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The List

Welcome to the list, this issue we make a revision of the instructions and rules of 'first releases'. The reason being is that there are now several new boards and some old boards going down and a general shift in the market.

Domination release information Version 2.0

The Point System:

A full price game will get 5.X points.
A budget game will get 3.X points.
A low-budget game will get 2.X points.
A preview will get 0.X points. 'x' being the game quality points.
A basic game will receive 1.x points.

  • Lamer group wares will not be counted at all.
  • A fix file means a -1 point deduction from the total amount of points, also a second 100% fix from the same group with also get a -1 from their total.
  • A re-release is a -5 points deduction from the total amount of points.
  • The first 100% fix gets the points.

Which means:

0.x for previews (of any game)
2.x for low-budget games (Game On, Commodore Force, Public Domain)
3.x for budget games (Golden Disk, CP Verlag, Loadstar)
5.x for a full-price game (US Gold, Thalamus, Ocean)
-5 for a re-released game
-1 for a fix file or a 100% version
1.x for basic games excluding quality
An additional 1 point is awarded for a full translation to English from another language

The quality in the 'x' is made up from considering the fun a game gives to the player, how the graphics and the sounds are made, and so on.. x.0 to x.9.

The NTSC/PAL system:

A total of 2 points are added to the total of a first release, which was not released on PAL before. (and vice versa with NTSC.) Only 1 point is given for a 100% fixed game which was released first on PAL and then fixed afterwards, to gain a full point in this fix, the game must be put on one of the major C64 boards within 6 months of the PAL first release. Games over 10 months since the original first release are not counted. The following list is of the MAJOR boards that are used for the Domination list:

Dream Park 1-619/XXX-XXXX AVT+F4CG WHQ
Down By Law 1-203/XXX-XXXX [O+H]+Vandalism News WHQ
The Dungeon 1-214/XXX-XXXX SCS*TRC WHQ
Holiday Inn Cambodia 1-510/XXX-XXXX AFL WHQ
Dead Zone 1-215/XXX-XXXX Excess+Nitro WHQ

other boards also counted in case of problems...

The Pirate Island +49/XXX-XXXXX [O+H] EHQ
Fortress of Doom 1-908/XXX-XXXX ATL WHQ
Wares Aquarium +46/XXXXXXX FLT+EQX WHQ

No points are given to games made using any kind of game makers such as SUECK, Game Maker, GAC, Quill etc. A version of a non-English game which is brought out later 100% translated will get 1 point extra on the classed points. If the translation is not 100% then no points are given. In case a group spreads their ware on 3 major boards only and another group puts their version on the remaining boards, the first group gets the points if the time difference is at least 24 hours, less than that and the second group will get the points. A fixed game (NTSC) is a ware which works on both PAL and NTSC computers without any difference.

The basic/ML rules: Concerning games released that are basic or have basic files mixed with a code-loader, these are still counted in their full effect. Whether being budget, low budget or even full price. Considering that this type of software is not of higher quality in most circumstances the quality points in 0.x will receive lower than a 0.5. If the game is FULLY basic it receives a 1.x denomination. All games are 100% tested and our decision is FINAL. If in the situation of a miscalculation the problem is rectified and points are added to the group or groups total in the next issue. BTW: If a preview of a game is found to be made from the original by the crack group, then points are deducted from the full version that the preview is worth, ONLY if the full game is released by the same group that released the preview. This will stop groups doing "made" previews for point advantage.


Alpha Flight (Ger,Hol,USA) Points: 36.9

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
Mastermind (--) (3.3) (NTSC/PAL)
TrailRunner Prv (--) (0.3)
S.M.Escape (Paradize Soft) (4.1) (NTSC/PAL)
D.Format (CP Verlag) (-) (Tool)
Pra-Se (Game On) (2.3) (PAL Only)
PayDay (CP Verlag) (3.3) (NTSC/PAL)
Pac Ball (--) (4.4) (NTSC/PAL)
Compare 2 (Markt & Technik) (4.3) (NTSC/PAL)
Klepkomania (Vermes) (-5)
Orbits (CP Verlag) (4.6) (NTSC/PAL)
Memologie (CP Verlag) (4.4) (NTSC/PAL)
Pro-Does Prv (--) (0.5)
Roll Over (CP Verlag) (2.5) (Trainer Bug)
Darkstar (Magna Media) (4.6) (Already 100% NTSC/PAL)
CyberBall 100% (CP Verlag) (2.3 (Already 100%)

Atlantis (Ger,Swe,USA) Points: 0.7

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
Black Heart Prv (--) (0.7)

Avantgarde (Ger,UK,USA) Points: 59.9

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
Spherebrain Prv (--) (0.5)
Body Blow Prv (--) (0.5)
Gangstar (Marex) (3.4) (Already 100%)
Army Days (Marex) (3.5) (Already 100%)
Ghost Town (Marex) (5.7) (Fixed by Empire)
Ashido (Tim Soft) (4.4) (NTSC/PAL)
Darkest Road Commodore Format 2.3 Already 100%
Artris Prv Commodore Format 0.7
Time Traveller Marex 3.3 NTSC/PAL
Minesweeper CP Verlag 2.6 Already 100%
Deadline Visualize UK 4.6 NTSC/PAL
Triss (English Version) -- 4.3 NTSC/PAL
Meancars Cherry Soft. 4.4 NTSC/PAL
Chicken Electric boys 3.4 PAL
Cenimate CP Verlag - Tool
Geometric 2 Magna Media 3.5 PAL
Koshimo Prv V2 CP verlag 0.8
Square Scape 2 Commodore Format 3.2 NTSC/PAL
The House Prv CP Verlag 0.8
Zone of Darkness Prv Taboo Productions 0.8 Unplayable
Walkerz Prv Electric Boys 0.5
Flummi's World Substance 6.7 NTSC/PAL

Chromance (Hun,USA,Ger) Points: 7.4

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
Memory 2 Prv -- 0.3
Earth 3 Prv V2 -- 0.7
Long Life Prv 576 Kbyte 0.9
Risk Art Game 2.4 NTSC/PAL
Fifth Ball -- 3.3 NTSC/PAL
Nuts Bytefighters 3.4 Fix by SCS+TRC
Memory 2 -- 3.3 NTSC/PAL
Smokes & Rings -- -5 Re-release

F4CG (Bel,Pol,USA,Aust,Ita) Points: 20.2

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
Leppard Prv Miracle designs 0.6
Doom Prv -- 0.7
Shaman Prv Static Bytes 0.7
Dinox 101% Aps Soft 3.4 Sales Version
Magic Ball BIW Soft 2.2 PAL
Arcade Pilot -- 3.5 PAL
Klepkomania Prv -- 0.4
Mystery Prv -- 0.4
Jump Ball -- 3.2 NTSC/PAL
Hyper Cars Prv -- 0.3
Minefield Assasin Soft 4.4 NTSC/PAL
Worm Prv -- 0.4

Motiv8 (Den,USA,Ger) Points: 17.1

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
I.C.Soccer Sloftsoft UK 3.3 Already 100%
Cyclia Prv Gametech 0.3
Compare 2 Prv Markt & Technik 0.3
Dystopia Visualize UK 4.3 NTSC/PAL
Avoid'em Prv V2 Delite Design 0.4
Aces Up Softdisk Publishing 1.3 Already 100%
S'words Softdisk Publishing 1.1 Already 100%
Double Copy -- - Tool
Memologie CP Verlag 4.4 NTSC/PAL
R.Craze Softdisk Publishing 1.4 Already 100%
Oops Prv Abort soft 0.3

Onslaught & Hardcore (Aust,Ger,USA,Swe,Den) Points:47.3

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
Riddles & Stones -- 4.7 Already 100% + translation
Misfortune Prv V2 Bad Bytes 0.8
Modem Flag Hunt Softdisk Publishing 3.5 Already 100%
Castor Game On 4.4 NTSC/PAL
Telynr I Brunswick Publications 1.6 Already 100%
Bolo 2 Prv First Blood Ent. 0.6
Trio Softdisk Publishing 1.3 Already 100%
Frog Fanny Softdisk Publishing 1.3 Already 100%
Besieged Softdisk Publishing 3.3 Already 100%
Mortrox Softdisk Publishing 1.5 Already 100%
DMC 4.0 Pro -- - Tool
Long Life 576 Kbyte 8.9 NTSC fix & text/gfx translation
Twin Terrors Prv Wildstyle Productions 0.5
Megathruster Ball Softdisk Publishing 3.8 Already 100%
Firebug Softdisk Publishing 3.3 Already 100%
The House Expression 6.8 NTSC fix & translation

Success & TRC (Hol,Pol,Hun,UK,USA) Points:36.5

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
TimTris 101% Timsoft 5.7 NTSC/PAL
Combination 100% -- 3.4 NTSC/PAL
Coldiarus Bad Bytes 5.5 NTSC/PAL
Duel -- 4.3 NTSC/PAL
Sonny Prv -- 0.7
Erotica Prv -- 0.4
Vision Prv -- 0.7
Fruitmania 2 CP Verlag 4.6 NTSC/PAL
Logic Prv Villians 0.4
Black Quiz -- 5.7 NTSC fix & translation
Magazine CP Verlag 4.4 NTSC fix by Demonix
Base Attack Prv -- 0.4
Watch It Prv -- 0.3

Talent (UK,Ger) Points: 5.7

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
Energy 101% -- 5.7 NTSC fix & translation

TRSI (Ger,UK) Points: 1.2

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
Cola Quest Prv Paralyze 0.5
No Name Prv -- 0.7

Xenon (Hol,Ger) Points: 1.4

Game: Company: Points: Comments:
Lost Maze Prv Virtual factor 0.5
Raz Prv Freeline Int. 0.4
D.Ball Prv -- 0.2
Alien War Prv Virtual Factor 0.3

General outline:
ALPHA FLIGHT have a good charge since issue three, Orbits had some controversy, but it receives points, although some say its still not 100%. Unfortunately re-release points with a fixed preview version of Klepkomania. Roll Over also has a reported bug, when choosing unlimited time it bugged. Other than that good work! particularly from Peacemaker and The Ignorance.

ATLANTIS only in this time with a small preview, but more should come. AVANTGARDE moved into number one position. Bombi isn't counted as too much opinions on whether it was a fixed preview or not. Chicken only gets PAL points, even though a 99.9% fix was achieved by Suicide. CHROMANCE still releasing steadily, not to blame them but a re-release, even though they couldn't know as no Chromance members were really calling out on a regular basis, except for Homeboy who uploaded three games on the instructions of Mr.Wax. F4CG released a lot of previews but made a good attack onto the wares market. Arguments later in the field concerning the "Magazine" game released by SUCCESS&TRC with Maja and Nightshade using Dream Park as a battle ground.

MOTIV8 released well with some joint efforts with AFL'70. But of late, no sign of any releases. ONSLAUGHT & HARDCORE, the new co-op did well with a debut in Domination at position two. Some great games such as Long Life, The House, Misfortune V2 Prv etc were released. Flummi's World was only 99% fixed so a 100% version was later released by AVT. TALENT is near dead except for some old inactive members, their last release made it to the boards after being on a German board for 6 months. We hope to see some products from their small legal section soon though.

SUCCESS & TRC have had an excellent two months, points are not given to their untranslated release of Kacper. Cyberball wasn't 100% as the outro sequence was filled by zero bytes, AFL later released the 100% version. Coldiarius was a particularly good game from them and also Shaman Prv shows some promise. TRISTAR & RED SECTOR INC. still managed to get some previews out, unfortunately they were beaten by a fixed version of one of their full games. Midfit is again active so time will tell if more comes from them. XENON managed to put out only previews, but still worthy efforts justifying them in their chart position, hope to see them in next issue to follow up with the full games. DYTEC release an uncounted game due to no translation. ACCEPT were not counted because of too many re-releases.

Domination #4 Charts

Rank: Group: Points: Releases:

  1. Avantgarde 59.9 22
  2. Onslaught & Hardcore 47.3 16
  3. Alpha Flight 1970 36.9 15
  4. Success & TRC 36.5 14
  5. F4CG 20.2 12
  6. Motiv8 17.1 11
  7. Chromance 7.4 8
  8. Talent 5.7 1
  9. Xenon 1.4 4
  10. Tristar & RSI 1.2 3
  11. Atlantis 0.7 1

Game Quality Charts:

  1. Long Life from Onslaught & Hardcore 8.9
  2. The House from Onslaught & Hardcore 6.9
  3. Flummi's World from Avantgarde 6.7

NTSC/PAL Fixing Charts:

Rank: Group: Points: Releases:

  1. Success & TRC 37.0 8
  2. Alpha Flight 31.8 8
  3. Avantgarde 30.9 7
  4. Onslaught & Hardcore 20.1 3
  5. Chromance 9.0 3
  6. Motiv8 8.7 2
  7. F4CG 7.6 2
  8. Empire/Talent 5.7 1
  9. Demonix 4.4 1

General outline:
Great works from CBA, Burglar, Countzero, Peacemaker, Stake and Suicide. Empire and Demonix still manage to do a release now and then. F4CG enter the charts, well done Cerebus. This issue there was many controversial releases, so please take under consideration the pressure of which the editor is put under to judge a correct list. Many releases on the C64 with some full price games still to come. Good news also burdens the horizon with the company Escom buying Commodore and they'll reproduce the machine in the eastern market, which will allow more spare parts and more games. Have a brief look through the legal game chapter and see future releases and what's in-store. Particular merit is awarded to the top four groups with close positions. Still going strong!



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