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News & Rumours

The news and rumours section is now in memory. A real lot has happened since last issue and what better way to read the latest news than through the Domination magazine!

  • Firstly some great news! the English magazine Commodore Format is not dead! A new issue has just been released and they promise more.

  • Light made their journey finally back to the Commodore world with the release of their new demo "Brutal Comeback" at The Party in Herning, reading through the scroll text, they promise a new issue of "Smooth Criminal" and a new mega demo "Brutality IV"..!

  • According to the new issue of "Brainfart" Fairlight and Equinoxe will smack their mags together to produce the most smashing disk mag ever seen! The name of the mag will be "Shout"

  • Oxyron have been going through some changes lately. Firstly Suzuki is not a member as he told people, as Oxyron don't take in new members. After releasing some smaller demos to their normal production, TTS and Axis went totally inactive on the C64 and will only do small parts now and then. Bizkid left them and remains independent with his magazine "Skyhigh", rumours point to him joining Camelot, but he still remains a solo.

  • Dominic closed down due to some hard drive problems.

  • Talent these days has slowed down to an abrupt halt. Brush/Elysium joined in to support them and also Larry/Trance joined in with his board "Raveolution", but since then Larry sold his hard drive and equipment and now only occasionally calls some German boards. Talent then lost a valuable member, Ramirez left them to join in with the new group "Hardcore". Chrysagon left them for Dytec and also The Ignorance left for the guys in the new group Hardcore. Talent will probably still release a demo soon, but there are fears that it will be the last we'll see from them. Although Majesty remains optimistic and supports the truth about Talent not being dead.

  • AFL came into a strong set of cards and wares this time. they gained some new members, namely Face2, Mutant-X and the megaswapper Calypso. MX was also kicked out of AFL due to a misunderstanding and was later taken back in, but even then a rumour said he was only let in on the possession he had an Alliance PBX!! but this is probably false. they still are releasing quite strongly and with a brilliant comeback of the magazine "Relax". Which follows off directly from The Pulse. Unfortunately a persistent rumour tells of the mag not being released anymore and instead all the material for it will be given to the Avantgarde magazine, "Caramba". Caramba will be a co-operation of the old mags 'Corruption' and 'Mamba'. The editors will be Deff/Avantgarde and Marc/AFL1970. This was posted by Marc himself!

  • Avantgarde has had a decline in activity due to the lack of cards. They gained Intruder/Excess as a megaswapper. Their game Smasher 2 released by AVT+Laser was a recrack of the game "Magicballs" released by Coderz 1 year ago, the only difference is a new 1x1 font. but it is said that the programmer released this version with changed code and gfx. they lost their trader and supplier Steve to a partyline female in America, he is hopefully having a fun time! We'll miss you Steve, hope to see you on the boards someday!!:) Nastiness Inc joined on a trial basis and he will stay in Entropy as 2nd group. Rumours say of them gaining a new board soon.

  • Genesis Project is dead!! the old well established Swedish based group died with some of the main members joining their humble counterparts in "F4CG". Airwolf released a little demo under the G*P called 'They're Dead', which was fake and never a Genesis release! Before this though, Twist/G*P was rumoured to begin NTSC fixing games. Things started to improve and they were about to gain a WHQ with the comeback of the fabulous "Divine Ultimatum" but also F4CG are rumoured to have this board, so its pretty unlikely which group will have this board. Argos joined as a megaswapper. But then things swiftly changed, Newscopy, Walker, Scope and Motley joined F4CG, their magazine is now released independently with a new outfit planned for next issue. the other members scattered with The Ministry (Jayce and Marcus) joining Hardcore! After the Herning party, Newscopy released a last death note explaining why the group died, which is published in the "Special" chapter this issue. Another legend passes into the history pages.

  • Chromance tumbled from their normal state of excellence, with Mr. Wax going inactive due to lame army duties. Sailor left them for Taboo and also Agony as second group. In turn they gained Chotaire as a musician and active phreaker/modem trader. Sliver, Titanic and Sailor left them for SCS+TRC and formed their Polish division. Lord Crucifier returned to the scene and joined Chromance as a freelancer but later joined SCS+TRC also. they're supplier and coder Druid left them for the ever growing forces of F4CG. Stake had took over the leadership after the inactiveness of Mr. Wax, but he also ran into some troubles as his blue boxing calls, which were back billed and its rumoured that the costs were over $500,000 US dollars!!! hopefully blue boxing will be working in Hungary again and they will return to their former strength.

  • Success + TRC successfully released another issue of Vandalism news, which improved even more in quality that before. they gained the American trader called Coolhand. but then some internal conflicts started with Lord Crucifier and Splatterhead joining the co-op. Moren to my understanding disapproves of them in the group. Also joining was Sliver and Titanic. They also lost some older members who left to form Hardcore. But in turn the 1800 number up to their world HQ "The Dungeon" has made it very active with over 30 callers a day. lets see what they have for us in the future.

  • Motiv8 never really died. They did lose Dominic, having been offline due to hard drive problems. The Fresh Prince was busted yet again for hacking and abusing AT&T cards. He has been forced to quit the scene and won't return. they still maintained two boards, firstly In Living Color 1-713/XXX-XXXX and their new board after Bird/Bronx joined in with his own Mount Olympus +45/XXXXXXXX. They turned 1 year old on January 8th and are back releasing again with several wares which made it to the US boards. they lost Iceball to Fairlight. things are stable at the moment and calling cards are only the real problem.

  • F4CG gained more members this month with the US supplier, Eldamar. Also Newscopy, Motley, Scope and the trader Walker joined in to boost things up, especially with the serious tie-ins with Cherry software and first releases. Cards proved to be a problem again. they still lack a board but rumours say that they will possibly have 'Dream Park' which is on temporary comeback and can be reached after hours on 1-619/XXX-XXXX. The Syndicate renamed back to H-Bloxx. the calling card problem never stopped them from a good amount of releases and more to come.

  • A bold new group broke through the ranks, this one was called Hardcore. God/ex-Dynamix is back and joined. They gained a supplier with Ramirez/Talent joining in. they then gained even more with Blockbuster/ex-Success, Creat/ex-Padua, Marcus and Jayce from G*P. A small status was posted. God, Communist, Shocker, Shruiken, Rap, Steel, B-Wyze, Jayce, Blockbuster, Marcus, Raze, Hi-Lite, Ramirez and Raven.

And now some single news:

  • Metal Maniac/ex-Dual Crew joined Noice.

  • Steiger left Entropy.

  • Panda/System was kicked due to inactivity.

  • The Swedish modem trader Motion joined Noice.

  • Snooze/Bronx changed handle to Rage and joined Fairlight.

  • Mephisto joined Pandora and Sky and Attraction will be back soon.

  • Agemixer and Aegis joined Atlantis, the former as a musician and the latter as a coder and swapper.

  • Chg/Arcoss/Powerage joined Genloc as a third group.

  • Razor Ramon has been kicked out of AWT.

  • Panda/Angel joined Genloc as second group.

  • The board 'Phoenix' is now an Angel and Genloc board.

  • Tristar/Rebels joined No Name as second crew and so did Rap/Jabole as second also.

  • Heavyhead first joined RPG and then Camelot as well and now runs his board 'Westpoint' +45/XXXXXXXX under both groups.

  • Doc Stoned/ex-AFL, ex-Spirit re-entered the scene to join up with Equinoxe (ED. welcome back pal!)

  • The new issue of the paper mag by Incubus/Antic was spread at the Party '94. This makes it the tenth under the name Immortalized!

  • WOW is officially dead! this old group finally passed away, special goodbyes from us!

  • Echo/EQX and Aris/EQX left the scene. Tale was kicked from Equinoxe in the meantime.

  • Volunteer left Bronx and joined FLT on trial.

  • Holy Moses joined Excess as sysop of 'Sanitarium'.

  • Stone/Charged joined Agony as second group.

  • Betrayer left Xentrix to join Spirit.

  • The Evil Island changed number to 1-314/XXX-XXXX.

  • Deathlok rejoined Padua.

  • Grizzly/Lobs and TDS/Migs joined Creators.

  • Axe was kicked from System due to inactivity and Flyt rejoined System as a musician.

  • Depredator/ex-Dynamix returned to the scene and renamed to Burner.

  • Jinx/Chromance is calling out again.

  • Iopop/Jam joined Triad.

  • Hoffi/ex-Bloodsuckers/Damones (Amiga) returned to the C64 scene and joined Palace. His board 'Thunderstruck' is now Palace HQ.

  • TBN/Doc joined AWT as a musician.

  • Chotaire/Chromance opened up his brilliant board in Germany called "The Pirate Island" +49/XXXXXXXX.

  • Rooster/Dytec renamed as Andreas and joined Shape.

  • Cat/Excess decided not to leave the scene.

  • Cruise/Elysium joined Taboo as first and stay in Elysium as second.

  • The entire Dytec crew were offered from Chromance to join but refused.

  • The Amnesia and Silicon Limited co-op is over.

  • Harzak/Antic joined The Remembers as second crew.

  • Coda/Dytec renamed to One Dollar.

  • Ablaze got kicked from Noice due to inactivity. Zalo joined in.

  • Chrysagon, The Ignorance and Loc (who renamed to Stereo) joined Dytec.

  • Bungalow/Jam joined Fairlight.

  • Excess dropped their second US HQ called 'Chaotic Factor'.

  • Byterapers will release another demo soon and it won't be in the World Of Code series. Source: Grendel (via IRC).

  • Commodore are rumoured to be coming back and have changed name to IPS International.

  • Inco joined Agony as coder.

Comments: much happening in the scene lately especially with the Christmas and other parties. Many, many demos and other wares were released and we are venturing into another year with style, stick around, because your going to enjoy it.

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