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...and again we nearly just got
positive reactions.just one
thing didn't some of you like
(and these ones are right !),
and this were the sentences
about us GERMANS. again sorry
for this,but you have to under-
stand that our dutch editors
were angry about the
elimination of their team in WORLD-CHAMPION we can
ignore this,can't we ???
'what a cool's one of
 the best (even the best).i
 liked your new style in
 corruption 4.keep it up,will
 ya ???'

no,we won't do this.the new
style was just done for the
soccer world-cup.but in the
next issue you will see a brand
new sure to get this
'congrats with a very cool
 disc-mag and the wc-final in
 italy !!!'

thanx,cool dude.i think germany
deserved it to become world-
champion,they were the best
team of the whole tournament.
and our mag deserves your
congratulations,too (hehe) !!!
'your mag is really something
 different and it is a great
 design and your charset is not
 ,like in many other mags,hard
 to read and that's good.'

yeah...this is our favourite
slogan 'corruption something
completly different !!!'.
'your mag is really cool.there
 are only 5 good mags and yours
 is 3.or 4. (lethal news,scene

why not ??? scene press and
lethal news don't excist any-
longer and so we would be 2nd
or 1st in your charts.
'i like corruption,i think this
 magazine must be on number one
 greets to atg-members (keep
 going the right way)!'

thanx for your greets,we keep
on our way to the top !!!
'the wc-issue was the coolest
 idea i've ever seen in a mag!'

you are right !!!
'hello editors of the best mag
 in the scene,CORRUPTION ! we
 like your disc-mag very much,
 especially we enjoy the code.
 your mag music (which was
 composed by mon) is beautyful,
 too !!!'

nice to hear that you,in the
turkey like our mag,too !!!
istanbul is a very cool city.i
just visited it for one whole
'the issue 4 of corruption was
 the best mag,i've ever seen,
 especially the crap about
 frank rijkaard (hehe).don't
 listen to the lamers who say
 that you cheat the charts,put
 corruption in the charts coz
 it's simply the best !!!'

the crap about frank rijkaard
was not very cool (in our
opinion).frank rijkaard is a
bloody,unfair and antisocial
asshole !!! the second point...
we don't listen to the lamers
who say,that we cheat our
charts (nobody said this up to
now !!!).we show all our vote-
papers in venlo.but the
problem is that the people
vote for atg because we are
doing this mag,and this is a
fact.ofcourse we are satisfied
that a lot of people (like you)
love our for atg and
corruption in all other mags !!
'i think that your magazine is
 one of those,which is read by
 most people nowadays !!!'

we hope so...

the following reactions were
answered by our dutch editors :

JUMPIE/F4CG:'i just got your
corruption mag. i say it is
cool but nearly felt on my ass
seeing f4cg at #15.
we cracked only in 1990 (on
10/07) 73 games gathering speed
and quality. some groups who
are higher than us even didn't
release the half of what we
last year at the same period
our releases were slower, from
lower quality, and the quantity
wasn't that... how to explain
we were #5 in nearly every mag
at that time???
about the wc-soccer: germany
was undoubtfully the best! no
one from holland could stop
klinsmann! i'd just want to
fuck those fucking lamers from
england and argentina! for the
first i bet when platt scored
against belgium, his girlie was
sodomised at the same time! and
for argentina, their only way
to win was praying....god, tell
me...why why why???'

DEAR JUMPIE ! we're happy by
reading that you like corrup-
tion, but we can't help that
you aren't too high in the
charts. you know yourself that
people have to vote for f4cg's
place in the charts. we can't
give any explanation why people
aren't voting too much for you.
maybe your cracks aren't spread
too fast. maybe you need more
spreaders, we just don't know.
about the wc; germany won, but
we don't know if they were
absolutely the best. 1-1
against colombia was poor. they
won with luck from holland, and
with more than luck from
england. and than there is
argentina. argentina won with
luck from brazil. if that
wasn't happened than probably
brasil had won it all. we are
no god, so we also don't know
INFOCOMIE/NATO: 'your magazine
is really cool!!!'

DEAR INFOCOMIE! thank you dude.
yes it's cool indeed.
JENSEN/IMPULSE:'i really liked
the outfit of the last version
of corruption.'

DEAR JENSEN! yes, the intro was
quite amazing, but we didn't
like the main-menu ourselves.
XENTRIX/U1F:'make corruption on
the amiga, and you'll have the
coolest magazine around.'

DEAR XENTRIX! we would like to
make it on amiga, but we still
have no good coders on the
amiga, so it isn't possible.
some members are learning to
code on that mighty machine, so
maybe in the future, who knows?
AGRESSOR/AMOK:'corruption has
become much cooler last time.'

DEAR AGRESSOR! yes it was quite
cool, but now we're back to the
old main menu. next time you're
really going to flip into your
room by seeing issue 6 with the
new outfit. wait for that dude.
DR.SUFFI/WOT:'your magazine is
a great succes.'

DEAR DR.SUFFI! yes it's true.
everyone likes our mag, and we
got most time only positive
reactions, so it's a great job
for us to do this. hope you
enjoyed this issue.
TMB/EXTASY:'corruption is cool,
but old news... but it bothers
me, how can you be proud of
what rijkaard did to voeller?

DEAR TMB! yes there was old
news for the 64. we feel very
sorry for that dude, but the
amiga and vhs news was hot. but
that's ofcourse not of your
interest. about rijkaard and
voeller: we are not proud of
what rijkaard did to voeller.
you know that germany against
holland is a most 'talkable'
match every time since 1974.
in 1974 holland lost at the wc
final from germany. the revenge
was there at 1988 at the ec.
so it is exciting to watch such
a game at a new wc. when the
match at the wc in 1990 is
going great and both teams are
very strong you get angry by
loosing it. holland had more
ball posession, but germany
didn't miss their changes. and
that's football my friend.
well, we were very angry about
loosing the match, and our mag
was just released a few days
after the match, so we have
written our agression in a few
sentences. ofcourse we know
that it's a shame what rijkaard
did to voeller. now we'll have
to wait again for the revenge.
and maybe it wasn't such a bad
idea about writing that what we
wrote, because we got a lot of
reactions from many people
about those few sentences (like
you). and it were the reactions
we didn't have too much in the
last issue.
keep on sending so much,dudes..
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