Jamaica 03 ch05 Party Report

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a fuuucking party report from the
aragorn meeting in malung,sweden.
we went to malung by bus,the party took
place in a VERY small local.
there were not so many dudes located at
this meeting,just dudes like:
bagzy,heat of noice embryo,organic of
star,tjost,tchad,cool mc,iopop,bumboo of
jam and a few more dudes!
when bagzy and heat was trying to
connect the computers they noticed that
the monitor was BROKE,so they went out-
side to play a game called in swedish
" kast med liten monitor " in english
" throw with a little monitor! " ok,
after SMASHING and KICKING the monitor
theq went inside.
the cops asked who'd crashed the fucking
lame monitor,eh?
at last HEAT confessed his crime,and the
 cops left the place!
ahh! take the keys embryo...

it's embryo on thee fuckin' keyboard now
... everybody agrees that i have fixed
the girl of the year....

so, bumboo decided to interview me about
the bitch...

B: yeepp, was she horny????

E: yeaaaaahheahh ooihooeaahh!!!!!!

B: was her tits big?

E: reaaal huuuge....!!

B: yep, thanks for the interview!!

E: noo problemo!!

YAGAYAGA, heat is on the keys!! jaha, vi
kom just tillbaka från puben!!! (we just
 arrived back from the pub!!) were we or
should i say embryo was fucking with sum
girls! me my self found a FRESH 23-year-
old girlie... ehh, well, actually i
STOLE her from bagzy.... hahahahah!!!
well, anyway she ran away with sum other
guy later and as bagzy allready has a
girlie, no damage was done!(????) hmm,
well, the star-guys just left us... why?
well, they are going to spend da evening
with sum damn hot fresh good-looking
girlie...! (DAMN!) bagzy and i decided
to say 'no thanks' to the offer of
having group-sex...(huh??)
yeah, well, why dont i tell you sum
about the little incident with my
monitor??  from the beginning:

i was just about to close my door when i
felt that the burden i was carrying felt
ALOT lighter. it was my monitor falling
to the ground... ...unfortunately it
fell on my TOE...  AOUCH!!!
damn monitor!! it was at this very
moment the idea was formed that after
the party i would have a little game
with my pals. to be more specific; a
game called 'throw with small monitor'!
well, i hurried down the street to
catch the bus to the inner city... there
i would change bus and go to the neigh-
bour town called borlönge just to change
bus... and when i had travelled with
that bus i would have to change bus
again and again... after all that, i
would be at the party(?)place!! i got on

             GOT IT???

well, well, well, anyway, i got on the
bus and started my long journey...
in the neighbour town i and bagzy met up
with two of star's members and one of
their pal...

we didn't even get on the bus before
embryo, organic and their pal, delavega,
started BOOZING! well, we don't have
anything against booze, so we JOINED
them in their boozing!!!
our long travel thru time took about
two hours... ...now we were there!!

FULL of expectation we entered the
place... was this going to be a lame
party? or was it going to be an
ordinary party? or was it going to be a
real COOL party?? or...? disapointment
filled our drunk bodys. there were just
about seven more guys there!! hmm, well,
lets do the BEST of the worst!! so, we
started BOOZING even more!! we started
to unpack our eqipment... ... yeah, my
monitor was BROKE!! really funny!! well,
why don%t we play the game 'throw with
small monitor'?? YEEEAAAAH!!! so we went
outside and started our little game!
embryo wanted the first hit, so i gave
him the chance to break his hand against
the glass...  embryo called for satan's
power and punched the glass with all his
power...  ...AOOUCH!!! embryo was
jumping around on the street and
SCREAMING out his pain... well, i
thought that i should give my monitor a
fast death, so i grabbed the monitor
with my two bare hands and raised it
above my head... OOOOH, my monitor was
flying!!! BANG!!! yeah, i felt great
satisfaction!! embryo forgott his
hurting hand and started to JUMP on the

now my monitor was really DEAD. we had
a silent second in memorial and
continued inside the partyplace with
whatever we were doing. it didn't take
long untill two POLICEMEN stood in the
place, asking who had thrown the mon??
well, i after a while i decided to take
my punishment. i stood up and said in a
loud and clear voice: -i did it! i was
a hero! nah, not really... well, the
cops told me to get outside and to
clean up the mess after our little game.
so i did, and the cops went away! yeah,
what about that?? quite lame, eh??

after this we went inside again (as
allways...) we continued our activities
and a again it didn't take long untill
a couple of PARENTS(!)(how lame!) came
into the place and started ARGUING with
embryo and said that he was too drunk!!
well, we all decided to GET OUT from the
place for a while and to find some
entertainment somewhere else... one
problem was that we really couldnt
leave our stuff just like at the party
(hmm, the party was getting more and
more a NOT-PARTY). so we told the great
PUSSY-CAPER of us all, delavega, to sit
and watch the stuff while we went out
twenty minits or so...

HA! well, we went out to check out the
town and after a while we found...
A PUB!! yes! now we could have really
funny!! so we entered the place and
started BOOZING and talking to girls
here and there... it didn't take long
untill we had A COUPLE of girls sitting
on our laps!!! well, embryo got one of
the most good-looking girls in the
place... hmm, i wonder how that could
happen?? embryo is exactly NO BEAUTY...

anyway, i got my grip on a goodlooking
23-YEAR OLD NURSE... yep, she was fine!
hmm, she must have had sum kind of eye-
problem... she asked how old i was and
i said: - GUESS!! - well, she replied,
are you 21??? - not really but almost, i
lied... - oh, so youre 20 then?? - yep,
thats right, i replied... my man, i'm
fucking 17!!! but i dont care, the babe
was FRESH!! well, now we had been at the
pub for FOUR HOURS!! well, we started to
walk slowly towards to partyplace...
...HA!! delavega has been sitting there
and waiting!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! when we
got there he looked kinda pissed off!!
OOOPS, i forgot one thing!! while we
were at the pub ORGANIC started to talk
to a babe and we told her that we had
no place to sleep! HA! so she said that
we could sleep at her place!!!! OOOH,
really great!!! however, i and bagzy
didn't want to join the other guys sex-
party so we stayed here... (WERE BORE-
DOM DWELLS!) well, right now bagzy's
deep in sleep and i'm halfway to
dreamie-land myself... yep, so it's time
for a conclusion....

     THIS PARTY(?) IS LAME!!!!!

yep, and in about five hours i'm going
home...    GOOD NIGHT!!!

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