Mamba 12 ch02 The Interview

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             the interview

  we are sorry that we can offer you
  just only one interview this time.
  pyle, the interviewer of the us-part
  has sent the finished interview with
  phantasm/destiny, but for any reason
  only god and the post knows this
  sheet never arrived at the mamba<-

  we are sorry, therefor to offer you
  only the european-interview, but
  with a famous programmer...
  remember 'flimbo's quest'???....

  interview with laurens van der donk:

  m: mamba

  l: laurens


  m: hi laurens, would you mind to
     introduce shortly yourself to the

  l: well, ok. my name is laurens van
     der donk, i'm 19 years of age. i
     live in a dutch city called
  l: my prospects are to code flimbo's
     quest part 2 (ah,click!) and my
     interrest is always to get lots
     of girls.

  m: tell us, when did it all start for
     you? i mean your interrest in
     computing, did you firstly start
     in 'boys without brains'?

  l: mh, that was 4 years ago. i star-
     ted in the group hotline for a
     very short period and afterwards
     moved to the boys without brains.

  m: was flimbo's quest the first game
     you wrote?
  l: yes, the first complete i must
     say, anyway, yes my first and

  m: what will come after flimbo now?
     the successor is planned, have you
     further plans? how will flimbo 2
     look like?

  l: i started already with flimbo's
     quest 2 and i'm busy with learning
     on the amiga. i think that after
     flimbo 2 i will gonna start with
     my first amiga game.
     how flimbo 2 will look like is a

  m: nowadays people code a game fastly
     they don't care how it looks like,
     they only see the money they earn.
     what do you think about that and
     do you wanna have the 64 kept
     alive because you are not a guy
     like those or is it simply fun
     that keeps you coding on that

  l: right! i'm doing a game because it
     is fun to do. i can't program for
     money, because it takes a long
     time to finish a game. so if you
     have to work 6 months without fun
     and just do it for the money i
     think you will go mad.
  m: some groups have cracked very fast
     what took you many work,what do
     you think? the first versions that
     came up were tape versions, the
     disc version was well protected by
     mario van zeist i heard, are you
     as angry as mario about the crack
     going around, what does a coder of
     such a game think?

  l: i'm getting well pissed with
     crackers who crack games very
     fast! a lot of games are sold
     royalty based. the programmers
     lose a lot of money! i agree with
     mario van zeist.

  m: do you work especially for system
     three or are you independent? do
     they pay you well for your job?
     what did the single people get for
     their work on flimbo, can you give
     us numbers?

  l: i'm a freelancer for system three.
     it's very difficult to give you
     numbers because it depends on how
     good the game is selled.

  m: are you familiar with the scene
     today and in the old days? to whom
     do you have still contact, who are
     your best friends? what did you
  l: i did some simple demos for the
     boys without brains. i don't know
     anything of the hackers out there
     at the moment. i also don't have
     contacts to swap with, because i
     just don't want to.
     my best friends are: jacco van't
     riet, mario van zeist, arthur van
     jole, reyn ouwehand, dave hogen-
     dorf,(miriam and renate zondag)

  m: what are your hobbies beside com-

  l: i watch a lot of video-movies,
     fitness, drinking, going out and
  m: do you have a girl friend?(if yes,
     how does she bear your work on the
     computer?,if not: what should she
     be like?)

  l: i don't have a girl friend at the
     moment. i would like to have a
     girl with long blond hair, who
     likes prince, doing a lot of sport
     and who is friendly to me and to
     my friends (renate zondag is such
     a girl).

  m: yo, talking about your favorites,
     what are they...

  l: food - shoarma, steak and fries
            of course

     drink- beer, lot of beer, beer!

     music- prince, stevie u, cock
            robin and madonna

     movie- prayer for the dying, no
            way out, stake out, willow
            and batman

     land - (holidays) spain,australia

     others are: i like to fly and rea-
     ding good reviews about flimbo!

  m: what is it that really could piss
     you off? (don't dare saying any-
     thing about this interview!!!)

  l: that there are people who don't
     like flimbo, haha.

  m: ok, laurens. where can people meet

  l: at my house probably, in venlo
     (sometimes) or at the dockside in

  m: thank you laurens for the inter-
     view. if you wanna greet somebody
     feel free to do so now...

  l: hmm, let's see: hi to mark cale
     (producer of flimbo), jacco van't
     riet (graphics flimbo 2), arthur
     van jole (graphics flimbo 2),
     adrian cale (system 3 p.r.),
     renate zondag (because she is so
     pr....), mario van zeist (bamboo
     man), miriam zondag (jacco's girl
     friend), stauros fasoulas (he's
     back in business) and you gotcha,
     for doing this interview. bye!
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