Mamba 12 ch01 News and Rumours

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  news & rumours

  + no fucking lamers (nfl) are back.
    gigolo, who also owns a vmb-system,
    brought nfl back to business.

  + malibu, slight, spirit, chouans
    jity, stinger, mig and milius left
    transcom and built a new group
    called red october. after some days
    malibu rejoined transcom and the
    rest of red october joined genesis.

  + matrix was kicked out of tsm.

  + unifier (x-censor) joined flash.

  + sting and maniac of paramount got
    visited by he cops, although they
    didn't find anything, they stopped.

  + crazy got a new member, he calls
    himself jack (the ripper).

  + the new american group random was
    built up by pudwerx/atc, cure/xds
    blue devil/atc and stormbringer/xds
    as a consequence atc is dead.
    they are trading with dominators
    and illusion.

  + exodus is still alive though,
    skreemer rejoined xds.

  + electrode is genesis' latest hacker
    from the states.

  + brainbombs is a new german group,
    the origin of most of the members
    is still unknown.

  + jedi(x-legend) rebuilt his old
    group triumph.

  + jack daniels and 3dk left atg and
    joined paramount, the corruption
    will be released by paramount now.

  + paramount got a new cracker who
    maintains to be a former 'elite'
    member called paralax.

  + the new relax-magazine will be
    released by alphaflight on the next
    venlo-meeting. level 99 did the

  + charles deenen now works for the
    american softwarecompany interplay/
    electronic arts.
    he also was asked by the warner
    brothers to do some remixes on his

  + extasy dropped nei and is now
    trading with destiny.

  + the bit bandit(x-fbr) is back, he
    built up a new group. (dbx)

  + the wanderer got fined for blue
    boxing. (1000 dollar)

  + the recently rebuilt survivors are
    dead again, scatterbrain joined tsm
    but was kicked already out after
    some days.

  + bronx and slasher have been kicked
    out of x-ray.

  + the silver surfer/hotline is back,
    after some days he joined manowar.

  + ninja (x-gp) quit the c64 scene and
    concentrates on the amiga.

  + topper joined excalibur.

  + robocop is the latest legend-member
    from belgium.

  + a new magazine, called headlines,
    will be released soon, some of
    their editors are excell/i+t,
    cure/random, gene/ils, crumbsucker
    and some more.

  + style was forced to leave extasy.

  + in the last issue we wrote that
    inc had a comeback with the release
    'where in the time is carmen s.' !
    but is was only a recrack of the
    mirage version, which came out one
    day before. the recrack was done
    by the canadian rich(x-survivors),
    who is no mirage member, but wants
    to be one.

  + the disintegration (xds/crazy/dom-
    bbs) was back up for some days but
    was finally taken down.

  + jihad left action.

  + suckpipe (coming from england),
    watchman(x-rebels), harlekin and
    the wild one are the latest
    fairlight members.

  + pompom was kicked out of trc.

  + culture plans to release the
    magazine-games under the 'twente'-
    label. (named after the dutch
    soccer-club twente enschede)

  + ghost(x-flt) joined crusade.

  + radwar decided to do a radwar-party
    only once a year after the small
    succes with the last party(v5)

  + airwolf germany/action got caught
    by the cops,they didn't find any

  + laxity/mon joined vibrants.
    vibrants consist of 5 members all
    in all.

  + starion is presumed dead. some of
    them, accept and zenox, formed a
    new group called amnesia.

  some euro-groups got new us-hq, some
  changed, so here are the most
  important so far...

  + disk shoppe     nec/nei/lords/crazy

  + point of entry  transcom/demonix

  + mystic cavern   censor/culture

  + k-mart          brainbombs/destiny

  + banned...usa    destiny

  + wallstreet      extasy/culture

  + never never land  extasy/i+t

  + vikings citadel   fairlight/s451

  + forum             random/(ils?)

  + warez unlimited   f4cg/nato

  + super conductor   extasy

  + garden of eden    atg

  + wildside          paramount/ddt

  + hit'n'run         random/dominators

  here some more news...

  + artline designs is dead after some
    weeks of democoding.

  + as a consequence of atc's death,
    the ils+atc coop is over.

  + lotus, who stopped their activities
    some months ago, plans a comeback
    for the winter-season, members will
    be yeti, axiom, deejay and some

  + the barber/destiny quit the scene.
    (due to his monitor broke down)

  + crest got a new member. his handle
    is brok, he owns a modem.
    scorpie left crest to join w.o.w.

  + zone 45 built up a bbs. call end-
    less dream on XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  + also rizing built up a modemline
    by thier new member called midnight
    mover. the board number is:

  + dcs was rebuilt by parson (dcs on
    amiga), nemesis (former dom-member)

  + metal/bonzai, scortia/x-factor,
    zonix/x-factor and the dude who
    wrote the music for hotshot iss.4
    built the musicgroup'rhythm nation'

  + hotshot won't be produced by wot

  + bonzai plans to release lethal news

  + baal and midas got kicked out of

  + the deadline for the highscore
    demo-competition is/was the 1.11.90

  for your latest news call our vmb


       or write to


    or call magicman/crazy


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