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 feel welcome to the SECOND edition of
 yer fav mag CONDOM !

 a few things have happened since the
 first condom...

 * GNU was kicked out of the staff be-
   cause he's too lazy!
 * AWAY/x-radius joined our mag staff
   to support us with his articles

   he likes...punk,hardcore,death metal
   and also a little bit rap!

 * we have now a letters chapter!

 * toneware has been cancelled ! condom
   is now a VISION and DUEL production!

 we offer in this issue...

 * charts voted from YOU

 * a lot of concert reports from jingo
   de lunch,the pogues and hausalarm

 * your letters

 * more hiphop'n rap articles!

 * addresses to contact!

 and and and

 this issue was released on 1/12/90!

 WATCH OUT for the first edition of
 1991 with a lot of new things...

 here's the address to reach us!

            CONDOM STAFF
          c/o bad cat/duel

 send us votes,letters,reports and lot-
 sa other crap useable for our magazine

 in the last edition we wrote 'thanx to
 mtv'! it could be that sum idiots (hi
 slime/brand-x) think that this is
 moskva tv! it's not! got that?! it's

  signing off...rough and bad cat

            enjoy da mag!



 * abomination+master+pungent stench

 03.12 (d)koeln,rose club
 04.12 (d)bad woerrishofen,u2
 06.12 (a)innsbruck,hafen
 07.12 (a)wien,rockhaus
 08.12 (d)aue,tanztreff
 10.12 (d)hannover,m.a.d.
 18.12 (d)hamburg,?
 19.12 (d)ludwigsburg,rockfabrik
 20.12 (d)frankfurt,negativ
 21.12 (d)berlin,extasy
 22.12 (d)dresden,jc radebeul-west

 * asia+new legend

 06.12 (d)hausach,milieu
 07.12 (d)neumarkt,jura halle
 10.12 (d)stuttgart,zentrumzell
 11.12 (d)senden,gorki park
 12.12 (d)bamberg,zentralsaal
 13.12 (d)frankfurt,music hall
 14.12 (d)oberhausen,music circus ruhr
 15.12 (d)hamburg,freiheit
 17.12 (d)koeln,stadthalle muehlheim
 18.12 (d)goettingen,outpost

 * blind guardian + megace

 08.12 (d)luebeck,alternative

 * bloodgood+creed

 07.12 (d)hof-naila,frankenhalle
 08.12 (d)ennepetal(christmas rocknight)
 09.12 (d)esslingen-berghain,osterfeldh.
 11.12 (d)berlin,?
 13.12 (d)hamburg,fabrik

 * blue cheer+primevals

 02.12 (d)saarbrucken,fordgarage
 04.12 (d)ludwigsburg,scala
 05.12 (d)muenchen,nachtwerk
 06.12 (d)nuernberg,komm
 07.12 (d)bamberg,top act
 08.12 (d)berlin,extasy
 09.12 (d)hamburg,molotow
 10.12 (d)frankfurt,cookies
 11.12 (d)bochum,logo
 12.12 (d)radeboel,jz'die sekte'
 13.12 (d)kassel,kulturfabrik salzmann
 14.12 (d)enger,forum
 15.12 (d)braunschweig,fbz buergerpark
 16.12 (d)luebeck,rider's cafe
 17.12 (d)bremen,aladin

 * necromancer+skyway

 07.12 (d)dortmund,jz dateln

 * pleasure principle

 08.12 (d)wolfsburg,zur bunten palette
 09.12 (d)heidelberg,clash
 10.12 (d)balingen,el sua
 11.12 (d)allgaeu
 12.12 (d)bad lippspringe,musictheater
 13.12 (d)lueneberg,garage
 14.12 (d)bistensee,baumgarten
 16.12 (d)hemer,point one
 17.12 (d)bochum,zeche
 18.12 (d)berlin,?

 * SCORPIONS+winger

 05.12 (d)berlin,deutschlandhalle
 08.12 (d)hamburg,sporthalle
 09.12 (d)hamburg,sporthalle
 13.12 (d)dortmund,westfalenhalle
 17.12 (d)mannheim,maimarkthalle
 20.12 (d)nuernberg,frankenhalle
 27.12 (d)frankfurt,festhalle (+doro!)
 29.12 (d)muenchem,olympiahalle (")
 31.12 (d)stuttgart,schleyerhalle (")

 * saint vitus

 07.12 (d)berlin,schlachthalle

 * QUEENSRYCHE+lynch mob

 02.12 (d)senden,gorki park

 * slam
 02.12 (d)reutlingen,bierkeller (mjam!)

 * sts 8 mission + vamp

 21.12 (d)andernach,jugendzentrum

 * shyboy

 08.12 (d)bad friedrichshall,rockfabrik
 20.12 (d)ludwigshafen,coloseum

 * viper+dispomania

 09.12 (d)cottbus,sachsendorf


 02.12 (d)schweinfurt,stadthalle
 03.12 (d)berlin,neue welt
 04.12 (d)oberhausen,music circus
 05.12 (d)heidelberg,stadthalle
 06.12 (d)frankfurt,music hall
 07.12 (d)kehl,stadthalle
 09.12 (d)stuttgart,longhorn
 10.12 (d)goettingen,outpost


 02.12 (d)oldenburg,weser-ems halle

 * mat sinner+zed yago+gypsy kiss

 02.12 (d)biberbach,koma
 03.12 (d)augsburg

         dat was it for dis time.....

Charts are the charts!
 1.vanilla ice        ice,ice baby
 2.808 state          cube
 3.enigma             sadeness part 1
 4.dream warriors     my definition
 5.dna                la sereissima
 6.klf                what time is love?
 7.renegade soundwa.  thunder
 8.front 242          tragedy for you
 9.public enemy       burn hollywood
10.candyman           knockin' boots
11.2 live crew        banned in da usa
12.deee-lite          groove is in the
13.the grid           a beat called luv michael     freedom
15.after one          tom's diner rap
16.snap               cult of snap
17.twenty four seven  are you dreming?
18.fehlfarben/westbam ?
19.after one          real sadeness
20.soul ii soul       missing you!

 here are the charts,which u voted....


 1.SUICIDAL TEND. light,camera,revolut. no more  the real thing michael listen without prej. hot chili  the uplift mofo party
 5.matthias reim  reim
 6.fuel           same hammer      please,hammer dont h.          thunderstruck
 9.snap           world party
10.d.a.d          no fuel left for the

 oops! strange charts,i think! anyway
 suicidal folx seem to live everywhere!

 da SINGLE charts

 1.LONDON BEAT     i've been thinking...
 2.vanilla ice     ice,ice baby
 3.ludichrist      most people are dicks
 4.dna             tom's diner
 5.suicidal tende. u cant bring me down shop boys   so hard
 7.anthrax         got the time
 8.front 242       tragedy for you hammer       pray
10.suidical tende. send me your money
11.emils           experiment
12.chocolate       ritmo de la noche           thunderstruck
14.enigma          sadeness part one
15.depeche mode    world in my eyes


 not quite much dis time but we have
 serious time problems! coz now it's and i(rough) have to have 40-50
 sendings ready tomorrow!



 sorry for not too much but we have se-
 rious time troubles!

 -madonna's new video 'justify your love
  has been banned by most of the tv
  channel! MTV will only show it from
  1100pm to 700am
 -linda mccartney,wife of paulie-boy re-
  leased a cookbook! haha!

 -da fuckin' band happy mondays started
  their tour!

 -on 1/12 has been the worldwide aids
  day! a lot of things were done 4 that

 -guns n'roses are the headliners of the
  rock in rio festival we told ya about
  in da last issue

 -the vocalist of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES,
  mike muir said that the JUDAS PRIEST
  management wanted the process 'bout
  the two boys who suicided. he said
  it should be as a promotion that the
  name judas priest is in all the mags
  and on tv. judas priest said no to
  this statement. for this statement the
  s.t. were baned from the list of the
  expectants for the j.p. tour.

 -ANTHRAX made a home video for all fans
  it contains videos that have never
  been shown on any tv. e.g.:the un-
  censored version of 'madhouse'.

 -w.a.s.p. isn't dead.they will release
  a new album soon. only thing is that
  it will be made by blackie lawless +
  w.a.s.p. what means that blackie
  splitted from the band.

 -the SEPULTURA-drummer igor was put in
  the brasilian army. some time later he
  and again released because of his
  exessive tatoos.

 -there will be a new MOTORHEAD album
  titled '1916'.

 -elektra are currently making a compil-
  ation for their 40th annyversary.
  some of the bands appearing on the lp:
  metallica,lynch mob,faster pussycat,
  the big f ..amm

 -the new SCORPIONS album was just re-
  leased. it's called 'crazy world'

 -there will be a STAGE DIVING CONTEST
  sponsored by WEST, the cigarette com-
  pany. it's held on the 02.12.90 in
  the 'zeche' in bochum of course in
  germany. you can win a fly-winner-
  trophy and a stage diving licence 1.
  class (no joke).


 yeah! da record review chapter got rea
 ched by your BLOODFILLED EYES...

 the following tests were all done by
 yer fav rappin' freak ROUGH ofcoz...

 some people complained about only punk
 metal tests in the last edition so'ere
 we go...

 PUBLIC ENEMY/burn hollywood burn

 ofcoz another split from FEAR OF A
 BLACK PLANET! it's again as great as
 all the other songs! they are pulling
 down all da fuckin' moviemakers ,who
 produced old movies,where the BLACK
 MAN is the slave! anyway rap of 1st
 class            rating...  78%

 JANET JACKSON/love will never do with-
               out you...

 do ya know all the others releases from
 the lp 'RHYTHM NATION 1814'! yes! then
 forget this bullshit! because this song
 is totally different&great! best pop
 dancefloor music! especially great the
 video,where you can see janet jackson
 one time not playing the stupid puppet.
 she even looks damned PRETTY! if you
 have the odd feeling that you have hea
 rd the song before...CONTEX released a
 longer time ago a digi of this song
                      rating... 81%

 anyway this song keeps the lp from be-
 ing the worst of 1990 in my opinion be
 cause the rest is purest shit!

 PETSHOP BOYS/being boring

 in the last edition we previewed the
 song and here's the review... one thing
 about the song is to say...IT'S BORING!
 SO HARD was not so bad but this song
 is totally meanless! nothing effective!
 those guys had their great times with
 ALWAYS ON MY MIND or the legend IT'S A
 SIN but the new songs are simply poor!
                    rating... 42%

 FRONT 242/tragedy for you
 yeah! one of my fav's just brought us
 their new release and it i must say...
 GREAT! if u like electronic body music
 or techno you will have the lp anyway!
 bad cat said it reminds him a little
 bit of DEPECHE MODE! he's not so un-
 rite! but this one is even greater!
                    rating... 83%

 808 STATE/cube

 yeah,the masters of TECHNO strike back
 to present their new single! a very ni
 ce song with a lot of kewl effects!
                  rating... 71%


 unbelievable! this record is one of da
 best in the past weeks! it features a
 great rhythm,great voices! people if u
 like funkin' aroun to cool TECHNO MUSI
 C go and buy the lp!
                  rating... 87%

 this song is one of those nowadays ver
 y often released SWINGBEAT/SOUL songs!
 a nice voice and a danceable beat but
 its too average! i dont think that dis
 song gets famous!
                  rating... 52%


 another techno remix but sounds more
 pseudo for me! noone will know this
 song anyway      rating...57%


 the new song from the ex-soul ii soul
 singer grinds to your record player!
 the pretty girl just did another nice
 danceable soulhouse song! hear it more
 often and ya will love it if you dont
 like it first!   rating...68%

 MICA PARIS/south of the river
 yo! another cute soul tune! sounds not
 bad,could get a chartbreaker but a lit
 tle bit too slow for my taste! cool vi
 deo! check it out one more time!

 HAPPY MONDAYS/kinky afro

 this should be a dancesong! the rave
 musicians had a nice 1st song! but dis
 one is totally meaningless crap! no
 beat,no fun! no action! one of the wo
 rst rave songs ever

 wanna make you sweat

 if you put this record on your player
 the crowd really gets sweat! it's a
 chartlike song with cool house effects
 to have more action and soul rhythms
 to come up to chart songs! very dance
 able! for yer club&party! especially
 great is the rapping guy,which i have
 the odd feelin' have seen before but
 really cant remember where!
                 rating... 79%

 MAXI PRIEST/human world of art
 to say it at first i dont like maxi's
 'close to you' and this tune sounds
 very similar! maybe the whole lp 'bona
 farte' sounds like this! not my taste
 but maybe u like it!

 SOUL II SOUL/missing you
 yes,you are rite ! jessy b did it gain
 to bring you his great melodys. maybe
 it sounds a little bit like the rest
 but that doesnt mean it's bad ! more
 the opposite is the case! it proves a-
 gain! '1990-a new decade vol.ii' is 1
 of the best soul lp's!

 do you not agree with our ratings just
 send as a letter and tell us what YOU
 like ,but not 'i love new kids on the
 blocks!'just b4 getting an orgasm!

 DREAM WARRIORS/my definition of a bom-
 bastic jazz style!

 nope! that's...that's...daz bombastic!
 hear it and love it! one of the best
 rap songs of the year! the rhythm is
 fabolous,the mixtures with jazz sounds
 and other things fit exactly to the gr
 eat rap voice! you MUST have it! a hit
 for sure in the next months!

 GANGSTARR/jazz thing

 another jazz styled rap song,a little
 bit older than dream warrior's fab pie
 ce,but also well done! not the best,
 but good to calm down a little bit fr-
 om all the action! by the way it's the
 main theme of the movie 'MO' BETTER
 BLUES'! if u havent seen dis movie yet+
 like black people,intelligent movies &
 good me! watch it!  60%

 LL COOL J/mama said knock you out!

 yeah,the old maestro is back to rule!
 with this song he wants to prove that
 he ,although all the newcomers,the old
 LADY LOVER (ll!) is still da best!
 not the best,but rap from finest! he's
 still #1,but only in having a big
 mouth! anyway,good piece!

 MONIE LOVE/down to earth

 you sure knew her before,but this song
 is her best ever! her great voice was
 used in great rhythms! fits perfectly!
 by the way the video is quite funny !
 watch it! hear it! enjoy! if she does
 more of those productions she might e-
 ven beat queen lattifah! thaz it!

 yo ! BAD CAT here with some thrash
 tests that will blow your mind :

   title                        rating
 open all night                   81%
 we are us                        85%
 dancing on our grave             77%
 mechanical man                   74%
 beermuda                         79%
 the meaning of life              88%
 space beer                       90%
 always them                      82%
 wheel of rebirth                 70%
 barfly                           75%

 when i heard SPACE BEER the first time
 i thought:i MUST have this lp.some days
 later i held it in my hands.what an lp!
 tankard always stood on the FUNNY side
 of life with their texts.but this one
 also  some SERIOUS's the best
 of the four tankard lp's now.a thrasher
 should NOT miss it!
                  overall rating: 88%


    title                      rating
 an eye for an eye               89%
 shellfire defense               85%
 the saw is the law              80%
 turn your head around           84%
 capture the flag                76%
 bloodtrails                     83%
 never healing wound             83%
 better off dead                 90%
 resurrection                    79%
 stalinorgel                     90%

 the men in sodom really did a master-
 piece with this lp! but while TANKARD
 listens more like hardcore/punk,SODOM
 is more on the hard thrash side.i think
 this lp will become a real HIT for
 sodom.i can only say: run to a shop and
 BUY this thing! you won't find many
 more lps with so many real good songs!
                 overall rating: 89%


 this is the second single released from
 and it's like all other songs of the
 lp a nice little hardcore this
 song the S.T. want to make you laugh
 about the many SECTS in the u.s.a. if
 you have not seen the video till now,go
 and watch it somewhere.WELL DONE !
                         rating: 87%


 after THUNDERSTRUCK there is this song.
 it's again a metal song by ac/dc. the
 first release thunderst. was better in
 my taste. watch out for the ac/dc tour
 through europe in spring '91
                         rating: 65%



 box of abyss connection

 legal swap,nice rap mjuzak


 only for legal swap

 runner of security


 wanna have ur addy here ??? VOTE !!

 vote for top 5 singles,lp's and videos

 hip hop,house or hardcore,punk tapes?

 rough / vision     < no new c64 stuff
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX     contacts anymore
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX      no metal shit!


Special Reports


 we are very sorry that we dont have a
 report this time because....

 1.JINGO DE LUNCH's report from away
   didnt reach us in time!

 2.HAUSALARM report,coz i(rough) was
   under time presure! POGUES report,because my pal
   matthew forgot it! oopsa!

   next time we gonna bring ya sum of



 we got some nice reactions but much
 too less! complaining please to the
 well-known address and in ENGLISH
 language because we dont wanna trans-
 late all the bull!

 yo pals!
 nice idea from ya to realize a mjuzak
 mag(can i call it?).but what ya think
 'bout a better intro-sequence? allto-
 gether good work... what about a little
 rappin' corner? (only if you want)

 red...well,i cant remember that we have
 ever installed an intro before condom#1
 strange,what? maybe u mean the menue?
 we think it's quite cool! in the last
 edition we couldnt include too much rap
 things,but i(rough)installed a lot in
 this one!

 hi condom'ers!
 some days ago i've pumped in your nu
 mag! voll geil! there are anyway so
 few people,who write about metal and
 hardcore in the compyscene! but i think
 your mag is really EXPLOSIVE! the rea-
 son for my letter is...i wanted to ask
 if i could become an editor in your
 mag! i would fulfill your taste...

 red...yeah,thanx for yer kewl answer!
 ofcoz ya are up to now a MEMBER of our
 staff! more infos on the phone,but ya
 know it anyway already!

 hi freaks from condom!
 here's runner/y! after i've read your
 1st edition i thought to write you a
 little letter.... it's REALLY GOOD,dat
 you released one time a new magstyle,
 because with that it'll have a big su-
 rvive chance in case of already known
 scenemags! it's possible that the mag
 wont be liked,but i like your idea re-
 ally! the DESIGN is all in all also
 not bad. only sometimes are somewhere
 in the text a few FLASHS too
 should fix that by reading it again &
 and then it will be errorless..i hope
 that u also got from other guys a pos-
 itive reaction,coz only for the idea u
 should get a big praise!

 red...thanx for ya letter! sorry for
 da wrong flashs, but it was 1 o'clock
 when we finished it and were too tired
 to correct it.


 PREVIEW for the next edition...

 first i have to tell ya a very big
 sorry for this cheap edition but bad
 cat and me couldnt do it in time bcoz
 of school and a disease!

 a lot of things will probably change
 till next time! more about in the
 next edition!

 we will bring ya more charts and re-

 but pleeze send uz yer votes'n react-
 ions,or is it so difficult to write
 sumthing down in just a few seconds
 e.g.while a boring school lesson or
 sitting at yer worktable...laber

 anyway address alzo here...


 this way and NOTHING else except my or
 away's address!

   see you... rough / VISION

  get a lot of fun with this mag,people

D64 MD5: 083b2e602b868d67a13458850521f5ac

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