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Hack and Phreak

Here is the numbers, numbers and more numbers chapter. Lately I have found that not many mags have a chapter devoted to the H/P scene so if anyone has any contributions you're quite welcome to give your ideas to this chapter. Also if you need your VMB codeline or board numbers spread just post it on the votesheet or at my addy at the end of this chapter.

Bits and bytes...

Well most things people are after these days is either a good country for blue boxing or some calling cards. For those of you who are new to calling cards I will explain a little. I have 'witnessed' 5 different American cards from Australia, but there are 3 main ones. Let's have a look at these five in order of popularity:

  • AT&T XXXXXXXXXX automated or operator
  • MCI XXXXXXXXXX automated or operator
  • Sprint XXXXXXXXXX automated or operator
  • GTE XXXXXXXXXX operator assisted
  • Allnet XXXXXXXXXX operator assisted

AT&T is the most used and largest of all phone companies, in fact it's the 5th largest phone company in the world. Now to go about getting the cards there is several ways which I will now give some minor details, they are:

1# Social Engineering
This is acting as an operator and getting the cards by spinning some bullshit. Several ways to do this.

2# Personal Choice
Ringing up the operator with certain info on a person and act as this person and order a physical card.

3# System Hacked
Really nice cards these, they generally last longer. These are obtained via accessing systems such as Cosmos, System 75/85, or RCI.

People sell cards a lot, if you're interested in buying them how about get either in contact with Westbam/Legend or Scat/TRSI. Scat can be reached through his voice mail in the US on XXXXXXXXXX just leave your phone number there and he will get back to you. You may give me messages to pass onto Westbam.

A little article I extracted from Pirates magazine (thanks to Solar!) all about the new voice prints that will be used. Since 1st of January 1994 a new law has been approved by the US senate to allow voice prints (VOP) as evidence in US courts. AT&T is negotiating with some foreign countries too about the discussion of the reliability of voice prints as evidence. Voice prints could be the best thing AT&T has against calling card abuse as of yet. The system only works with operator assistance. It stores the person's voice (analogue) data onto a digital tape or data system. These tapes can be used to find further card abuse by the same person and could be used in court since they are classified as unique. Each person has his own typical voice print and new techniques have put this 'evidence' in the same class as fingerprints. CMR will automatically match all calling cards in operation continuously and when two matching calling cards are found to be in operation at the same time, an AT&T operator will be notified. The computer will automatically try to locate the calling card users (working on the presumption that only one calling card is usually being used at a time), and detect the kind of conversation. The computer will not tape any voice conversations; it will merely register the kind of conversation, being it voice, data or other. This information will be stored in a record and the original owner of the calling card will be contacted and asked if permission has been given, if that is not the case AT&T will take legal actions toward the abusers. This is where VOP will help to get us a conviction of the abuser(s) being it national united states and also Canada) or foreign (Sweden, Scandinavia, Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia which together amount for about 90% of the calling card abuse and are all willing to test VOP and if found reliable they will consider it to be used in court. Our AT&T direct lines will replace, if present, the computer touch tone systems for an operator based system to be able to get VOP from the abusers (ED. operator assisted phone sex?). And if every country in question has accepted VOP to be used in evidence in court a conviction based on that particular country's law will follow. AT&T is very annoyed (pissed in fact) about the continuing growth off card abuse in conjunction with long distant calls, there for the countries mentioned above will get a high priority since these illegally made costs are considerably higher as local phone calls. CMR is planned to be introduced in February 1994. VOP is as of this moment installed in all countries which had a computer system and which were switched to a operator based system (ED. no worries here in Australia or most of the other parts of the world for that matter, also for those worried about the AT&T operator having your number on the screen when you dial in this is just false, they only have the country-code and not the complete phone number).

Before I completely change the subject to something else, I recently learned how to get international PBX numbers in America. All that needs to be done is you have to ring up AT&T, and ask for the supervisor's name and then ask to be connected to the same supervisor. Once you have the name, write it down and hang up. Now in two weeks time ring up AT&T again and ask for 'xxx' supervisor and that you need to speak specifically to her/him. Once you are connected say that you work as an Australian telecom engineer (e.g.) and that your testing the line clarity on calls from America to Australia, then tell the supervisor that to do this you need an Australian loop back number, in other words a number you could dial in America and then call back to Australia or for the dense, a PBX. If all is gullible she/he should give you the number which might look like this: XXXXXXXXXX If she becomes tough just say you have to test the lines today and that you have several other phone carriers to test through, your time is valuable. Hopefully all goes well. As expected, some Americans actually sell these code on the streets.

Now I'd like to write some info on credit cards and carding. Here I will list some ideas and facts on carding. This is just to 'educate' some of you so you don't fuck up and be put in jail!! Let's go...

Some card types

The first digit of the credit card number (CCN) determines the credit card type. A list might be: 1st digit of card type

  • 3 American Express
  • 4 Visa
  • 5 Mastercard
  • 6 Discover/Diners Club

Now here is some info on how to determine the bank from the first 4 digits of the CCN. In the first 4 numbers the bank name and branch are contained. Let's have a list of some I know of, I don't have a recent list so there are others...

Visa/Bank Name

  • 4019 Bank of America
  • 4024 Bank of America
  • 4052 First Cincinnati
  • 4060 Navy Federal Credit Union
  • 4128 Citibank
  • 4131 State Street Bank
  • 4215 Marine Midland
  • 4225 chase Manhattan
  • 4231 chase Lincoln First Classic
  • 4232 chase Lincoln First Classic
  • 4241 National Westminster Bank
  • 4250 First Chicago Bank
  • 4271 Citi Bank Preferred
  • 4302 H.H.B.C.
  • 4310 Imperial Savings
  • 4317 Gold Dome
  • 4387 Bank one
  • 4428 Bank of Hoven
  • 4811 Bank of Hawaii
  • 4897 Village Bank of Cincinnati

Mastercard/Bank Name

  • 5215 Marine Midland
  • 5217 Manufacturers Hanover Trust
  • 5233 Huntington Bank
  • 5242 Chevy Chase Federal Savings
  • 5254 Bank of America
  • 5263 Chemical Bank
  • 5273 Bank of America
  • 5232 Chase Lincoln First classic
  • 5286 Chase Lincoln First classic
  • 5317 Norwest
  • 5323 Bank of New York
  • 5329 Maryland Bank (MBNA)
  • 5410 Citibank Preferred
  • 5411 1st Financial Bank of Omaha
  • 5414 National Westminster Bank
  • 5415 Colonial National Bank
  • 5465 Chase Manhattan
  • 5678 Marine Midland

Bank codes these are used in checking credit. Later on, you will learn that while checking the CCN's for amount of credit, you will need to enter the bank ID along with the merchant ID (basically a login and password to show you are legitimate in purpose for checking someone's credit).

Bank/Bank Code

  • Chemical Bank 1263
  • Marine Midland 6207,1207
  • M. Hanover Trust 1033
  • Citibank 1035
  • Huntington 1226
  • First Card Gold 1286
  • MBNA 6017
  • Chase Manhattan 1665
  • Bank from 5127, 1015

The second group of four digits on the CCN contains the info on the maximum expiration date and maximum credit limit. The last two sections of four digits on the CCN tell you the identification of the card holder, using certain programs you can find other valid cards. Now that's explained something about the actual cards, now you have to check if your card is valid and how much credit limit is on it. Here is some credit card checkers in the US, sorry I don't have the ID's or merchant numbers (but they should be easy to pick up).

  • Visa/Mastercard - XXX/XXX-XXXX
  • Visa/Mastercard - XXX/XXX-XXXX
  • American Express - XXX/XXX-XXXX
  • Discover Card - XXX/XXX-XXXX

Another way to verify cards is to try them on the 1800 sex lines. Of all credit cards, Discover is the big loser, and if you get a company that accepts it, use it! It will almost always work. Credit cards from overseas are also real good and you will be getting everything you order with those.

That's all for credit cards in this issue. next issue in this chapter I will give some tips on how to actually card stuff and info on things such as drop points, how to do it, call back and how to pick the stolen goods up (such as plane tickets and computer equipment). In the meantime I may be reached on the following.

  • XXXXXXXXXX The Shaolin Temple - user #12

Hope you enjoyed the H/P articles present in this issue and get ready for the next!

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