  etc. the ware was on more boards
  later due to some persons spreading
  it around without knowledge of the

  then, some days later, after mamba 11
  was out, some people found a mirage-
  memberlist (hi aycee) on certain
  track and sectors of the disc, so the
  recrack was proven !

  that is what we stated false in the
  last issue.

  we further wrote that mirage wares
  are banned from the elite-boards !

  it seems we have got a different
  view of what an elite board actually
  is. we would say the top ten boards
  in the charts are elite-boards, we
  can not find any mirage boards in the
  list !

  if you say the top 100 boards are
  elite-boards,then is this your own
  point of view, you should not write
  to us if you have got a different
  interpretation of certain things than
  we got !!!

  further i want to say that we do not
  support any group, including our own

  you may can imagine that this is
  nearly impossible, but we do not
  support any group on purpose.

  if you see/saw any pro-nec sentence
  in mamba,then write to us again...

  do not take the computer-scene too
  serious, do not make a fuss about
  those things...
  ...anyway, thanks for your letter...
            a little letter:

  i think it's time to give my comment
  about omg's character and his beha-
  vior. i'm freddy/titron, who is wri-
  ting this letter in the late evening.
  as i had been in array some time ago
  i decided once to call omg to find
  out what type of guy he is and also
  to vote for sex'n'crime. after i had
  voted for many cracking groups i felt
  that omg's voice became more and more
  nervously. halfway interrupting me,
  he asked me,why i would give some
  groups of which he thought they would
  deserve it hardly so less points.
  i answered that i had nothing seen
  from these groups for some time and
  why he would be angry about my opin-
  ion, we are living in a democratic
  state were my thoughts. and now guess
  what: he asked me why i would give
  genesis project not enough points as
  he would expect from me?! i started
  to wonder why he just empazised on
  genesis project's points? i thought
  -has he something to do with genesis
  as i heard rumours before. but isn't
  he in amok were my second thoughts.
  i was all confused. well,and omg be-
  came more and more louder arguing me
  to the ground till i gave in,that i
  decided to agree and say you're right
  and tried quickly to finish this
  phone call. later i asked some
  friends of mine if this guy, omg al-
  ways behaves like this,getting angry,
  loud voice and acting like a little
  bit unfair argumentation. i got to
  hear and noticed that this guy cannot
  have much 'real' friends, as he
  mostly talks to people as if they
  were dirt. that's for sure not the
  right way to gain appreciation, but
  i also noticed what a clever nerd
  this guy is. examples like the con-
  flict with duck dunn/lotus or his
  quarrel with excell/ikari & talent,
  in which omg always indicates himself
  as a boy with great understanding,
  positive criticism and he is always
  the innocent victim while others
  offend him by 'his popularity'! he
  is always innocent while the others
  offending him or criticize his words
  are just surrounding assholes! and
  by the way, dear reader, would you
  defeat yourself by writing 20 text-
  pages and more when you are really
  innocent?!? i see no reason for that.
  so,i don't like omg, because he
  handles everybody like the last shit,
  but he has a great friendship with
  genesis or at least acts in genesis
  with another handle and i would de-
  clare the "sex'n'crime" as genesis
  projects propaganda-magazine.
  ok,that's enough,i'm sure many other
  64-freaks agree with me and i just
  wanted to let omg know that it is
  time for a change.
  i'm reading every issue of your sex
  'n'crime, but god bless you, just
  once you write any bad thing about
  me or my group. you can handle any-
  body else like dirt, but you are at
  the wrong address by me!
  i will never write anything again,but
  i'm also not a lousy fuck interrested
  in your answer! so spare your words
  and don't try one of yer damn letter-
  writers! that's ment as you read it!

  ...morgen wieder arbeiten...  nacht!

  so far freddy's letter !

  by the way, some days after freddy
  wrote this letter, thieves visited
  his house and stole his computer,
  drive and much more...

  bad luck, alex ! don't cry, just
  bear it and buy a new nackenrolle !!!

  if you want to support mamba< then
  send your articles to    mamba<
  or call...our vmb    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
   then dial 9021
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