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reply to "antic saga"              tchad

 i was very surprised when i first layed
    my eyes on the little article in
reformation issue 9 called "antic saga".
   especially when the author himself
        (depeh/antic productions)
   kept claiming that friendship rules
   and all his aggressions were gone.

  i couldn't interprete this article in
any other way than an attack against jam
  and our friends. the shit talk about
 jam being a bunch of farmers is just a
     proof of depeh's prejudices and
  ignorance (it must be hard to live up
 to those big city ideals when you live
   in skövde). yes, we do live in the
  countryside but none of us (as far as
   i know) is a farmer and even if we
  were, we shouldn't be ashamed of it.
 why rag on us again when you claim that
      you have dropped it? is that

 now to the real story;

       it was autumn 1991 and jam
    decided to have a small party in
 lundsbrunn. an amiga group called trash
 80 fixed the amiga people and we called
 around and posted on the swedish boards
  about our party. antic and some other
   groups showed up on the c64 and we
   were really happy to have such cool
  guys visiting us. we even gave them a
  private room. at the last day of this
  party when everyone was packing down
     their equipment, some jam guys
 discovered that some of their disks, an
 original geos and an action replay were
    stolen. we were sad about it but
 there was nothing to do about it as we
   didn't know who stole it. some days
    later we called around to hear if
  someone got our stuff by mistake.. we
 got ragged down on some boards when we
    tried to find the truth. suddenly
  creeper who was in flash at that time
wrote that he had an ar mk iii, geos and
  some loosy disks for sale.. we didn't
  tell anyone that it was an ar mk iii
          that had been stolen.
   it had to be him. maybe he did it,
  maybe not.. but it's pretty stupid of
him to write that he stole it,even if he
                did not.

       some more time passed an we
   got more ragged down on the swedish
    boards.. some of the most active
   aggressors were creeper, jordan and
  savage. it became january 1992 and we
   released our first mega demo called
    'unlimited limits' where we wrote
fuckings to these guys in the demo note.
now they got really angry and dragged in
 some more people by telling lies about
   us to them. it went on with strange
  and lame phonecalls where they wanted
 us to apologize  for writing fuckings.
   they terrorized our board dreamline
 several times and logged in under other
   peoples handle. we wrote an apology
 note to savage as he seemed to be quite
    reasonable and a nice guy when we
  talked to him over the phone, but not
 to the others as they kept slagging on
  us. antic members wrote shit about us
 in demos, and in some magazines and so
  on but we ignored it as we got pretty
   tired of them. we stopped to defend
  ourselves and it all slowly ended up
              in nothing...

   now, three years has passed and the
  wounds between the groups was almost
  healed.. but then depeh strikes again
 by calling us kids, farmers and so on.
   depeh, of course you could tell the
 scene about that we had a war once upon
   a time but there was absolutely no
 reason for slagging on us now! we don't
  want a war - neither do you guys, so
   why don't we just forget about the
  whole thing? or we will have it ended
             in our own way.

     so, how about it depeh? you are
  personally responsible for this late
attack. you are about to decide, friend-
              ship or not.

      ps. we don't judge people for
      their home-town's population.

      pps. and therefore you should
           be lucky

      yours: tchad/jam with friends


 hey, you've got to hide your love away!
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