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facing the reality

everyone doubted it! but to contradict  
you all, i release issue ten! what is   
included in this issue?well to be honest
it ain't much. in the interviews you'll 
find a portrait of bob/censor. the rest 
is still unknown and it's contents will 
be revealed when you read it! i've been 
in the army for three months now and i  
can by now say that i hate it! you feel 
like prisioner that ain't allowed to do 
a thing. this with me in the army has   
decreased my free time with 5 afternoons
a week and soon many weekends. in my    
time in the army i've managed to get my 
self too court of war. i got two weeks  
of hard work because i came 8 hours late
. but as my time is little and i want to
do more than editing this magasine,i ask
you if anyone out there would like to   
help me with editing this magasine? if  
you by any way are interested just send 
me a letter. my demands are that you    
write rather good english and write a   
little about yourself so i know who you 
are. adress is as follows: FATAL NEWS   
i had decided to quit with fatal news   
but as  all pressure is gone i feel free
to release this again. to be honest i   
don't know  a shit what's happened in   
the scene since i quitted. one thing ive
seen is a note said to have been written
by BOD/TALENT. if he wrote this note,   
i'll feel pity for him. if you did thisy
you're SICK. this mean you ain't like   
a normal human being! i've heard some   
stories about you that are really so    
discusting that they would make the     
devil puke. if you have been set up then
i advice you to write a letter and i'll 
publish it for you. to add something to 
triad's bad reputation i would like to  
state that triad ain't triad. i asked   
mr.z if he in any way was active in the 
anonymous triad. he answered : NOPE, WE 
ARE STONE DEAD. eat this! to conclude   
this column of misery i'll say: write   
and i'll be happy to get a new co-editor
. so until issue 11:                    
HASTA LA VISTA.                         

abnormal life

to be exact only 9 persons answered on  
the questions last time. i don't know   
if it was because they had with sex to  
do, but we'll see. this time i have some
more normal questions for you to answer 
   send your answers to:                
       FATAL NEWS                       
here follows three questions! you have  
three alternatives to answer on them.   
when you send your answers then write   
A,B or C. answer on them!               
1. if you take up your dream girl on    
   your room to fuck her and find out   
   that she is a man, what would you    
   have done?                           
   'A'.run away directly!            22%
   'B' beat him up, with the risk to get
       raped!                        67%
   'C' call the police because the man  
       is sick!                      11%
question nr 2: if you would get raped by
a man, who would you tell it to?        
    'A'.the police.                  33%
    'B'.your parents.                33%
    'C'.your friends.                22%
3. if you find your girl in the bed with
another girl, what would you do?        
    'A'.beat her up!                  0%
    'B'.join them!                  100%
    'C'.find a new girlfriend!        0%
and her follows the new questions.      
to see how old hackers are in average i 
ask a simple question, how old are you? 
    'A' under 14                        
    'B' 15 or 16                        
    'C' 17                              
    'D' 18 or 19                        
    'E' over 20                         
which hair color do you have?           
    'A' blond                           
    'B' red                             
    'C' brown                           
    'D' black                           
which music do you listen to ?          
    'A' hip-hop (rap,funk and disco)    
    'B' synth                           
    'C' heavy metal                     
    'D' punk                            
    'E' oi                              
    'F' other type of music.            
what do you drink when you go to a party
    'A' beer                            
    'B' other alcoholic drink.          
    'C' soda(coke)                      
    'D' other type of liquid.           
those were the questions for issue 10!  
all that vote, ANSWER these questions   


here follows some reactions from the    
readers of issue 9!                     
* your mag is of high literary standard,
  it has hot news and a wide variety of 
  charts. keep it going!                
- thank you warlock. i'm glad that you  
  appriciate my efforts to do a good and
  well written magasine! hope you enjoy 
  this issue as well.                   
* i'm always looking forward to read the
  latest issue of fatal news.the graphix
  are on top!                           
- thank you! you will get this issue as 
  well. so eat alive.               JOHN
* yo fatal news staff! your mag is on   
  the top of the ice-mountain!          
- thanx! but you see the staff only     
  consists of one person and that's me! 
* thanx for a really rad magasine!      
- i must admit that i really enjoyed    
  your comic. hope to see you leech this
  as the first person.              JOHN
* your mag is very cool, andt he music  
  is tops. i think it's one of the best 
  mags around.          CHAOS/TNT+SHARKS
- thank you indeed! if you enjoy it you 
  show it by voting on it!          JOHN
+ i'm sorry that i've lost a lot of the 
  letters you sent to me! send again and
  i'll make it up to you! also some of  
  the addresses were lost. this corner  
  will be called people's reality. it's 
  here where you'll be able to fight    
  your wars so the public can see it!   
    FATAL NEWS    XXXXXXXXXXX           

news n rumours

a very little amount of news but what   
did you expect?                         
* white lion, pimpernel and methaball   
  joined forces with pandora.           
  terminal state is now pandora euro hq!
* booze designs left antic and joined   
* walker left paragon and joined the    
  guys in light.                        
* midnight mover joined vision, his     
  board illusion of reality is now      
  vision euro hq!                       
* joyride left cosmic and joined hoaxers
  , his board highway is now hoaxers    
  euro hq.                              
* jazzy d./chromance changed addy.he did
  this after he got busted by the post. 
* gizzmo left chromace and rebuilt the  
  group sabian.                         
* jinx x-crazy joined chromance.        
* tom left chromance and joined the     
  dutch guys in hotline.                
* marcus left cross to join x-rated.    
* ikari is dead. r.c.s joined brutal.   
  the original danes joined forces with 
this wasn't exactly many news. i promise
that it'll be more in next issue!       

charts of the month

the top 14 CODING groups of the MONTH   
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.CREST            01   328  germany   
02.bonzai           02   208  denmark   
03.origo            04   184  finland   
04.flash inc        06   167  sweden    
05.cosmos design    07   126  austria   
06.horizon          03   120  sweden    
07.triad            11   100  sweden    
08.light            10   098  sweden+dk 
09.panoramic design 05   077  norway    
10.buds             14   075  denmark   
11.megastyle inc    08   071  norway    
12.crazy            NEW  060  germany   
13.blackmail        new  055  holland   
14.padua            new  052  germany   
the top 14 CRACKING groups of the MONTH 
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.IKARI+TALENT     01   332  denmark+uk
02.dominators       02   306  denmark+uk
03.legend           03   255  belgium   
04.genesis*projekt  05   239  france+frg
05.illusion         04   228  norway    
06.paramount        07   163  germany   
07.extasy           06   102  finland+dk
08.crazy            08   094  germany   
09.x-ray            09   073  germany   
10.f4cg             10   060  belg+italy
11.transcom         11   043  belgium   
12.triad            NEW  038  sweden    
13.action           13   029  germany   
14.fairlight        new  026  sweden    
top 14 SINGLE CRACKERS of the MONTH     
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.snacky/g*p       03   157  germany   
02.pwp/legend       04   111  belgium   
03.doc/ikari        01   100  denmark   
04.sauron/illusion  02   095  norway    
05.bod/talent       10   073  england   
06.rockstar/extasy  05   060  finland   
==.antitrack/legend 07   060  austria   
08.goblin/g*p       NEW  054  france    
09.jade/dominators  06   052  england   
10.dogfriend        07   041  denmark   
11.weasel/crest     12   030  germany   
12.parallax/pmount  11   028  germany   
13.injun inc/light  14   022  sweden    
14.arrogance/x-ray  07   020  germany   
top 14 SINGLE CODERS of the MONTH       
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.CROSSBOW/CREST   01   134  germany   
04.kjer/horizon     02   101  sweden    
03.clf/origo        03   066  finland   
04.hannes/cosmos    NEW  058  austria   
05.maduplec/buds    05   043  denmark   
==.walt/bonzai      04   043  denmark   
07.zodiac/flash inc new  033  sweden    
08.olav/panoramic   new  019  norway    
09.flammingo/light  new  018  sweden    
10.magic man/crazy  new  017  germany   
11.vision/crest     new  015  germany   
12.scroll/msi       new  014  norway    
13.oliver/mdg       new  013  germany   
14.glasnost/camelot new  009  denmark   
the top 5 LIQUIDS of the MONTH          
name'n'kind        pli   PTS   alcohol  
01.coca-cola/soda   NEW  005     no     
02.san miguel/beer  new  004     yes    
03.pepsi-cola/soda  new  003     no     
04.la rioja/vine    new  002     yes    
05.kronenbourg/beer new  001     yes    
the top 5 MAGASINES                     
mag'n'groupname    pli   PTS   country  
01.MAMBA/CRAZY      01   116  germany   
==.corruption/pmont 02   116  germany   
03.sex'n'crime/amok 03   072  germany   
04.remark/ruthless  05   030  holland   
05.immort.flash/cfa NEW  029  switzerla.
the top 5 TRADING groups of the month   
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.PARAMOUNT        01   067  holl+germa
02.genesis*projekt  02   062  fran+germa
03.dominators       05   035  uk+denmark
04.legend           03   033  belg+germa
05.illusion         NEW  027  norway+uk 
the top 5 SWAPPERS of the MONTH         
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.punisher/g*p    NEW   021  france    
02.antichrist/g*p  new   019  germany   
03.lyon/legend     new   017  belgium   
04.hero/illusion   new   015  norway    
05.jack d./pmount  new   011  germany   
the top 5 IMPORTERS of the MONTH (EURO) 
handle+groupname   pli   PTS   country  
01.SKATER/CULTURE   01   018  holland   
02.joe cool/pmount  NEW  017  germany   
03.goldfish/legend  05   009  belgium   
04.hero/illusion    new  007  norway    
05.pyle/illusion    02   006  germany   
top 5 IMPORTING groups of the MONTH(USA)
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.EXODUS           01   055    usa     
==.nei              02   055    usa     
03.random           03   044    usa     
04.destiny          05   027    usa     
05.tsm              NEW  024    usa     
top 5 IMPORTING groups of the MONTH(EUR)
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.CULTURE          01   051  holland   
02.paramount        04   037  germany   
03.ikari+talent     04   029  denmark+uk
04.crazy            02   024  germany   
05.legend           NEW  020  belgium   
top 5 MOST popular BOARDS in the states 
boardname          pli   PTS   sysops   
01.SECOND TO NONE   01   038  dominant 1
02.wild wares       04   034  gazoo     
03.mystic cavern    04   033  sorceres/r
04.wares tango      NEW  020  zarhan f. 
05.wares castle     new  019            
here are some versions of:STRIDER II    
cracked by      date   number    number 
 in date                 of        of   
  ORDER                BLOCKS   TRAINERS
01.dominators   24/11   199         ++++
02.censor       26/11   218 HI     +++++
03.lotus        28/11   221          +++
04.lazer        02/12   216        +++++
05.extasy       --/--   194         ++++
06.x-ray        --/--   196       ++++++
07.g*p          --/--   203        +++++
08.ikari+talent --/--   209           ++
09.hitmen       --/--   212 HI++++++++++
10.fairlight    --/--   213         ++++
11.illusion     --/--   216        +++++
12.f4cg         --/--   249           ++
   top 10 best MUSICIANS of the MONTH   
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.JCH/VIBRANTS     01   121  denmark   
02.drax/vib/bonzai  02   098  denmark   
03.jeroen tel       04   062  holland   
04.link/vibrants    03   058  denmark   
05.metal/bonzai     NEW  039  denmark   
06.e.v.santen/bml   05   037  holland   
07.deek/g*p         new  030  england   
==.laxity/vibrants  new  030  denmark   
09.reyn owehand/bml new  024  holland   
10.zardax/origo     new  016  finland   
  top 10 best graphicians of the month  
groupname          pli   PTS   country  
01.GOTCHA/CRAZY     01   139  germany   
02.di-art/bml       02   106  holland   
03.bizzmo/g*p       05   083  england   
04.fox/dominators   03   062  denmark   
05.gbf/crest        04   036  germany   
06.h.d./di-art/bml  NEW  026  holland   
07.sarge/fairlight  new  024  sweden    
08.redstar/logic    new  019  sweden    
09.scrap/g*p        new  017  germany   
10.tpa/x-ample      new  014  germany   
remember that these charts show the     
standing during december and january,   
so don't get upset! keep on voting for  
all kind of charts like you used to!    
many of these groups are dead, i know   
that but they weren't at that time so   
they deserve a place!                   
keep your votes coming!!                
   FATAL NEWS                           


this column will from the next issue    
contain a subject called 'the voice of  
the reality'. this subject will give you
a chance to attack a person through the 
press. our only demand is that you state
your name. if you have a war with some  
guy and you've got proof against him,   
then send them to this subject. it's up 
to you now! fill this subject so it wont
be able to walk by it self.             


       here is an interview with:       
           BOB/CENSOR DESIGN            
   interview made by JOHN/FATAL NEWS    
'j/f'=john/fatal news                   
'B/C'=bob/censor design                 
*  first some facts about bob/censor!  *
first group:agile                       
age: 20                                 
favouritemovie: naked gun               
favourite comic: heavy metal            
favourite food : wienerschnitzel        
favourite demogroup(ever): the judges   
favourite demogroup(today): horizon     
favourite crackers(ever): legend        
favourite crackers(today): legend       
'j/f' tell us a little about yourself ! 
'B/C' i'm 1.80, weight 67 kg, black hair
      . i'm a sports fanatic. i've been 
      wrestling since i was 8 years old!
      you guessed right, i'm good at it!
'j/f' how did your computercareer start?
'B/C' i bought my computer on the summer
      1986. i was laming around until i 
      met euzkera,contring and swallow. 
      we built a lot of small groups.but
      as we always fought eachother they
'B/C' splitted. finally in 1988 we built
      a demo group called yankees. it   
      lasted two months and we were     
      offered too join agile, and so we 
      did.since this day i've been doing
      elite stuff and kicked ass!       
'j/f' what's your major task in censor? 
'B/C' you could say that i'm the one    
      that organise everything. this is 
      due to that we had some problems  
      a long time ago and i decided to  
      organise the problems. i'm also   
      the main coder and i used to do   
      some swapping. i also call the    
      swedish boards.                   
'j/f' what is your oppinion about the   
      euro scene?                       
'B/C' enourmously lame. i get depressed 
      when i see all those lamers.      
'j/f' how can it be changed?            
'B/C' by freezing out all those stupid  
      little lamers. you saw our lamer  
      execution v.1, an update will     
      surely follow!                    
'j/f' what do you think of the us-scene?
'B/C' what i've seen of it,is quite cool
      . but i'm not the person to judge.
'j/f' who are your best friends in the  
'B/C' the whole censor-team, euzkera,   
      dr.cool/victims, all x-success    
      members(pyle and co) and mr.wax/  
'j/f' what future plans do you have?    
'B/C' coding games to earn a lot of the 
      thing you call money. maybe i'll  
      build up a software company, but i
      doubt it! it has stroke my mind to
      move to gothenburg, but this is   
      a decision i have to reconsider   
      some times.                       
'j/f' any other criminal record?        
'B/C' nope, i've been very lucky!       
'j/f' who do you hate in the scene?     
'B/C' no elites, only those little      
      wanna be's. they are just a bunch 
      of lamers and loosers.            
'j/f' what do you think of all these    
      disc magasines?                   
'B/C' many of them have a very low      
      standard. nice outfits but the    
      text sucks. lamers get to much    
      influence in the mags, and this   
'B/C' leads to that they get worse.     
'j/f' how can this be changed?          
'B/C' only a few should be left the rest
      can dedicate their time on other  
'j/f' what do you do on your sparetime  
      (except computing!)?              
'B/C' i go out and party a lot. have fun
      is my goal in this life!          
'j/f' which music do you listen to?     
'B/C' mixed disco, but mostly synth.    
*  here follows some yes/no questions  *
'j/f' have you been a lamer?            
'B/C' yes!                              
'j/f' are you good in school?           
'B/C' no!                               
'j/f' have you ever used drugs?         
'B/C' yes! (ED. the x-ray drink rules!) 
'j/f' do you have a driving licence?    
'B/C' no! (ED. always failing the test!)
'j/f' do you enjoy living in sweden?    
'B/C' yes!                              
'j/f' is the swedish scene lame?        
'B/C' yes!!                             
'j/f' something else you want to say?   
'B/C' enjoy your life meanwhile you are 

yellow pages

this is the famous YELLOW PAGES. if you 
want to sell something just publish it  
here! also all kind of swapping! all    
plk's have been redrawn as they might   
have been closed since my break was     
quite long. people might also have      
changed group! by the way:              
has been closed.                        
first board adds:                       
2400/1200 bauds        open 24 hrs a day
sysop:cleric                 XXXXXXXXXXX
heavy modded c-base, by the god!        
FUTURE ZONE (light's euro hq)           
2400/1200 bauds        open 24 hrs a day
sysop:spirou/light            XXXXXXXXXX
you can play EMPIRE on this board!      
ILLUSION OF REALITY                     
2400/1200 bauds        open 24 hrs a day
sysop:midnight mover/s451    XXXXXXXXXXX
two diffrent types of heavy moded c-base
randomly when you log on! in my opinion 
the best moded c-base version!          
      originals'n'elite swapping        
for hot swapping (no handle on envelope)
for swapping illegal and legal stuff!   
*want your letter here? send your addy!*
*   for trading hot wares and demos!   *
          MACHO/FLASH INC               
*    for the hottest trading ever!     *
*    100 percent reply. amiga+c64 !    *
*  for a hot contjcv in south america  *
*             TRIDENT/CULT             *
*    for hot trading and originals     *
*   only elites wanted for trading!    *
*            SLAYER/ORIGO              *
* looking for contacts outside holland *
*   wanna have a contact in turkey?    *
*          GABRIEL/THE FORCE           *
*   100 percent answer, all welcome    *
*      swap elite stuff only!          *
          UNCLE X/CENTAURI              
*           WALKER/LIGHT               *
*          for a hot swap              *
*      get your wares over here!       *
this concludes all adresses! i'm very   
SORRY if it was YOUR addy i lost! to get
your addy  here you have to vote and get
active like hell! hopefully you have    
found a new contact. remember i'm not   
responsible for if you loose any discs  
or if someone uses this to make illegal 
a very tired JOHN                       
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