Jamaica 03 ch08 Money on Discs

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             money on discs
hi and welcome to this chapter called
'money for discs'.

here i will write something that not so
many thinks about.

we start with a little story by me.

we can call it:
'how to loose $2 in one sending.'
a sunny sunday i, iopop sitting infront
of my compy and copy discs. the sending
will include the new issue of jamaica.
as always i use basf discs. which cost
7 swedish kronor each. i just send out
ten sendings and that doesn't take so
much time.

some weeks later i got all sendings back
and all discs i got is of the market
'power' which cost 3 swedish kr. then i
have loosed 4 sek. for each disc. as i
sended 10 discs then i have loosed 40sek
which is about $6, 9 dm and 4 pounds.

that is not much money but if it goes on
like that for a long time then you soon
will loose much money.

what shuld you do??            next page

1.send the same disc back a the one send
2.send one of your discs.

i dont know what i should do. as i never
thougth about these things.

so give me your opinion about this.

remember: 'the names in this story has
nothing to do with the real story.'

                            yours IOPOP
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