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 news and rumours
 - wwe is not dead as most people
   thought. they released some cracks
   and demos lately.

 - the ms 2000 is dead.

 - some guys of megabod joined soldiers

 - bocaderf/yankees will release a game
   called "depressed" under the double
   density label.

 - beastie boys and yankees made a coop
   peration for cracks only.

 - goblin/genesis stole the original of
   "cabal" at the transcom/fairlight
   party from yankees.

 - stinger left transcom and joined
   genesis project.

 - jity left babygang and joined

 - atom is on modem soon. maybe they
   will open a bbs.

 - slide (ex-duplex)joined orion

 - thrash is dead. freddy joined sodom.

 - moskwa tv is in several groups.
   vortex (one of these groups) made a
   nazi game.

 - megastyle is going to arrange a copy
   party in the early summer of 1990
   together with shadows and full force
   party place will be bergen/norway.
   there shall be 450 - 500 people.

 - fact is, that zeron did not join
   censor as we wrote in our firsr
   issue (sorry!).

 - doughnut cracking service is not
   dead neither.

 - noone left censor, but fact is, that
   some censor-members formed paragon
   a long time ago.

 - there will be a shadows/coolex party
   in norway in february 1990. for an
   invitation write to acid/coolex.

 - t-bird/killers left the scene.

 - flash inc. and byterapers tried to
   start a cooperation, but they failed

 - fun/reaction, enjoy and another fbr-
   dude joined depredators.

 - lynx/shadows is planning to leave
   the scene, and he will only make
   music for prosonix. he might start
   on amiga aswell.

 - entrait/coolex left the scene.

 - tsk/australia wants to start a new
   mag called $wold news#.

 - wave and flaoman (ex-orion) joined

 - the war between orion and goldfish
   of legend goes on.

 - tat wants to start anothe mag called
   "noway-the mirror of the scene".

 - some acid members joind legend.

 - brand-x austria and brand-x germany
   made a fusion.

 - wild boys are not dead. only some
   austrians joined ahead###also dead!!

 - the future boys got a new label:
   the leaders.

 - twilight/titan joined united artists

 - anvil did not join unit 5. he only
   thought about joining them.

 - x-large is dead.

 - the force got a new member called
   "zartan". he is a graphician.

 - joker/future concepts changed his
   name into kronos.

 - dean (ex-zoids) joined acid.

 - the cfa will release a mag called
   "immortal flash".

 - nightshadow (ex-act 501) joined cfa.
 - micro joined zoom.

 - big fos joined tetragon.

 - tlw of illusion wants to sell his

 - some of shades formed $accept#.

 - defcon (ex-trc) joined fbr.

 - jacky (ex-ahead) wants to build up a
   new group called "the brave"
   together with some ex-aheaders.

 - unitrax (ex-shape) joined shadows.

 - the shadows have a music group
   called digital delight. tornado is
   making musci on omega s. editor.

 - full force has got a new member from
   asia (which is dead now) called

 - came and make were kicked out of

 - all royzexer were also kicked out of
   lazer and joined manowar.

 - slayer (ex-ahead) stopped computing.

 - sky of amplifier was caught by the
   cops. they found all adresses.

 - agarie of ex-ahead was caught by the

 - the elf of wwe joined cheyens.

 - merlin changed his name and joined

 - axxis is dead.

 - lazer opened a bbs together with

 - waran (?) left wot and joined g%p.
 - the horizon party date shall be
   13th - 16th april 1990.

 - speedy of f4cg belgium quits nearly
   all kind of swapping for a while. he
   wants to concentrate 100 percen on
   the game ha and the rebel do for
   bytes in trouble, but perhaps he
   will be back after that.

 - bytes in trouble sold their first
   game called declem to double density
   the game is hardly different to the
   prev. they gave out times ago. music
   was done by markus schneider of

 - the dacota industries plan to make
   a x-mas cooperation demo and want
   other groups to cooperate with. for

 - the arc-studios plan to make their
   first strike to the demoscene.

 - the ex-wot and zeb euro-section con-
   fused everybody. after leaving
   defence they first joined f4cg, left
   again, built abyss, failed and as
   oli confirmed they are now in again
   in f4cg. the australian-section
   still forms the warriors of time 447

 - rebel of f4cg declares, that triad
   has recracked an old utility called
   "dir. master" which was originally
   cracked by the warriors of wasteland
   where the rebel belonged to times

 - dualis is now under control of
   action and alpha flight.g'hardy of
   dualis told us that action and afl
   check out all dualis' game trainers,
   because they think exitor/dualis has
   stolen them from x-rays cracks.

 - viper designs' last amiga members
   look for a cool group to join.

 - transcom lost many memebrs. unknow
   is mainly on atari st now.

 - meagastyle inc. (msi) joined amok.
   fate/baboons joined amok aswell.

 - the baboons are back.

 - imagine of genesis stopped computing
   as he lost all interest.

 - genesis will soon make their own
   magazin called "endemic". it's the
   sequel to raistlin's "rough ground".

 - bud was kicked out of contex.

 - derek b. left censor again and
   joined action.

 - tronic/asia did $not# join genesis.

 - twp was kicked out of action and
   joined nato.

 - the nukebusters are not dead.only
   the german members stopped. the
   members in new zealand are still
   going like always.

 - jch is not a member of danish design
   but vibrants/amok. he is just a good
   friend of excell.

 - marxist (ex-dust) were kicked out of
   x-ray after only a few days.

 - not contex but quality found the re-
   crackers of their code "the last
   fight". according to mighty fast
   (ex-ionix) it was action who spread
   the recrack as original.

 - sphire joined success.

 - nemesis (ex-dominators) joined the
   ikari%talent cooperation.

 - a new group called "respect" is born

 - run dmc and ricky d. (now punisher)
   of vision joined baboons.

 - there will be a copy party in udine/
   italy held by b.c.t. on the 27th and
   28th of january 1990.

 - venom industries is now a label of

 - mr.fantasy/skaters joined nasty

 - relax has a new member in france
   called $murphy#.

 - brainkiller/atrix-bd will do modem-
   trading from january on.

 - success has got a new member called

 - syndicate of dynamix was caught.

 - tim/baboons and bronx/defence were
   caught, too.

 - x-ray has only 2 members actually.

 - tankard/illusion and a guy from
   action joined nato.

 - tj-lazer of x-ray joined lotus.

 - doyle of thrash quitted all illegal

 - crazy and lotus made a cooperation,
   which counts for cracks only and not
   for demos and $mamba#.

 - legion is dead. some members started
   a new group called "looc". a few
   weeks later, looc died and andy capp
   and express joined process.

 - scoop designs ltd. consists of 7
   members: erik, peter, hein, ton

   dave, patrick and reyn.

 - scoop is also working on a game
   called "fight for freedom".

 - there will be a x-rated party in
   frankfurt/w.germany in january 1990.

 - "artline designs" is a new legal
   grafix-team formed by apollyon and
   flex of contex. you can order grafix
   for games, demos ect.

 - rygar of x-ray stopped cracking. he
   wants to produce a game.

 - a new group in the states wants to
   rock the scene: $excalibur#.

 - some bad news for all illusion fans:
   gene wants to quit modem-trading,
   because the last 2 phonebills were
   too high (1100 and 700 dollars).
   illusion still goes on modemtrading
   with exodus, but gene will concen-
   trate on mailtrading.

 - we have to correct a mistake of the
   last issue: jr/organic is not in
   cosmos design.

  - fbr (usa) is dead! some of 'em
    started a new group called intense

  - the sensei/nec wont come back !
    after he's back from the hospital
    his parents wont him to come back,
    that's why they sold his computer.

  - tri-dos sold all his hardware and
    he stopped all activities on the
    computer (also amiga!)

  - it seems that rico/hotline is back
    after a break of more than 10 weeks

  - taskmaster joined syndicate after
    swan song got busted.

  - steel/success founded a legal music
    group called megablast.

  - as we have heard from different
    people, the blackmail/solar party
    was lame.

  - swan song is back!(remeber: he got
    busted becoz he used a backdoor of
    a bank to start conferences). he
    got visited by the cops, but he was
    lucky and he needn't pay anything.
    he'll put his board back soon.
 yo dudes,
 these were all news for this month.
 please remeber: you have surely read
 some $rumours# too, so don't blame us
 if we made some mistakes. that's life.
 get your ass kicked and send us your
 news and rumours. send to:

             mamba red.

 until next month!!! byebye!

                     $the mamba stuff#
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