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USA Scene

The contents of this chapter lie with the American scene, its people, releases and boards. Next issue an American will take over this chapter, which I think will make this chapter more accurate. Firstly some news...


  • Zirco/F4CG left this group to remain legal, after some unsuccessful attempts at getting the old "Tunnel of Wares" online again, but only in UC-BBS mode. Later he joined Storm as a musician and then decided to rejoin F4CG. Maybe soon TOW will be back up?

  • Grego/Motiv8 after successfully getting "In Living Color" online again went into an inactive period. But again is active in the way of calling out.

  • Chameleon started a return to board painting with some spectacular prompts and pics for "Dream Park" because of his ties and good friendship with AVT, he joined in. (Ed: Marcellus hurry up with that pic! 8)

  • Eliminator decided to return to the group scene and serve as Hack/Phreaker and Internet source for Onslaught, but he later decided to stay in Avantgarde, his last service to date was the routing of the 1800 number to "Dream Park". After a while the Amiga caught the interest of him and he left the scene for a short time of two weeks. But later rejoined the scene, but only solo.

  • Nomad joined Onslaught as supplier and modem trade but two months later decided to take a break from the scene so is put on the inactive list.

  • Cyborg from "Dream Park" decided to join both AVT and F4CG and rumours say also he may soon fix (!).

  • Deathlok got back into the group thing and left Padua for Onslaught, but a month later joined F4CG, but with all three groups he has been inactive. (ED: Hey butch the logos??!)

  • Shadow and Mutant-X are planning to restart the old group Avatar with a BBS.

  • Mizar/Ex-G*P/Ex-Empire joined Motiv8 and took his board "Intertrade" as the Motiv8 WHQ, also his H/P capabilities (?) enabled the Danish based group to call out more regular to the USA. Unfortunately Mizar got busted after about 5 weeks in the group for phone fraud related crimes.

  • Hightower joined Accept and renamed to Soul keeper, also his Canadian board "Divine Intervention" became the Accept World Head Quarter.

  • Moloch/F4CG left due to responsibilities of the games label, Threshold Productions. But also serves under the handle "Skyclad" in case some never knew.

  • Sphere/UD decided to join Chromance, but due to the lack of activity left them for Onslaught. He also calls under the handle Insomniak.

  • Empire have posted on quite a few occasions that Extremist will soon return to the fixing scene and bring a board online as well. But it has been quite sometime since this was said.

  • Massive Onslaught/Ex-Armaggedon is fixing quite actively for Style and has done some intro fixing for Onslaught & Hardcore also.

  • Rumours say that the Suicide/AVT is indeed Pudwerx under the handle. But this is probably false.


Some weird things have happened lately in the American board section, let's take a look...

  • Edge of Midnight will soon go back online for either Chromance or Hardcore & Onslaught. It will have some cool specs with: 1.2 GB of harddrive space for C64 only. 9MB ramlink and available 14.4K connections. Running on a different styled Omni 128 program.

  • The Evil Island goes offline due to lack of support and callers. Apparently though, it will go back up soon, so call it! 1-314/XXX-XXXX.

  • Liquid Palace is part-time online again with the sysop being Sphere/[O+H]. It can be called from 10pm to 10am EST. 1-609/XXX-XXXX.

  • Rumours say that AVT were going to share 'Divine Ultimatum' with Genesis Project. But due to G*P dying and DU still not online, AVT decided to share 'Dream Park' with F4CG.

  • Morrisey/Talent left them for Onslaught and made Down by Law the Onslaught & Hardcore world HQ. Unfortunately some modem problems were experienced and it’s been off/on line regularly.

  • Some fucked up lamer formatted The Dungeon twice, the board is back online with the old mod running. The 1800# went down finally to this board after a good nine months!

  • Several demos have been released, by RPG, Storm and a few other groups.

  • Some new boards should arrive soon and there is no new news on 'Terminal Obsession' going back online.

Hope to see some more action in the American scene it’s a pity that NTSC fixing isn't taken seriously these days. But some old favourites might soon return.


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