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reactions                          iopop
once again the reactions will have a
place in jamaica. it's always fun to
read them. don't matter if they are
negative or positive. as long as some-
one reacts means that we aren't perfect,
which means that we can improve some
more, which means that we can be even
better! :-)

              - -- --- -- -

what about jamaica?

 eh, quite cool. but i think that the
textarea is too small. the rest is cool,
so just improve the textarea size and
keep your quality.


 thanx for your positive reaction.
though there is a nearly impossilbe to
know what you exactly mean. if you mean
that the text on the screen is too small
then you are right. that will be changed
next time, as a new outfit will come.

                 - -- -

 moin! well, jamaica 10 was nice again
though i belive the previous issue was
more interesting to read, god knows why?
hey, the intro was cool! hm, i think
that's all, go on write your mag in any
cases... see ya.


 well, why stop? i don't have any reason
for that. strange that you liked #9 more
than #10, but everyone is diffrent.

                 - -- -

 cool outfit and very good articles.
very nice votesheet. jamaica is a cool


 thanx! always nice to read such
reactions. they are the only payment we
get for all our work.

                 - -- -

 dear staff, your mag is very good, but
what did you think about a iffl linker
system with fastloader? and maybe can
you use more chapters.


 hehe, the first time i read this
reaction i got the idea that diamond
were selling iffl linkers! it really
sounded like in the commercial for any
washing powder. anyhow, iffl is probably
the best thing to use in a mag. as it
results in better crunch/pack-rates.
hm, about more chapters. the next outfit
will be formed so you don't need to have
a set vaule of chapters. but more
chapters will also mean shorter ones.

                 - -- -

 hallo... nice idea with the intro
(the flag i mean)  the menu is a little
boring btw... nice text, cool text about
the "elite" in mixed (i thought it was
in mixed) what about more legal charts
on da votesheet? continue this mag
                      yours,  CAT/EXCESS

 yes, the intro was cool. credit to
TCHAD for the idea. well, you just need
to watch the menu in this issue too,
later on it will be replaced by an even
more boring one! 8-d    about the legal
charts; i don't know. what do you want
to have? please, tell me. the "elite"
thing was one thing that was written by
me when i started to see how childish
everything about it really is. it's only
a hobby, god damn it!

                 - -- -

dear editors,

 issue#10 was nice once again. the most
interesting chapter was the interview!
keep it up! the new logo isn't too good.
don't waste your time with addies, news
etc... make something interesting and
orginally. do a better spreading, too.

     your reader. TROOPER/ATLANTIS/AGONY

 nice that you liked issue#10, though
it was made under big time presure.
yes, the interview was cool. but check
this issues interview with BAGDER/HZ.
well, this time i've tried to find and
write some articles that might even
intrest you too!

                 - -- -

 let me just cut the crap and give you a
real reaction, for a change.

 jamaica... yes, a nice magazine, but
i personally think not. there are only
a few mags who get my votes, but i think
voting for mags isn't easy. i can't get
more then 5 mags, who are worth the vote
and jamaica isn't one of them, it's in
the top 10 because there aren't much
decent mags (never have been?).
it indeed deserves a place in between
5 and 10, but only because not much guys
are able to produce a good mag. maybe i
expect too much from a mag, maybe i am
too hard... but it's my opinion.
MAGNESS already had "101 ways to..." and
it's just a waste of blocks! try to get
the latest news! just keep on trying and
maybe one day you are one of the top 5

 so you don't like jamaica?! hehe...
everyone has the right to have his/her
own opinion so i can't blame you for not
liking jamaica. one thing you are right
with is that there is not many GOOD mags
around. some mags in the charts have
been released for over 10 issues while
some around the same places are just on
the 2nd or 3rd issue. strange.

 well, about "101 ways....", i've just
seen magness once, so i couldn't know.
but for sure it was block filler. other-
wise why would we include it?

                 - -- -

 you're good!

 so we aren't bad?

                 - -- -

 hi iopop, thanx 4 printing my reaction,
your statement was quite short, tell me
did you agree? or was my text shit in
your eyes? tell me pleeez! all in all
jamaica is cool go on pleez....


 well, i'm sorry for not writing any
long reaction on your article. but it
was on the second day of our meeting and
i didn't get any insperation. but one
thing is sure it was not shit in my

                 - -- -

yo! ho! cool! eh!

 nice mag! enough text, nice outfit. no
more to say. keep on working!


 sure that there's nothing we can
improve? boring!

                 - -- -

 thanks for issue x, it was nice as
always. issue x was a step to the better
you have now survived 10 issues-
congratulations with that- i hope to see
ten more issues. but in issue x i missed
the cover review chapter and the cd-
review chapter - buuh!

 then i have a comment to the scener
(sorry can't remember him!) who
complained about the scene today. he
said that in the old days of the scene,
there were released much more than
today. as i haven't been in the scene
for more than approximately three years,
so i can't comment that fact as i don't
have enough experience!!

 but i have a theory! back then it was
a lot more difficult to enter the scene
mostly due to the so called elite. (have
the scene ever defined what it takes to
be elite?) but today it seems easier to
enter as it's not the cut-throat
competition of who's THE best, but it's
more friendship that counts (also what
will last longest!!).

 but a newcommer, today i guess, won't
see it as a big satisfaction if he gets
in contact with one of the top-ten
swappers in the scene.

 i think he'll see it as a bigger satis-
faction when he/she for the first time
discovers his/hers handle in the charts!
another thing with newcommers is that
most of them don't just enter the scene
and then some time after release a huge
demo. nope, they first need some
experience, and that'll take up to a
year or so.

 but to all sceners: persuade all your
friends who still owns and use a c64 to
join the scene.
                        GIGABYTE/NO NAME

 thanx for your very long reaction. once
a real reaction like in the old times!
the cd-review are expanded to a whole
chapter about synth music. hope you like
it. there is no cover-review, though :-(

 well, back to the scene thing again. i
really don't want to be mister dictator,
telling that this is the way. though i
would love to be it in real life!

 but i still think that the sceners of
today are the second, third or even the
forth generation. and because of that
SOME of us give shit about the elite

 everybody is different, so saying that
seeing yourself in the charts would give
more satisfaction then to be contacted
by a top-10 swapper, is a bit wrong to

 anyhow you have some good ideas. and
once more thanx. also thanx for the kewl
slogans. check out the one last in

 until next time i hope you all follow
GIGABYTE and write long reactions!

        am i dreaming or what??!

           dream on, dreamer!
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