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again it is time to present crazy's disc-magazine mamba no 9  ! as usual we tried to entertain you with news and articles almost concerning computer ! also this time i don't want to miss to greet all our friends,who helped us with the mag... hero's and heroinesof the month are trc+tbi, dom, i+t, censor, flt, gp, bml, cosmos designs, cosmos, fresh, legend,afl+p, htl, class, transcom, crest, vibrants, magmagics, ald, xds, nec, atc, napalm, illusion, x-ray, f4cg, light, nato, excalibur, demonix, full force, origo, the force and the masses i can'tremember, sorry !! if you like this magazine amd you want to give any kind of feedback, then do not hesitate and write to the mamba staff plk <censored> 5000 koeln 1 west-germany l8a dudes ! gotcha, magic man and me (tycoon) signing off  !!!

Chapter 01 - News and Rumours
Chapter 02 - The Interview
Chapter 03 - Reports
Chapter 04 - The Charts
Chapter 05 - Hits and Flops
Chapter 06 - Announces
Chapter 07 - A Little Comic
Chapter 08 - Different Things
Chapter 09 - Besides Computing

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