Jamaica 03 ch07 Interview Two

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              interview 2
this is the second interview in this
issue and it's dully live at our party!!



J: yo bagzy/noice! please tell us some-
   thing interesting about yourself.

B: i'm 18 years old and i bought my 1st
   c64 6 years ago. i joined ZYROX then
   the old gold WARRENT. after that i
   joined the forces of DISONERS and
   some month after that i joined ANTIC.
   two years ago i joined NOICE.

J: are you a lamer? or what is a lamer
   for you?

B: i'm not a lamer! everyone has been a
   lamer once. that's it!

J: if noice dies which group would you
   like to join then?

B: i think vision because i know the
   leader, mayday, very well!!

J: do you think your dick is cute?

B: my cute girlfriend thinks so!

J: are you in LOVE with your c64?

B: yes, ofcourse!

J: what do you think about discmags and
   what's your opinion about this mag?

B: i think there is too many mags right
   now, some of them are not so good.
   jamaica is an average magazin.

J: how does it feel to be a norrlänning?

B: better than the average! i really
   enjoy the fine weather and ofcourse
   the snow!

J: some greets?

B: all noice members especially swoffa,
   devil and heat, mayday, houbba and
   icon of vision, embryo and organic of
   star, sodapop, jucke, poison, bumboo,
   boogaloo and exilon.

J: thanx for the interview bagzy!

B: thanx!

that's the last interview for this time.

if you wanna be interviewed then write
to this addy:


                           /yours BUMBOO
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