Jamaica 03 ch09 About Voting

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              about voting
welcome to this chapter called: 'ABOUT
VOTING'. this is bumboo editing and
claiming about how you vote... sounds
like something readable?

many guys seems to vote for groups/dudes
for what they have done and not for what
they do. they vote for guys that are
very unactive and not for new guys that
have done something good in the last
months! guys like gotcha and bizzmo are
still at high positions at the charts.
i don't think none of them are active
anymore.. for not long time ago i saw a
chart which include ROB HUBBARD! rob was
good, but he quited years ago. kjer/hz
is on the charts too, but he haven't
been active since their demo cartooth-
brush.. what i try to say is: vote for
guys that deserves the votes. in my
oppinion it's guys/groups that is
productive and make quality stuff!
that's about that...

the other thing is that i think that the
charts is NOT fair! i don't really think
that we can make 100% dair charts, but
we can come closer than we stand today.
the most used system is 10 to the first
place, 9 to second and so on down to one
point for the 10th place. this system is
also the one we use in jamaica. oxyron
have started with a new systen in their
mags. there you got 3 points for the
first place. 2 points for second to
fifth place and 1 point to the rest.
maybe this system is more fair but still
not perfect! we in the jamaica-staff
have still not find out a fair voting-
system. so if you readers think you have
some ideas which can help us find some
kind of fair charts then write to this

                           /yours BUMBOO
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