Domination 01 ch07 Interview with Nme of Illusion

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Interview III

A personal friend of mine and someone I discovered that can upload files to me across a party-line via United Kingdom to America and down to Australia! He has been a member of groups such as Illusion and Dominators and is a skilled cracker, I present to you NME/Illusion...


D) We will start with the usual question about yourself and what you do on this computer.

N) Well, my real name is Mathew and I am 24 years old. I have been cracking on the C64 now for 6 years, and have cracked around 300 games. Probably the hardest game I've done is Myth. Other things I do or have done is coding and supplying originals, also some hacking.

D) Tell us a little about how you entered this scene, what groups you have been in and other stuff.

N) Well, the first ever group I joined was Slothsoft, this contained a few UK guys, we used to freeze games! Other groups I have been in are: Twilight Zone, Fusion, Manowar, Dominators, Deadline and finally Illusion. I probably gained a bit of fame in Dominators under my former handle which was "Jade". I have been in Illusion for 2.5 years. The first game I ever trained was a game called Psy-droid. As I said before I've done around 300 games, among these around 50 multi-loaders.

D) Ok, this time we will kick it with a brainstorm...

Scene: Not half as good as before.

Real life music: Everything but country music and rap. Wonder stuff.

Cracking scene: I feel overrated, the crackers today load the game then save the memory, then link the intro. A real cracker would be someone who level packs, removes protection and does multi-load games.

Food: Spaghetti, strawberries.

Movies: Aladdin, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Lawn Mower Man II.

Women: Short, slim. A tanned woman with intelligence.

Demos: I admire this scene.

Sex: Pass.

Hacking scene: Going down, one time I used to get 10 AT&T cards a day. Now I haven't had one for 8 months! Even the so called card suppliers don't get as many and it has been left up to the Europeans to get their own cards.

Game scene: Still a few games, but only one or two real companies left in the United Kingdom.

IBM: I want one! Need it for coding on the SNES (wild card) the Amiga isn't powerful or fast enough.

Amiga: 90% of it is just pretty graphics and crap games. I have about 200 disks on the Amiga of games that I would keep. I have owned one for 4 years now.

D) What are your views on the new C65 and its 18 sid channels? etc...

N) I have never heard of it!

D) If you decided to start your own group and could have anyone from the scene in it who would you have?

N) Derbyshire Ram, because good friend and very active. I'd have someone in the states with a good board. Also someone that could supply money!

D) So what type of hardware do you own?

N) 2 C64's
Dolphin Dos
Action Replay V5
Amiga with 20 megabyte hard drive
Super Nintendo
and an IBM soon!

D) How could we improve the scene more?

N) More games. It's a challenge to crack some big games; I did it for the challenge. Then I got wise and did it for calling cards!

D) What handles have you had and why did you change them?

N) Jade and Nme. The only reason I changed my handle was because Jade is a German shampoo.

D) What do you think of the rebuilding of legendary groups?

N) Wrong to use established names. It is better to start new groups as it is always a challenge to start a new one.

D) Have you had any wars or enemies in this scene?

N) I had a bit of bad stuff with Antichrist of Genesis, he used to spread shit about me. I have never really had any real enemies.

D) What is your future plans on this computer and in real life?

N) Not a lot in this scene, but I will stick around as so many friends and because this scene is a lot better that the Amiga. I have just finished a business course and I plan to become a programmer on the super Nintendo.

D) If you have any greets to anyone, please do so...

N) Well, Derbyshire Ram, Grego, Suzie, Rebel/Legend, Lucifer and PWP/Legend.

D) Thanks very muych for this interview! Any final words or how would you have claimed fame?

N) My claim to fame would be when I got a Christmas card from F.A.S.T. the piracy busting group!! (ED. haha!) Peace and cheese...

D) Ok, thanks Matt and enjoy this sending from me, more to come so press fire...

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