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  you don't have to send us your
  reports to    mamba<

  no, you can also call...

     ...the mamba voicemailbox...

  call this number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
   then simply dial '9021' and leave
   a message !!!

  the censor design party

  date : friday, the 2nd november 1990
         to sunday, the 4th
  time : beginning at 12.00 pm (friday)
         end at 16.00 pm (sunday)

  place : a school called 'sannaskolan'
          street : jordhyttegatan 5
          in the western part of

  entrance fee : sek 80
                 (about 20 german marks
                  or ca 13 dollars)

  some more party-facts...

  + c64 demo competition
    1st prize sek 3000
    2nd   "   sek 1500
    2rd   "   sek  500

  deadline for demo-competition is
  7.00 am on sunday

  + extra-cheap pizza (100m from party)

  + for more informations call
    geggin of censor design

  we can't offer you anything else
  than the report about the eces-show
  in london as it seems there weren't
  any other parties !

  therefor we got 2 reports, the first
  one made by richie/illusion, the
  second by aaron/fairlight !
  (thanks guys!)

  the reports differ from each other,
  so there will be no boredom by
  reading both !


  here's the long awaited ces-report,
  exclusive written for mamba by richie
  of illusion.

  'the queues were longer and obviously
  there were more people. this was de-
  finately better than last year,
  although 1988 was the best i ever
  attended. anyway the following dudes
  were the ones i met this year:
  excell,fletch,doc and just ice/ikari,
  bod and xxx/talent,icecube,jade,rebel
  dmc,tricket,karate kid and animal/dom
  solar,wim and some other dudes/f4cg,

  ninja/groupless,goblin and antichrist
  of gp,rap x/class(3030/ex-htl),sauron
  garfield,rebel mc and myself/illusion
  weetebix and trans x/oracle, even
  steve of zenith who quit over a year
  ago mad the the effort to come.
  there were no fights as promised.
  nobody saw any of the legend-members,
  although they were certain that they
  would come,but maybe they were !!!

  poor dogfriend had his ticket and
  hotel ready, but he had trouble in
  denmark and wasn't allowed to leave
  the country (ed. maybe because he did
  not pay the phone-bill ?!!)

  there was a rumour going around that
  omg/amok was at the show, then, an
  hour later everyone was saying that
  omg wasn't there, but antichrist was,
  so take your pick !! goblin/gp was
  stealing everything in sight - god
  knows how he stole midnight
  resistance by ocean, it was locked up
  in a glass-cabinet. i guess that
  friday night was a bad night for
  goblin - he was reported to have been
  arrested for carrying an illegal
  substance (hash) by the london cops!
  you should have come around my part
  goblin, it's safier !

  anyway, the show included stars like
  betty boo and two teenage mutant
  ninja turtles live on stage !
  that stand also had a large video-
  screen with music, but i can't
  remember which company held that
  stand !!

  a few people saw harry/711, who is
  now totally legal and was with his
  company. at 5.00 pm - the end, excell
  doc, sauron, rebel mc, steve and
  myself were the only ones to go down
  to the pub afterwards, although ninja
  and the three f4cg-dudes were

  supposed to come, we waited for them
  as they were setting up a deal to
  sell their game, but we had to go
  (sorry dudes!) and steve and myself
  could only stay for one drink
  (because i had to see my girlfriend),
  though i was told the others had a
  great time afterwards !
  all in all, the show was better than
  the previous year, although there
  wasn't any release over the three-day
  period (except for gp's midnight
  resistance!) and not one group was
  spreading discs like it used to be
  still the people who attended gave
  the c64 a live that it deserves !  '


  the european computer entertainment
            show (eces) 1990!

  first,the show is from now on called
  eces,the european computer entertain-
  ment show,and that was exactly what
  it was,no hardware,only software.
  too bad for us who had come to see
  new dos-es,cartridges,harddrives,etc.
  but then the software was all for
  amiga,but most of it will be conver-
  ted to 64 so we will face an exciting
  winter i guess. games like robocop 2,
  paradroid 90,nightbreed,test drive 3,
  rubicon (gollum's new game,a mix be-
  tween flimbo's quest and hawkeye!),
  elvira and many more.
  like always ocean had the biggest
  stand with about 20 sega machines,a
  10 tv megascreen and a big place. but
  some major companies like system 3
  weren't there and rumours came up
  that system 3 were bankrupt and could
  not afford a stand this year.
  for us as hardware freaks there were
  adverts for the commodore christmas
  show,which will be held at the london
  novotel in hammersmith on november
  16th-18th 1990. the advert said that
  this would be the greatest event of
  the year and it would show 1000's of
  of new commodore products like:
  a2000, a3000, c64gs (cartridge model)
  and much da ticket-hotline
  +uk XXXXXXXXXXXXXX if you'r inter-
  ok so,two days before the show we
  shadow/fairlight & istvan/red sector
  & dave/warfalcons)took off for heath-
  row airport/london. the flight was
  fine,we even exchanged addresses with
  the cabin crew,the pretty stewardes-
  we checked in at our hotel which was
  quite nice for 650 pounds each...
  and then went shopping for the rest
  of this day and wednesday at the awe-
  some warehouse streets of oxford
  street and tottenham court road. for
  you guys who like roleplaying should
  stop by at the forbidden planet and
  you who like music can drop in on the
  virgin megastore,a big megacenter,
  three floors full of cd's,tapes,video
  and records!both on tottenham c.road.
  we also met hobbit/fltcom this day
  and he was really cool but he had to
  share room with black shadow who kept
  on farting 24 hours a day.poor hobbit
  (hob hob to you great pal!)!
  on thursday then we had tickets for
  the company-only days so we all got
  in as fairlight hardware members. but
  they did look curious when seeing
  that we all were only around 18-20
  years old.
  these two days we met no illegals. i
  guess they didn't get tickets for
  these two days. but the show was cool
  just enough people although it was a
  smaller show that last year. hobbit
  was walking around,showing some sam-
  ples of his graphics to some french
  companies like infogrames and ubi-
  soft and they were really impressed.
  good luck hobman!
  saturday the first day of the con-
  sumer days and the place was smacked
  with people! queues stood up to 5 kms
  away and it took almost 3 hours for
  the unlucky to get in!
  here we met cool guys like jrc and
  jr predator/blasters (of course!),
  the whole ikari-talent crew, sauron
  and garfield/illusion, jade,rooze,dmc
  icecube,tricket,karate kid/dominators
  (no dogfriend because he wasn't al-
  lowed to leave denmark by the police)
  solar and friends/f4cg,goblin/genesis
  antichrist (omg) with friends/amok
  (since this is supposed to be an ob-
  jective report i won't say what i
  think about omg but i sure don't
  count him to the 'cool' category!),
  peter vonkman/ruthless and editors of
  remark,markus wiederstein/digital
  marketing,charles deenen,for you on
  amiga, zelnik/oracle didn't show up.
  for you on 64, there wasn't anyone
  who kicked omg's asseither, but we
  had a nice chat though:
  aaron: hey! you always talk bullshit!
  omg: no,i think you always talk bull-
  aaron: oh yeah?! then why did you
         write in sex'n'crime that only
         snacky managed a 100% version
         of the german shit-game logo?!
         only snacky made a bugged ver-
         sion,almost all others cracked
         it fine!
  omg: wrong! it's the other way round!
  aaron: fuck you!
  omg: fuck you too!
  ...and here we split up...
  the show was filled with people and
  one could hardly walk for all that
  monday afternoon we went home, back
  to negrofree sweden!
  naughty things we did:
  *there were many amigas up everywhere
   and we knicked around 30 disks and a
   few of these were firstreleases.
  *strider had 10 tickets left so he
   tried to sell them outside in the
   queues but was caught by the cops.
   he stuck the tickets into his under
   pants and the cops couldn't find
   anything when they frisked him. they
   took his name and address and tore
   his ticket to pieces and was excor-
   ted off the premisis!
  *goblin,the blasters and me took a
   lot of pictures of all the girls in
   the stands (check cccp!) and goblin
   and jr predator took pictures of
   eachother when killing children's
   balloons with a needle! haha!
  *79,oxford street,wine bar, was where
   we spent our evenings drunk like
   hell and i've never seen so much
   niggers before! the music was cool,
   hip hop and such good stuff... but
   the worst thing was that the white
   girls preferred the black guys! when
   we asked them to dance, they said
   'fuck off' and then went to some
   niggers and started talking!
  everywhere white girls - black guys!
  urk! anyway the last day i managed
  to puke (some others too, i think!)
  this reminds of a story i heard that
  sauron and garfield also managed to
  puke all over richie's car! anyway
  the last evening we went out from the
  pub for some fresh air, but we were
  not let in again because we were too
  drunk... then istvan/red sector (now
  fairlight) started calling them
  'bloody niggers' and just begged for
  trouble but nothing happened and we
  weren't let in!
  on our way home we took a piss at
  oxford street (maybe a pic in cccp!).

   we carded two sega megadrives and
   two atari lynxes... they're really
   cool, especially the sega drive
   (warmly recommended!).

   eces report written by aaron/flt


  the tat-party in innsbruck/austria

  date : friday the 2nd november to
         sunday the 4th november

  entrance fee : ats 70  (about
                  dm 10   7 dollar)
  you have to pay in one of these
  currencies !

  + girls get in for free

  + address shown on a map, but you
    can meet tat-members on certain
    times at the main station

  these times are

  friday 9am 11am 1pm 3pm 5pm 9pm 10pm
  sat    3am  6am 9am 12pm 5pm 9pm the main station in innsbruck !

  + food and drink supply at or near
    the party (own bar-mixer)

  + a big sleeping room available

  + video room (bring vhs-videos)

  + space for 150-200 people

  + 5 minutes to the city

  for invitation or more infos write

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