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backside                           iopop
once again we bring you a chapter where
we expose the backside of our vote-
sheets. though i had some help from some
notes this time. to be honest i got the
idea to this chapter after i read
SKYHIGH's perfect spread the word.

              - -- --- -- -

 ALBION DEZIGN is searching for good and
talented megaswappers (min 40 contax).
if you are interested then write to:






    don't waste your time, write now!

              - -- --- -- -

 POWERAGE is searching for 2 talented
coders. if you are interested contact


               --- --- ---



 it's FATUM's game section. need game?
try us!! you can also write to nephelim,
grabe or techno's addy. we promise you
high-quality: games with good ideas,
great code, amazing gfx and nice music.
check out our prducts!

              - -- --- -- -

 REACTOR PRODUCTIONS (game producing
team) is about to expand: we need an
extra graphician, so if you are good in
making fullscreen pictures, animate
sprites and so on, then send examples



 we are also interested in hearing from
others who are making games.

              - -- --- -- -



 ELECTRIC BOYS is searching of talented
coders, gfxers and musicians to join
them and to code games together with
them. some games are already finished
like CASHMAN for example. and they are
going to code FLASHBACK for c64.
therefore contact IRONFIST/ELECTRIC BOYS
at this addy.


 AVANTGARDE is releasing sum nice cracks
lately and one of them was lemon blues.

 while i was playing this game and
enjoying the zax, the light of my drive
caught my eye, at first i thought it was
an error but no, it flashed in the
"rhythm" of tha zax. see 4 yerself if
ya don't belive me. but i think it's a
great effect/gadget made by the coders.
see ya!
                        NRG/PANIC DESIGN

 well, after i read this text i directly
got in my mind that i sometime during my
years of computing had read how to
control the drive led. so i took some
old "datormagazin" and started to read.
and when i came to the second mag i
found the little article.

 what you do is that you change bit 3
on address $1c00 in the 1541!



dear readers,

 i (pussyrider/escape) am going to build
up a federation called "computerfreaks
against nazis and extremists" for simply
one reason: read the next few lines and
you'll understand.

martin niemoller was a protestant priest
who watched hitler raise to power as
thow he was a member of the audience.

in 1944 as a prisoner in the nazi-death-
camp in dachau he wrote the following:

 "in germany they came for the commu-
nists, and i didn't speak up because i
wasn't a communist.

 then they came for the jews, and i
didn't speak up because i wasn't a jew.

 then they came for the trade-unionists,
and i didn't speak up because i wasn't a

 then they came for the catholies, and i
didn't speak up because i was

 then they came for me, and by that time
nobody was left to speak up."

     martin niemoller, protestant priest
                            dachau, 1944

 nobody, should tell me that i belong to
those who didn't speak up. some months
ago i started to print a text about this
on every envelope of my outgoing-mail.
and i got a few positive reactions (no
bad ones!). someone asked me: "is there
an anti-nazi organisation? send me info.
i wanna join!"

this was the reason for building up this
federation. by the way, it was founded
in july '94 and at the moment i'm the
only member. i hope that i can welcome
you to the federation soon.

 if you want to support this idea and
join the federation then don't hesitate
and write to the following address:



              - -- --- -- -

            yohoo outthere,

note which doesn't concern the scene,at-
least not the 64 scene... i would like
to get in touch with more people who are
active/intrested in graffity... i'm sure
the 64 scene offers quite some writers,
although i am only in contact with a few
being:NEOTEC/rebels/f4cg (hi michael,you
have always the coolest flicks),SPECTA-
ROR/xenon (str/made),FADE/dragon/rave
(supr/?),MERLIN/motiv8 (dingo/?) and
that's it... i know more people are en-
volved,like SAVVY/xenon (sav/made),STASI
of noice,REBEL/? (oz-dude) and whoever
else... i'm active myself,ofcoz,i'm in a
group which is originally based in rot-
terdam (roughadam),holland. all members
live close to r'dam,except for me.i have
also been active under another dutch
crew named VSL,perhaps some guys know it
from flicks or whatever... my tag is REM
at the mo',but i changed a lot,but i'm
planning to keep this one...

 well,i would like to get it touch with
more guys to talk about experiences,tra-
de flicks (graffity-photo's) and even-
tually form a new crew later on,if i get
enough response...

for those who feel intrested,please send
some stuff to me at the following addy:

      SPLATTERHEAD/<C> (n.o.e.!)


 o.k.,i hope to get some reaction and i
hope some people are willing to help me
out with spreading this or putting this
in their mag (yo BIZKID?btw,i forgot you
in the row,sorry)... thanx in advance!

   later and take care of yourselves!


 yes,it's accept again.
and this time with a quite serious note
to you all! (seroius?)
as the title of this note already says:
it's a note against the airwolfteam.
we in accept think that it is time to
give you some FACTS about the incredible
airwolf=team of the 1.8.1988 blabla!

first of all we have to declare war with
the airwolf-team.
and the sceond thing is that we'd like
to warn you all not to swap with ANY
awt member.

 it all started when they attacked ned
of accept only becourse he is/was a
friend of master s.
but as we definately were not interested
in doing a childish war we simply did
not react.

 then someone wrote an anti-note against
the awt.it was signed under the nane
of master s. ...and again this fag-group
started slamming on ned as they still
think it was him.but we in accept
still did not react on this crap.but
they weren't satisfied.

 then we had a little time without any
crap from them becourse these children
found a new opponent.
they started a war against bronx.

 hm,anyhow this war ended quite fast as
bronx seems to have a brain...and that's
surely the biggest weappon against the

 finally they returned to their old path
and started slamming on accept again.
they got some fake-releases from
'the airwolf-team of the 1,7,1988'

 and again started telling everybody
that it they were done by dusty and ned.
but we in accept can give you all a
100% promise that they told shit.

 hmm,we think the airwolf team is really
angry because we did not react to all
their doings so far.

 then ned/acp got a call from lightside
if he'd like to swap with him again.
as kind as ned is he admited.
but the fart-knocker lightside said at
the end he'll give his addy to the post
in case of cheating.

 and so ned/acp did not send to him.
after that ned/acp had one contact in
the airwolf-lame left....named courage.
he is the reason why we start this war.

 ned/acp send out to him with a cheated
sending and courage gave the addy to the
post.yes,the sending was cheated....but
courage cheats himself and never gave
ned the advice not to cheat.

 at one of the next days ned/acp had to
go to the post.arrivied there the post
told him that his cheating will have bad
consequences.we will not explain the
consequences deatailed here.

 but one thinggy they told him was
that he was not caught becourse of his
'lame' cheating.a dude in rellingen
(courage) gave them his original addy.
that was the only reason why the post
was able to accuse ned.

 we guess now you all understand our
anger against the airwolf-lame.
but ofcourse this is not the end of this

 later the week ned/acp got a call from
on the phone courage told him with
a laugh that it was him who gave the
addy to the post.

 ned/acp just replied that this will
have sure consequences for the awt.
10 minutes later he got a call from
thunderblade/awt just to tell him that
they are not guilty for all what has
happend and that we in accept were
always slamming on the airwolf team.
he also claimed that ned/acp told bitter
lies about them everywhere.

 he said that this was only fair of
courage to give ned's addy to the post.

 this is surely the most stupid thing
we in accept have ever heard.
then the awt started gettin' on our
nerves the next days as they called
up ned,dusty and quevis.
they even called up quevis at 3.30 am!!
we think that it is really important
for you all to know how the awt really
is like.

 most airwolf-team members surely will
give the addy of a cheater to the post.
lightside already admitted this on the

we just can give you the friendly advice
not to swap with any awt-member anymore.
it would also be kind of you not to
spread awt-releases anymore.

in case that you like to help us against
the airwolf-lame of the 1.8.1988 you
are able to join the:
    'airwolf-team abolishing youth'

 aay-memberstatus 15.8.1994:

wayne,sinister,animal,and quevis of
fireball/x-line,master s/excess and
syntax of cream.
this action group has just been found
some hours ago...so don't expect
too many members so far.

 some more facts about the awt:

  -sly/awt tells the lie around that
   master s tried to knock him down.

  -the awt released a freezed version
   of stunt car racer some time ago
   with an intro dome with a maker
   from w.o.d.!
   (mega-versions or what??)

  -lightside/awt votes for himself.

  -the awt visited master s with a
   bunch of members just to prove their
   power.(no comment)

 hey,don't think that we did not try
to avoid this war.

 we invited courage/awt to the accept
party-meting 3 to make things clear.

 we tried our best not to get involved
in a war...but they did one step to

 we think that the scene is just a kind
of hobby and that it should not
influence your live.

 but the awt caused a punishment for one
of our members which may cause to pay
money or even a trail.

 always remember: you can run but cannot
hide..one day we'll get you...
we hope to be on your burial soon.

 if you wanna join the aay write to:


or if you don't wanna waste a disc call:
        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   (ned)

    or leave an e=mail on rebel*yell

       it's time to kill...now!

               e     = -1
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