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The Mixed Stuff

Here we go with some neat stuff about some of the finest pleasures in life, when you think about it deeply, sex in a way is an actual drug, a healthy drug and certainly not illegal. In this chapter I will try and describe some interesting sexual and illegal drug information, so you can get other views on what these things are all about, read and imagine...

A depraved gang of upper-crust English homosexuals indulged in the worst forms of sado-masochistic torture shocked police investigators have ever encountered. Spectators ran ashen faced from London's old bailey as details of gross genital abuse, including sandpapered testicles, a finger inserted down a man's penis hole and sex with a donkey and great dane, were revealed during a seven-day trial. Even the judge looked sick when police showed a video of a man's penis and scrotum being slit open with a scalpel. The 15 men in the dock ran a national network of elaborately-equipped dungeons in the basements of elegant country houses where they acted out there vilest sexual fantasies. Most were highly respected professional men including a senior lawyer, a missile design engineer, teachers, and even a lay preacher. One revolting home video showed retired pig breeder Donald Anderson, having sex with his great dane and a donkey. He buggered and masturbated the frightened animals before encouraging them to mount him in return. He later told cops it was normal for a man to have sex with his pet dog. "it's perfectly natural to masturbate a dog so that they don't go looking for a bitch," he said. The judge jailed Anderson for 12 months. Lay preacher and restaurant owner Saxon Lucas, 58, confessed to what the judge called by far the worst of the assaults. A home video called "cock shock" showed Lucas performing an operation with a scalpel on a man who was naked, gagged and blindfolded. This victim was John Atkinson, 50, an antiques restorer. His video showed Lucas making several incisions in Atkinson's penis which was nailed to a kitchen table, along with his testicles. Prosecutor Michael Worsley said: "Atkinson was in bondage. Lucas had a surgical scalpel and was cutting Atkinson's penis and scrotum. Blood flowed freely." when judge Rant saw the video he went white in the face and asked for an adjournment. He later said: "I am not likely to forget that one. no-one would" Lucas got four and a half years.

When the police raided the gang's torture chambers they found restraining straps, a flogging bench complete with a rack for stretching people, a whipping post, chains and pulleys for suspending gang members from the ceiling, uniforms, whips, a devil mask, an expandable dildo, canes, studded collars, stocks and spiked gloves. Prosecutor Worsley said middle-aged men comprised the porn ring's inner circle. "but youths, one as young as 15, were corrupted after being brought in to act as slaves", he said. "one torture session lasted an exhausting seven or eight hours. On another occasion 30 people were present at a homosexual orgy. Sometimes participants dressed in German uniforms to re-enact imagined scenes of Nazi atrocities." "at other times they acted out fantasies of schoolboy punishment." The court was told by participants acting as slaves consented to having their private parts tortured and their buttocks cut or branded. Slaves were sometimes stretched on racks or struck with spiked gloves. One man had his pubic hair set alight with a candle and melted wax dripped over his genitals.

The demented gang frequently indulged in drugs like laughing gas and LSD. One incident caught on video showed a finger being forced down a man's penis passage while he was held down. Another showed the flaying of penis and testicles with a metal spiked carpet gripper. The court was told missile designer, Roland Jaggard, 42, was involved in the sandpapering of testicles and loved the sight of blood. At another sex session a victim was beaten by Jaggard with a cane and studded belt until his buttocks were like "raw steaks". Jaggard was said to have masturbated while beating his victim. He was also filmed pushing a metal coat hanger down his own penis and pinning his own penis to a block of wood with a knife. He was jailed for 3 years. Also sentenced was London tattooist Anthony Oversby, 56, a specialist in "penis piercing", who got a suspended 15 months for wounding and administering anaesthetic whilst unqualified. The court heard Oversby set up his premises like a doctor's surgery and formed a master/slave relationship with one of his clients - who had asked for help to be castrated. Others convicted were fire station officer John Lofthouse, 50, who carved his initials on another gang member, lawyer Christopher Zimmerli, 52, who admitted involvement in genital torture.

A popular torture chamber was run by Ian Wilkinson, a forester, and Peter Grindely, a care worker with the mentally handicapped, in a swish country home. they admitted to keeping a disorderly house, possessing cannabis and LSD, committing genital torture and publishing an indecent photo of a child.

The Sickos' sordid catalogue:

1. A man was hung from a scaffold and his penis and testicles nailed to a table.

2. A finger was pushed down one man's penis and an electric wire down another's.

3. One man had his penis and testicles flayed with a metal spike.

4. A favourite party piece for another was to shove his fist into a gay partner's anus.

5. One penetrated a great dane and a donkey, and then encouraged the animals to mount him.

6. Another enjoyed having his testicles sandpapered until his scrotum was rubbed raw.

7. A candle flame was held to one man's penis and wax dripped over his genitals.

8. One pervert enjoyed having his testicles clamped in a vice for hours at a time.

9. A video showed a gang member having a hook of a coat hanger pulled through his penis.

ED. Well that's a quite bizarre story, I am quite certain these type of rituals and torturing happens all over the world and this is just one incident where the subject has been made public. We will pass into a slower speed now with the classic case of remedies for those great hangovers of alcohol abuse! Here is 12 selected remedies from all around the world, try them at your own risk and remember no matter how sickening some may seem they have worked wonders!!

1. Foaming Brekkie.
Many serious drinkers, particularly in Australia and Germany, believe implicitly that the best morning-after cure is a few glasses of beer for breakfast. for speedier relief and depending on the state of your stomach lining, add an angostura bitters to the beer. Others say flat beer is even better, so open a can or two before going to bed.

2. Pommy Hot Dog
Juice of two lemons 1 teaspoon mustard with the lemon juice and drink in one hit.

3. Bushman's Corny Cure
An old Australian bush tucker recipe: mix cornflower with buttermilk in a pot, then heat until almost boiling point. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

4. Suffering Bastard
Attributed to a barmen at Cairo's old Shepherd hotel, this consists of: brandy, lime juice, gin. Take one third of each. Add dash of bitters. Mix with ginger ale. Sip slowly.

5. Dairy Delight
1 nip of vodka
2 nips of tomato juice
1 slug of Worcestershire sauce
2 alka-seltzers
1 good squirt of cow's milk
Mix together, allowing the milk from the udder to foam up in the glass, or if from the bottle stir rapidly to get the same effect, drink slowly.

6. Foaming Blood
Half fill a beer glass with tomato juice, top up with beer. Clso called Ruptured Rooster.

7. Prairie Oyster
Drop a raw egg in a tumbler, season with salt and vinegar, Worcestershire or hot sauce. then swallow with out breaking the yolk.

8. Virgin Mary
Mix one can of tomato juice with half a cup of lemon juice, salt pepper and a celery stick.

9. Toasted Red Indian
Burnt toast soaked in milk, then eaten with a spoon like porridge, is said to work wonders on a severe hangover, particularly one caused by red wine.

10. Egg Burp
Pour half a bottle of beer into a glass. mix in one raw egg, stir until the foam subsides.

11. Sugar 'n' Spice
Sugary soft drink with plenty of fizz for breakfast is regarded as an excellent hangover cure by many sufferers. To turn into true "hair-of-the-dog", add rum or brandy.

12. Jamaican Eyeball Plucker
1 nip overproof rum
1 teaspoon cream
1 teaspoon honey
Shake well with ice. strain into the glass. of course, prevention is usually better than cure, so if you really don't want a hangover try eating large amount of food before hand.

What else is happening around the world?

Get high on cow shit!!

Dingbat druggies have discovered the world's latest high - and it's free and legal. But its stinks to high heaven and you're in the shit. The secret's out: methane gas from steaming cowpats will get you as shit-faced as top Thai Buddha or a snort of best Bolivian marching powder. But pharmacists warn that sniffing methane is highly dangerous - and can kill! "I've heard of people doing some stupid things to get high," said a police expert, "but this latest business really takes the cake. These idiots actually sneak into pastures and follow some cow around until she takes a big dump. Then they rush over and slap a bowl over the steaming stuff to trap all the odours and gases. Next, they stick straws through holes in the bottom of the bowl and sniff away until the methane gas has them even kookier than they were before! It's so nutty I'd never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes." The craze began in Malaysia during a government clampdown on drugs, when addicts were looking for ways of getting high. somehow, someone stumbled upon cowpats. And fell headlong. Speaking at a drugs conference, deputy home minister Megat Junid Ayob described the local method: "they wait for the fresh dung and quickly put a coconut shell over it - and then sniff the gas through the hole in the shell. We've had such a shortage of heroin and coke and other drugs over here that addicts were desperate for something, anything to scramble their brains. Some of our dung users are so far gone nobody was surprised when they started smelling dung. But we never dreamed people in rich countries like England and the US would start following cows too." German manure maniac Wendell Wegener, 19, swears by the smelly stuff. "I've done marijuana, I've done coke, I've done it all, but this stuff really gets you flying. It does sound kind of icky when you first think about it, but you don't stick your nose down in the stuff - you just inhale the gases." "ok, the smell isn't the best, and sometimes an old farmer will come out with a shotgun and threaten to blow your butt off for trespassing. But the high, man - you just can't beat it." A long-time Australian user of cannabis sativa, marijuana, says the powerful cowpat potion, if effective, could also change the face of the Australian environment. "sure," he said, "if it's as effective as dope - and free - it will be unbelievably popular. I'm already thinking of a way it could be used in something like an asthma puffer - so you could carry it around anywhere. But I wouldn't use it in a restaurant." Another habitual drug user questioned wasn't so sure. "the whole ideas ecologically sound," he reasoned. "scientists say methane gas from farm animals is helping destroy the ozone layer. But if that's true, imagine what it does to your brain!".

Now lastly to fill this chapter I have a story sent in by the graphician Blackadder/Lithium, entitled...

Jail Break

The dungeon guard took a long, deep drag on his smoking weed, and offered it too his partner. The smell of the tobacco was equivalent to that of a rotting corpse dumped in a cesspool. The guards never saw the cloaked figure approach them, their smoking trip having numbed their senses. "excuse me, gentlemen" the cloaked figure spoke. The guards clumsily went to unsheathe their swords, but were cut short in mid-action as the cloaked figure swept his cloak to one side and produced a crossbow. Arrows struck the guards; they fell to the dirt, silent. A smile spread across the figures face, though no-one would of have seen it as the hood he wore shadowed his head completely. The cloaked figure found it easy to penetrate the dungeons security, what there was of it. Guards littered the floors, bottles of spirits lay empty, evidence of the guards' drunken states. The figure's foot connected with an empty bottle, the sound echoed throughout the dungeon. The figure cursed under his breath, but no-one stirred. The dark figure searched the dungeon cells, most were empty. The figure collapsed against the bars of once cell in despair, it was then when he placed his hand in some sticky, warm fluid. The figure looked at his hand in disgust, "must be pretty lonely down here," he murmured to himself. "indeed it is," replied a hushed voice from the cell behind him. The figure whirled around and found himself starring at a wrinkle old man. The figure wiped his hands quickly over his cloak, as if would take away the disgust he felt, away faster. The old man continued to talk a cocktail of garbage as the figure watched the old man probe his nostril with his grubby forefinger. The figure, though disgusted, was compelled to watch this ritual of nose picking. The old man continued to speak, though to figure it was a babble of back ground noise, he found the way the old mans eyes moved with every probe of the finger especially. "hey son, your not listening to me," whined the man. "course I'm not listening to you, fool." "hey, well why not?" "course your a senile old phart, and I have no respect for anyone who picks their nose in public." "um...well yes, I apologise a bad habit I have; ever since a cockroach made its home in there I've never been able to stop myself from checking whether or not if I've over fed him." the figure shunted backwards in disgust, he could in disgust, he could feel his stomach churn. The figure coughed, a chunky, fluidly, cough. "oh, goody," cried the man playfully, realising that his disgusting habits had nauseated the rogue, "save some for me, I'm hungry!" and with that, the figure bent over clutching the rusted cell bars, unleashing his digested three cause meal all over the cell walls. "uh, what a waste of good vomit, why didn't you give it to me instead of the wall, what is it? aren't I worth feeding? bastard," responded the man, drool dribbling down his chin. The figure wiped his mouth with his sleeve and replied in fierce tones. "shut up!" "tell me to shut up! next you'll be calling me a disgusting old phart! the old man retorted. "look, I came here to rescue a friend." "what! you have come to save us!!!" boomed the senile phart. All of a sudden the dungeon awoke, occupants in cells stirred, the aroma of hope filled the air (if you can call the smell of puke that!). The dungeon was alive, prisoners reached out of the cells waving their grubby arms, hoping for the touch of freedom. "shit! senile phart, look what you've done!" snarled the rescuer. The figure was going to continue his abuse but found it hard as the man who was caged in the cell disappeared. The figure stared blankly in amazement at the empty cell. Maybe it was his lucky day and the senile bastard had spontaneously imploded, but just as he was going to thank the mighty gods he felt a tap on his back, "lookin' for me?," came the grating voice, realising that the old fool had appeared behind him he turned and faced the man. In the light he could see that the man was totally naked, years of malnutrition had turned his body into a grotesque jumble of gristle, sharing the likeness of a gnarled tree branch. "great, a bloody wizard!" "ha! you came to rescue me, see, and now I'm free!" "no! I never freed you, you did it yourself, you could of escaped anytime." "ah! yes, but that defeats the whole purpose of being rescued, doesn't it?" to the figure, the senile old wizard had a logic likened to a drunk dung beetle. The wizard continued his illogical talk "see it I had escaped before you had arrived then you wouldn't be able to save me now, right?" "look! I haven't come to save you, its my friend I'm after!" screamed the figure in full rage. Murmurs came from guards, who were awaking from their drunken slums. "quick help me find my friend," the figures voice had an urgent ring to it. "no! you don't want to save your friend, its me you want to save," answered the wizard giving a tap on his nose and a knowingly wink. "no!", "yes!", "no!" "yes, you do!", "no! I don't", "yes!" "alright!" The figure was desperate and running out of time. he placed his hand on the wizard's forehead "you're saved; now help me or piss off!" "thank you! now let me help you!" replied the wizard. There was a blinding flash and the smell of burning flesh over powered the aroma of hope. The figure peered in each cell, the occupants were all gone and all that remained were piles of ash. "no!" screamed the figure. The figure drew his sword and held it at the wizard's throat. "now, now temper my friend, I have helped you by killing all the prisoners so you don't have to save them, I hope you're grateful, and don't ask me to do anything else for you," stated the wizard triumphantly. The figure was in no mood to answer, in all the emotion they had been surrounded by the now awoken dungeon guards. "uhh...shit!" the figure yelled. A massive onslaught broke out; dismembered guards flew left and right around the dungeon. "hey you silly old bastard, help!" called the figure amidst the sword clang. "no! I've done enough for you already, your supposed to be saving me remember?" the figure continued fighting until all his opponents fell dead at his feet. "I used to be pretty good with a sword, though magic arts was really my call." "shut up!" the figures voice resonated throughout the dungeon cells. The figure clenched his sword hilt hard and in one swoop decapitated the senile wizard. "when I say shut up, I bloody well mean it!!" The events of the rescue had depressed the figure, he pulled himself out of the dungeon and found the two guards he'd originally slew. He bent down and much to his relief found that the weed that the guards had been smoking was still alight. He took the weed and placed it to his lips... he sure needed it!!

The End

This chapter has splashed itself into its own memory limit so press fire for the menu, thanks Nathan for the story!

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