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editorial                          iopop
 once again, once again we show that we
still are alive. in these days of war
and burning flesh.

 always pointing towards a new goal to
settle. never perfect and never the best
but always there to give you a bi-
monthly pleasure for your eyes and your
psychedelic mind.

 this time more delayed than ever but
what can you except after a summer like
this - too much sun, alcohol and too
little girls. you can never get enough
of them. :-)

 so now when school have started and the
autumn is hiding the last signs of this
great summer, we thought it was time for
a fresh new edition of jamaica again.

 as you might have noticed, IOPOP is on
the keys. and this time more weird than
ever before. i really looked forward to
this moment writing the editorial.

 what can we give you this time? well,
as always the usual chapters like addies
news, charts, backside and the interview
of course. especially you should check
out the interview! who is the victim
this time? i won't tell you now!

 the special chapters this time concern
different subjects like : who was JOE
why are they talking screenblankers on
USS ENTERPRISE? and also a bit about how
a typical hacker lives her/his life in

 we've also started a new project called
ASSIMILATE where we'll write about
synth. we'll try our best to cover up
anything from industry/crossover to
synthpop/techno. if you are interested
then you are always welcome to reflect
or contribute to our articles.

 i must say that i've written nearly all
chapters except for 2 ones;
the interview was made by BUNGALOW and
another chapter was made by TCHAD.

 well, better take the full credit list

code ..............................iopop
logo .......................FRENCH FLAIR
font ...........................BUNGALOW
music 1 .....................ROB HUBBARD
music 2 ...................THE ALIEN/bcd
music 3 .........................ECHO/cp

 hey, THE ALIEN, i chose 'i'm ready' as
i thought that was the best one.

 if you want to help us improve jamaica
then don't hesitate. just make a logo
tune or maybe write a small text!

 soon, when we will make a new outfit,
i'll try to use as much graphics as
possible. althogh, there are som restr-
ictions concerning music:

only single-speeded tunes are allowed
and the location must not exceed $1000-

 well, at this very moment i do not
exactly know what to write or say. i've
been unactive nearly whole summer.
the hours behind the computer can easily
be counted on both hands. but one thing
is for sure, i realized thtt the c64 is
not everything. (guess i sounds like a
saviour, but let it be that way.) and i
really don't understand what i've done
the past 2 years when i instead of going
to see friends, used the computer.

 yes, i made friends with many people
via the computer too nut the friends
here are not comparable to the ones
living nearby. my splitted mind and
claustrophobial thoughts ended up in the
article called state of schizofrenia.

 i think that all sceners must stop one
day and start to think what we really
are doing. is it worth all the time we
put infront of our computer? what are we
really getting out of it?

 i think my carreer in the scene is just
a milestone in my life. but for sure i
believe it's going to help me later in
my life as the time here have given me
new view on life and people overall.

 can you imagine a world like the scene.
it actually exists. somewhere over the
earth, a sphere which no one can see but
it really is there. and it is called the
scene. but sadly, my dreams of a whole
world constructed like this very scene
is a utopia.

 i'm very curious about the future. what
will happen? we who are in the scene are
actually a new generation of living for
youth. though there is some real oldies
in this scene too (hi gunnar!). but any
way our time in the scene must mean
something for our children and their
children and even their children too.

 imagine when they are showing old demos
from the c64 in the 22th century. what
a feeling that would be.

 another thing that we could be proud
about is the new artform we have
created. demos! well, i wasn't there
when they made the first demo but all
of you, like me, has surely made some
part of a demo sometimes and know the
feeling of a finished work.
 and by the fact that demos are free
to spread means that all people can get
hold of them. but that might be the new
age of the art where it's free to copy,
and take it home.

 another thing that will make professors
happy is all the history we've written,
and now i mean all the mags, in some
cases even demos. like the stoneage-
people created big paintings in caves
and on big rocks we are making mags.
just to save something for our coming
generations. just to show how bad
everything was when we were young? :-)
we cannot determine whether we'll make a
bad or a good impression on the
following generations, can we?

 i don't have any facts from the future,
          i just have visions!

 well, the past lines are maybe too deep
for you. but i don't care as it's what
i feel right now.

 better take a look on all the other
chapters in this issue as you won't find
much more text here.

                JAMAICA -

            a good excuse for
         not having sex tonight!
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