Mamba 12 ch05 Hits and Flops

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  hits & flops

  hello again!
  on account of the last mamba
  given out 5 weeks ago, we got a
  couple of new games , all in all
  about 30 !!!

  the game-reviews comprise the
  following smashers(?)...

  midnight resistance    ocean
  turn it                tale/kingsoft
  time machine           vi/activision
  hong kong phoeey       hi-tec

  keys to maramon       nec
  +a role playing game by mindcraft

  king's bounty         nec
  +another role playing game with nice
   graphics by new world computing

  time machine          censor/tsm
  +nice graphics and confusing gameplay
   by vivid imaga/activision

  ultimate golf         legend/destiny
  +shark attack, a good golf simulation
   by gremlin graphhics

  lords of chaos 2     legend/excalibur
  +after some weeks, the follower is
   already out, a role playing game by
   blade software

  midnight resistance  genesis/exodus
  +by ocean, stolen on that ces-show
   by the goblin

  kentucky race        i+t/tsm
  +a low budget game by alternative

  hong kong phooey     dom/xds
  +another comic-strip game by hi-tec

  super kids            dom/xds
  +by codemasters

  night breed           dom/xds
  +the game to the movie, by ocean

  sly spy               genesis/xds
  +supplied by the new english member
   punisher, by ocean of course

  hard drivin'          censor/demonix
  +unbelievable, (negative), by

  kamikaze              i+t/tsm
  +a budget by codemasters

  subbuteo            i+t/tsm
  +goliath games first release

  jan nicklaus golf   lru/inc
  +hopefully no rich-fake, by accolade

  ikari warriors 3    mirage
  +trash from america, by snk

  bit exorcist        paramount
  +little game by king soft

  exorcist            nato/destiny
  +macro nit got the game from the
   programmer, by magic bytes

  julius caesar      paramount
  +a game in german, by kingsoft

  goofy's railway express   lru/mirage
  mickey's runaway zoo
  donald's alphabet chase
  +three games made for children at the
   age of 6, learning the alphabet etc.
   by disney software, great graphics
   and animations though.

  buck rogers        random
  +b.r. - countdown to doomsday by ssi,
   randoms debut-release

  turn it          brainbombs/destiny
  +a little game by kingsoft

  monty python...  extasy/destiny
  +the flying circus, by virgin

  bigfoot          i+t/tsm.dom/rnd
  +hard competition, a codemasters game

  hellhole         fairlight
  +hip hop, don't stop, bacchus !!!

  rick dangerous2  censor/exodus
  +a cute game by microstyle

                        '+' for reviews

       midnight resistance - ocean

  you have to clear six levels of
  hostile figures, simply by killing
  them. the graphics are avergage
  (ocean-like), the music is quite
                       valuation : 67

        hong kong phoeey - hi tec

  you are the hero 'h.k.p.', using
  karate etc to defy your enemies.
  you have to clear the 'underworld'
  from suspicious objects. graphics,
  music between average and bad. v.:42

    turn it - tale software/kingsoft

  turn it, your task consists of
  selecting two same pieces, which
  are positioned nearby eachother.
  different colours(red & blue) and
  the apparent identity make the game
  more difficult. after 35 levels
  nothing else than saving your hiscore
  expects you.
  music is quite good, graphics are
  quite bad.

                       valuation : 63

 greg norman's ultimate golf - gremlins

  ultimate golf comprises a lot of
  different options, you can load
  different courses,the menu is
  abundant. the gameplay itself is
  composed of many options, good
  graphics and a high grade of reality.
  it is also possible to create own
  the music in the beginning is not
  very successful.

                       valuation : 82
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