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US Scene September/October '94

Introducing this chapter for the first time, hopefully it will be taken over by the rightful editor, that being an American scener!

Let's begin in the same fashion as the normal news chapter...


Another new fixer group arrived in time; this new group formed from the ashes of 'PSI' has now gained two HQ's, the first being 'Edge of Midnight' and the second, 'Fortress of Doom'. Some nice fixes have been done for their fellow group, Chromance. Unfortunately activeness is not a big front for them. Stablizer left them for Demonix. hope to see more from this promising group in the future.


Moving swiftly over to one of the bigger sh0cks to the scene in general this month was of the popular BBS 'The Forum' being closed down and Pudwerx exiting the scene (again). His explanation is he needs more time and dedication to his full-time job. This of course is quite understandable. So now Avantgarde are left without a fixer and a US board. But all is not lost as 'Terminal Obsession' is meant to be back up soon and apparently AVT will gain another US board too.


Demonix seem to be pretty inactive at the moment, but still hold their HQ 'The Dungeon' and gaining another fixer, this time Stablizer from Aristocracy.


Exactly opposite to Demonix would have to be Empire, they seem to be fixing nearly all 'F4CG' releases. Firstly Mizar (ex-Napalm) joined in and let them support his board, 'Menace 2 Society' along with Genesis Project. Rich/Empire's brother, The Mercenary seems to be responsible for most of the fixes these days, but a rumour still persists of the return of the brilliant fixer, Booze. I guess time will tell, but they certainly are producing at the moment regardless.

The Pulse and Chromance WHQ, 'The Evil Island' changed its mag and group this issue, with its old group Alpha Flight taking over and the AFL magazine 'Relax' replacing the dead Pulse. It seems that Chromance were not able to support it because of difficulty calling out.

Grego/Motiv8 and Susieuzi/Lbdsa are again having problems with the FBI in their hometown in Texas. Once again they have been dragged into custody even though the police still have no evidence. They were let out after 15 hours and both are facing yet another court-trial in the very near future.

Individual news:

  • Zirc0/F4CG joined RPG as 2nd group as a musician. Moloch/F4CG also followed but as a coder. Uzzy/Incursion joined RPG as a graphician and Chronic Leech also joined as a graphician and Dragon Slayer joined as a wares runner. Expansion it probably makes RPG the biggest NTSC group at the moment.

  • TSM are a bit inactive at the moment due to Stealth's school work, but hope to see them and their board 'The Shaolin Temple' back online soon.

  • Codey/ex-2D returned to the scene and joined Style.

  • Paladin/ex-Rage is back in the scene and is currently groupless.

  • Glory is back!! the old fixing group made a comeback with a fix from the new group 'Hardcore', members should be Thor, Master Kracker and Shark.

  • Mutant-X will be putting his board up again soon, lets hope it stays online now! A name hasn't been decided yet.

The great board format mystery: well quite lately many attempts have been made to format some of the boards and some have been fruitful. Firstly, 'Menace 2 Society' was formatted and is still to go back online next to come was 'The Evil Island' and then just recently, 'The Dungeon'. Apart from these successful attempts, someone has tried to use Hain/F4CG's account on 'Holiday Inn Cambodia' to disrupt that board as well, but fortunately the sysop fixed the problem. and who was to blame? well many pointed their fingers at Thor, Master Kracker and The Shark for this lame act, but this was just a reaction to their heavy ragging on generally everyone on 'The Forum' so its doubtful its them, although maybe some bullet-proof evidence will be made available in the next issue of Relax?!

Summary: well as many can assume the NTSC scene is at a slump at the moment, but with Christmas arriving we will hopefully see many changes in this. Rumours exist of boards such as 'Divine Ultimatum' and 'Second to None' to return, and then of course Cyborg should put back up, 'Dream Park' (hurry up Shaun!!) so... things should return to normal soon.


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