Jamaica 03 ch10 Elite or Not

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              elite or not

this article is fully dedicated to

he wrote a article about "elite or not?"
in the mag "world news". first i must
tell you that if someone thinks that i
want to start a war with fairlight or
enduro.then you are wrong. just read it
and get your conception.
in the last issue of world news there
was a article that enduro had written.

the he wrote some questions that you
could answer yes and no on. it was a
nice little article til a came to the
twelft question there it stood.

12 have someone in your group ever voted
   for "jam"?
of course was the answer to that
question "no".. in the end of the
article it stood.

 "if you answerd "yes" on question 12
then you are simply lame."

and that proves that my group "jam" is
fully elite. just a joke.

now must i ask you ENDURO. do you really
know why some groups dont like us??
i bet you dont.. if you want to know
than you can send MAC a little letter
and he will answer your questions.

do you know that you got a ex-JAM member
in your "elite" crew.he is RED DEVIL.he
and MAC won the music compo. in aars.
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do you also know that MAC and TJOST was
asked to join our group FAIRLIGHT.

so i think that we dont can call us lame
well, we maybe dont are so producive.but
how many groups in this scene have made
3 demos with at least 6 parts each??

now i hope you ENDURO have learnd some-
thing. you cant write anything without

this "lame" chapter was written by the
"lame" IOPOP from the "lame" group JAM
in the "lame" mag JAMAICA.
                     next chapter please
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