Jamaica 03 ch06 Interview One

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             interview one
this is the first interview in this 3rd
issue. i hope you'll enjoy it!



B: yo tech/triad! please tell us some-
   thing interesting about yourself.
T: my real name is david annergran and
   i'm 15 years old! i've light red hair
   blue eyes 'n i'm 1.70 m short and
   i'm a megaswapper in TRIAD with about
   100 contacts!! i like to booze, hang
   out with friends, 64, go to usual and

B: you are now in triad, but how did it
   all start?
T: i started about 2 years ago in a
   group called CONTRAST and then i
   joined WOW and after that i joined
   the group i am in now,triad!!

B: do you think the 64 is a dying compy?
   how long do qou think that the scene
   will be as big as today?

T: i think the 64 will be alive some
   more years but i think the s-nes and
   megadrive is coming hard!! b. i think
   it will keep this bie 2-3 years!!

B: are you a lamer? or what is a lamer
   for you?

T: no! a lamer for me is a guy who think
   he's the best and talks shit behind
   your back!!

B: if triad die, which group would you
   like to join then?

T: triad have lived for many years now,
   so i don't think that we will die!!

B: what do you think about discmags and
   what's your opinion about this mag?
T: i think that it is allways fun to
   read a mag but i think that it is too
   much mags around! i think that
   jamaica is a middleclass mag!

B: what do you think about the AMIGA-

T: i don't own an amiga and isn't that
   interested in it either so i don't
   know much about the amiga-scene!!

B: are you in LOVE with your 64?

T: no.

B: some greets...?

T: some greeting to friends:  grapple,
   whisper, jk, genius, firefly, bulldog
   icarus, einstein, stormlord, surfer,
   walker, bumboo, jamie, cyke, calypso,
   avalanche, mr.wax,mayday,calt,remix,
   creeper, goblin, riddler, dexter, jtm
   beat,tg-acme, witty, amarok, x-raffi,
   freshprince, jayce, daniel, achilles,
   marcus, speyer, henry, shade, torch,
   2ny, woise, pommac, dutch, stash,
   star,  royal, wingo, tmt, oze, yarn,
   mercure, yarn, mercury, trasher, ban,
   enduro, tranziie, bismarck, jerry and
   all my other friends!!

B: see ya pal and thanx 4 the interview!

T: no problemo! bye!!

that's it! now load the second interview
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