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mixed                              iopop
another chapter to fill up with bull,
just because you need to read anything
that you can complain about!

no, don't take these words too hard but
sometimes i start to think if i'm
insane when i'm sitting here typing all
these letters which after a while will
have a meaning. instead of this slave
work i could have been out in the sun or
visiting a computer pal and watch the
latest demos. hahaha....

        OVER 200 SWAPPERS, MUCH?

when i read the charts in the
TRIBUNE, issue#46. i saw that they
where very proud over the big swapper-
chart they had. which included over 200
swappers. even i was there!

well, i think A-HEAD had the "record"
which they made for one year ago. but
they made the same thing.

they counted every one that got some

if i would let everyone which have one
point enter the charts then we would
have a chart with over 300 swappers!

but now when you must have atleast 11
points to enter the charts we just have
around 100 places and isn't that enough?

i want to give a big HI to the tribune
staff which had the strenght to type the
big chart, its a real slave work.

even this time i can't leave my hands
from the "WAR" between the tribune and
the pulse. arguments like "we have more
addies in our mag and that makes us
better!" is one of the most immature
things i ever heard in my whole life.

i've said it before and i have to say it


               IN MEMORIAM



              * 4 june 1982

             + 8 august 1993

  one year have gone, since the swedish
        superpower-dream crashed.
a year without grief and without missing
   one year of hard work for our dear
minister of defence björck, which always
  holds up to describe the jas-success.

    jas, though you never were needed
   you finally made us proud over you,
     the only airplane in the world
     which could land on långholmen.

(jas - the world's most expensive bomb!)

today sweden is investing 41 billions a
year on the swedish army. although all
experts has the same opinion (even the
leaving öb, bengt gustafsson) that there
ain't no military threat against sweden.

and then the politics say that they dont
know what to do to decrease the swedish
national debt.

 in a war i never could have killed you!

                 *  *  *
                *   *   *
                *  ***  *
                * * * * *
                 *  *  *


schizophrenia is an psychic illness that
no doctor have any clue why it exists.
anyway some major things with schizo-
phrenia is that you'll get a splitted
person. and for the society you are a
dude that it's hard to get in contact
with. and if we convert this to the
scene what will we get then? a NORMAL

 well, not 100% correct but i believe
that you sometimes have felt antisocial
and very splitted just because of your
scene work. (or am i alone of this

 anyway here is a list of things that
you'd better check out.

 you have gone too far when...

     you for the 5th weekend in a row
    sit infront of the computer and
    you say no when a friend ask you if
    you want to go to a party with

     you'r teacher asks why you haven't
    read the homework and you answer by
    saying that you had 2 discs of
    originals that you just had to

     you're smarter than your computer
    teacher. (which actually isn't TOO
    hard to be.)

     you're on holiday and on the 2nd
    day buy DATORMAGAZIN just because
    you must read something about

     you call an old friend and he ask:
    who are you?

     the shop assistant in your local
    shop ask you why you buy so much
    glue, after been there 3 times a
    week for some weeks, you say
    stamps are not free.

     someone have traced you for not
    paying the tv-license and when they
    come home to you, you say that you
    don't watch tv, you just use it for
    your computer.

     you for the 3rd time in a short
    while comes too late to work/school
    and have the good excuse that you
    JUST had to watch through the oxyron

     they ask you if you know why the
    telephone bill is so high, and you
    say that it isn't free to make calls
    to the states.

     you clean your room for the first
    time in some years and you find
    several discs with unreleased demos/

     you start to think in english.

 aren't we all having a wonderful life?
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